Activity-Based Probe for Histidine Kinase Signaling

RevSc was used in autophosphorylation experiments with BODIPY-FL-ATPS, a fluorescent activity-based probe previously used for phosphorylation analysis of two-component regulatory systems (Wilke et Inflating bacterial cells by increased protein synthesis. PubMed Central. Basan, Markus; Zhu, Manlu; Dai, Xiongfeng; Warren, Mya; Sévin, Daniel; Wang, Yi-Ping; Hwa Zinc finger proteins in cancer progression.. PubMed. Jen, Jayu; Wang, Yi-Ching. 2016-07-13. Zinc finger proteins are the largest transcription factor family in human genome. The diverse combinations and functions of zinc finger motifs make zinc finger proteins versatile in biological processes, including development, differentiation, metabolism and autophagy. Over the last few decades

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