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I see a lot of LP collections posted here. Does anyone appreciate a well organized digital collection?

1965 Jokers Wild (Dave Gilmour)(320)
1966 Tonite Let's All Make Love in London
1967 Arnold Layne
1967 Relics
1971 Pink Floyd - Relics (Remaster AU 1987 CDAX 701290)
1967 Scream Thy Last Scream
1967 See Emily Play & Scarecrow EP (Remaster UK 2007 Bonus CDM 40th ADEd. 50999 5 03919 2 9)
1967 The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (UK Stereo First Pressing 24bit-96khz)
1968 A Saucerful of Secrets
1968 Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (Remaster Japan 1988 CP32-5272)
1968 It Would Be So Nice
1968 Point Me at the Sky
1969 OST More (Remaster Japan 1987 CDP 7 46386 2)
1969 Soundtrack From The Film More
1969 Ummagumma
1969 Zabriskie Point e Ultimate Z. P
1969 Ultimate Zabriskie Point [FLAC]
1970 370 Roman Yards 1970 (The Lost Zabriskie Point Album) [MP3]
1970 Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (Remaster US 1994 UDCD 595)
1970 Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (UK LP EMI Harvest SHVL 781 24bit-96khz)
1970 Roger Waters - Music From The Body (Soundtrack)(320)
1970 Syd Barrett - Barrett
1970 Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs
1971 Pink Floyd - Meddle (Remaster Japan 1988 UDCD 518)
1971 Meddle - 24-96 Vinyl Rip (FLAC)
1971 One Of These Days Single Vinyl 7 (Italy 1971 EMR-20388)
1972 Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds (Remaster US 1987 CDP 7 46385 2)
1973 Money Vinyl 12 (Remaster Netherlands 1981 Vinyl 12 1A K052Z - 78068)
1973 The Dark Side of the Moon - (Vinyl LP 24-96 UK Remaster 30 Harvest SHVL 804 24Bit 96kHz) - 200g Vinyl Rip (FLAC) - Audiophile MFSL Pressing VINYL {FR1 Cartridge SYBORG} - Unreleased Tracks
1975 Wish You Were Here
1975 Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Remaster UK 1984 CDP 7 46035 2) & Unreleased Tracks
1977 Animals- (2016 Master) VINYL {FR1 Mk3 Cart} - (2016 Master) VINYL {Stanton 881 Cart} - (Remaster US 1985 CK 34474) - (Vinyl LP 24-96 US Columbia First Pressing JC 34474 24Bit 96kHz)
1978 David Gilmour - David Gilmour
1978 Rick Wright - Wet Dream
1979 The Wall - (Remaster Germany 2007 2xCD CDS 7 46036 8) - (Remaster US 1989 2xCD UDCD 2-537) - US UltraDisc 2CD- (UK Vinyl 2xLP 24-96 SHDW 411 24Bit 96kHz) - The Wall Work In Progress
1981 Nick Mason's - Fictitious Sports
1983 Not Now John Vinyl 7 (UK 1983 HAR 5224)
1983 The Final Cut (Remaster EU 2007 Oh By The Way Boxset CD14 50999 511267 2 8, 511 2672)
1983 The Final Cut (US 1983 QC 38243)
1984 David Gilmour - About Face
1984 Rick Wright - Zee Identity
1984 Roger Waters - The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
1986 Roger Waters - When The Wind Blows
1987 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - [1987] [FLAC] - [2019] Remix
1987 Roger Waters - Radio K.A.O.S. (320)
1992 Roger Waters - Amused To Death
1994 High Hopes & Keep Talking (France 1994 CDM 881 777 2)
1994 Take It Back (Netherlands 1994 CDM 7243 8 81278 2 0)
1994 The Division Bell - (2014) [HD Tracks] 24.96 - (Japan 1994 SRCS 7324) - [UK 1994 Vinyl 24-96 EMD 1055]
1996 Rick Wright - Broken China
2002 Roger Waters - Flickering Flame
2004 Roger Waters - To Kill The Child & Leaving Beirut (Single)(320)
2005 Roger Waters - Ca Ira
2006 David Gilmour - Arnold Layne EP
2006 David Gilmour - On An Island
2006 Smile (1-Track EU Promo CD Single)(320)
2006 Smile (2-Track EU CD Single)(320)
2007 Roger Waters - Hello (I Love You)(Single)(192-320)
2010 The Orb and David Gilmour - Metallic Spheres
2014 The Endless River
1967-03-18 My Uncle Is Sick Because The Highway Is Green
1967-09-13 Starclub, Copenhagen
1967-09-25 BBC Playhouse Theater, London (BBC Sessions)
1967-10-30 Games for May - England
1967-11-13 Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL
1968-02-24 Bouton Rouge
1968-05-06 First European International Pop Festival, Piper Club, Rome
1968-05-23 Paradiso, Amsterdam (Late Show)
1968-07-27 Shrine Exposition Hall, Los Angeles
1968-12-28 Margriethal, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht
1968-12-28 Owed To Syd Barrett
1969-03-27 Saint James Hall, Chesterfield, England
1969-04-14 Royal Festival Hall, London
1969-04-27 Careful With These Tracks
1969-05-09 University Of Southampton, Hampshire, England
1969-06-22 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
1969-06-26 Royal Albert Hall, London
1969-08-08 The Journey Through the Past
1969-08-09 The Paradiso, Amsterdam - Celestial Instruments
1969-09-17 Amsterdam '69 (TSP-CD-052) 1990 [VBR]
1969-09-17 Complete Concertgebouw
1969-10-11 Song Days Festival, Essen
1969-10-19 Around the Mystic - London
1969-10-25 Interstellar Zappadrive - Mont de L'Enclus, Amougies, Belgium
1969-11-21 Montreux Switzerland
1969-12-06 Afan Lido Sports Center, Port Talbot, Wales
1969-71 Echoes Of Atom Heart Mother
1969-73 Rare & Live Tracks - 3cds
1970 - 1971 Eclipse (2001)
1970 Fat Old Gigs 4cd
1970 Pepperland In The West
1970-01-18 Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Surrey
1970-01-23 Hotel de Champs-Elysees a Paris, Paris
1970-02-11 Town Hall, Birmingham
1970-02-28 Refectory Hall, Leeds University, Leeds, Yorkshire
1970-03-12 A Trick of the Light
1970-03-13 The Injustice of a Kaleidoscope Sound
1970-03-14 Meistersinger Halle, Nuremberg
1970-03-15 Niedersachsenhalle, Hannover
1970-03-20 Akademiske Foreningens Store Sal, Lund, Sweden
1970-04-11 Gymnasium, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY
1970-04-22 Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
1970-04-29 [HRVCDR016] Interstellar Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
1970-04-30 [HRVCDR034] - KQED
1970-05-01 Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
1970-06-27 Bath Festival Of Blues And Progressive, Shepton Mallet, Bath
1970-06-28 Holland Pop Festival, Kralingen, Rotterdam (JFE remaster)
1970-07-12 Open Air Pop Festival Aachen, Aachen Soerser Stadium
1970-07-16 Focus - Paris Theater, Regent Street, London, England - BBC FM
1970-07-16 Libest Spacement Monitor (TSP-CD-027 1989)
1970-07-16 Mooed Music - BBC Session Live, Paris Cinema, London
1970-07-18 Hyde Park, London
1970-08-08 Les Nuits Musicales, Saint Tropez (Pop 2 TV Show)
1970-09 & 1971-03 - Eclipse - APE
1970-09-12 Parc De Vincennes, Paris
1970-09-16 Pink Is The Pig (Live In London)
1970-09-16 Pink Floyd - Focus 1971 [FM]
1970-09-16 Playhouse Theatre, London
1970-09-16 Rhapsody In Pink (Italy 1990 LLRCD 044)
1970-09-26 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
1970-09-27 Fillmore East, New York City, NY (Early Show)
1970-10-17 Pepperland Auditorium, San Rafael, CA
1970-10-23 Creatures Of The Deep Disc 1-3
1970-10-23 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
1970-11-06 Mind Your Throats
1970-11-07 Grote Zaal, De Doelen, Rotterdam
1970-11-11 Conserthuset, Gothenburg
1970-11-12 Falkoner Centret, Fredriksberg, Copenhagen
1970-11-13 Vejlby Risskovhallen, Aarhus
1970-11-14 Ernst-Merck-Halle, Hamburg
1970-11-21 Smokin' Blues (Montreux Casino, Montreux )
1970-11-22 Altes Casino, Montreux - Swiss Made
1970-11-25 Fridrich Ebert Halle, Ebertpark, Ludwigshafen
1970-11-26 Messehallen, Stuttgart
1970-11-29 Circus Krone, Munich
1970-12-22 City Hall, Sheffield
1971 Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road
1971-02-12 Lecture Theatre, University Of Essex, Colchester
1971-02-13 Students Union Bar, Technical College, Farnborough
1971-02-25 Grosser Saal, Musikhalle, Hamburg
1971-02-26 Stadthalle, Offenbach
1971-04-03 Oude Ahoy, Rotterdam
1971-05-15 Crystal Palace Garden Party, London
1971-05-18 Pathfoot Building Refectory, Stirling University
1971-06-04 Philips Veranstal Tungshalle, Dusseldorf
1971-06-05 Echoes - The Return of the Son of Nothing (West Berlin)
1971-06-05 Sportspallast, Berlin - Mauerspechte
1971-06-05 Vierundzwanzig Teile von Nichts (HRV-CDR-029)
1971-06-12 Palais Des Sports, Lyon
1971-06-19 Palazzo Delle Manifestazioni Artistiche, Brescia
1971-06-20 Palaeur, Rome
1971-06-26 Amstel Free Concert, Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam
1971-07-01 Ossiach Festival Stitschoff, Ossiach
1971-08-06 Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan
1971-08-09 Festival Hall, Osaka
1971-08-13 Festival Hall, Melbourne
1971-09-18 Live in Montreux
1971-09-23 KB Hallen, Copenhagen
1971-09-30 Meddled
1971-09-30 Meddler
1971-09-30 One Of These Days (TSP-CD-034 1989)
1971-09-30 Paris Cinema, London
1971-10-04 HRVCDR010 - Pompeii Rev B
1971-10-04 Live at Pompeii - Remains
1971-10-04 Pompeii (Remaster Netherlands PFP-A0118)
1971-10-04 to 07 In The Shadow Vesuvius - Italia
1971-10-04 Volcanic Destruction
1971-10-07 Live At Pompeii
1971-10-10 Great Hall, Bradford University, Bradford, Yorkshire
1971-10-16 The Eye of Agamotto - Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica
1971-10-17 Convention Hall, Community Concourse, San Diego
1971-10-17 From Oblivion
1971-10-17 Wind And Seabirds - Convention Hall, San Diego
1971-10-27 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
1971-10-28 Hill Auditorium, Ann Harbor, MI
1971-10-31 Fieldhouse University Of Toledo
1971-11-05 Hunter College - New York City, NY
1971-11-06 Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
1971-11-10 Labyrinths - Pavillion De La Jeunesse, Quebec
1971-11-12 Irvine Auditorium, State University, Philadelphia, PA
1971-11-16 Something from Nothing
1971-11-16 The Return of the Sons of Nothing
1971-11-20 Embryonic Madness
1971-11-20 One Of Those Days
1971-11-20 Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, OH
1971-11-20 Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati, OH (2-source blend)
1972-01-20 The Darkside Rehearsals - Brighton Dome, Brighton, England
1972-01-21 The Guildhall, Portsmouth
1972-01-22 Eclipse Of The Dark Side - Winter Gardens, Bournemouth (Recorder 2)
1972-01-22 The Dark Side Winter Gardens - Bournemouth (Recorder 1)
1972-01-23 Gathering On The Moon - The Guildhall, Southampton
1972-01-27 Waiting for The Moon - City Hall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
1972-01-28 You Are Number Six - Refectory Hall, Leeds University, Leeds
1972-02-17 - Rainbow Tapes Day 1
1972-02-18 - Rainbow Tapes Day 2
1972-02-19 - Rainbow Tapes Day 3
1972-02-20 - Rainbow Tapes Day 4
1972-02-19 Finsbury Park - Disc 1
1972-02-20 Finsbury Park - Disc 1
1972-02-20 The Best Of Tour 72 (TSP-CD-049 1990) [VBR]
1972-03-06 Acid Moon - Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan
1972-03-08 Natural Dark In Osaka. Japan
1972-03-09 Echoes From Osaka
1972-03-13 The Dark Side Of The Ice - Saporro, Japan
1972-03-13 The Great Gig On The Moon
1972-04-28 Chicago
1972-05-21 2nd British Rock Meeting - Germersheim, Germany
1972-06-28 Eclipsed By The Dome - Brighton [MP3]
1972-09-22 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, CA
1972-09-22 Staying Home To Watch The Rain[VBR]
1972-10-21 The Oxfam Concert - London [MP3]
1972-11-15 Echoes Of The Past, Sporthalle Böblingen, Stuttgart, Germany
1972-11-15 The Great Gig In Böblingen
1972-12-01 Harsh Realities [Stereo Tweaked]
1972-12-09 - In a Neutral Land - Zurich - Suiça (FLAC)
1972-12-12 Across The Swiss Border
1972-73 Nebulosity
1972-73 The Great Gig In The Sky (UK Unofficial SSR 41925)
1973-03-06 The Valley Of The Kings
1973-03-11 Yeeshkul!
1973-03-14 Live Music Hall - Boston, MA
1973-03-15 Dark Soundboard of Philadelphia
1973-03-17 Dark Side of Radio City
1973-05-19 Supine in the Sunshine
1973-06-17 On Stage Saratoga NY
1973-06-20 Breaking Bottles In The Hall
1973-06-20 Merryweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD
1973-06-29 When You're In...Tampa
1973-10-13 Set The Controls... - Vienna [MP3]
1973-11-04 Obscured At The Rainbow [VBR]
1974-06-24 Shine On Paris
1974-11-15 Black Holes In The Sky
1974-11-15 Work in Progress
1974-11-16 BBC Archives (HRV CDR 033)
1974-11-16 No Room Upon The Hill
1974-11-16 Time In London
1974-11-16 Wembley MTX-V2
1974-11-16 Wembley Pre FM-Master
1974-11-16 Wembley Wizards
1974-11-17 Getting Better All The Time
1974-11-28 Empire Theatre
1974-12-09 Manchester Day '74
1974-12-14 Stairstep To Abandon - Bristol, England [Vinyl]
1975-04-08 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 1
1975-04-13 Riding The Cow.Cow Palace,California,USA
1975-04-26 Cruel But Fair
1975-04-26 Dogs And Sheep
1975-04-27 Hogs in Smog
1975-04-27 Los Angeles, CA master
1975-06-15 Faster Jersey
1975-06-15 Jersey Not Mother
1975-06-16 Random Precision
1975-06-18 Boston Garden Matrix Version
1975-06-18 Boston Gardens
1975-06-18 Crazy Diamonds [VBR]
1975-06-18 Echoes In The Gardens
1975-06-22 Heavy Rain
1975-06-28 Master Reel - Ontario (RTR-DAT-Source 2) (flac)
1975-80 - Azimuth Coordinator 1975 a 1980 (6CD box 1998)
1977-01-05 Iron Pigs On Fire - Fort Worth, Texas
1977-01-23 - If Pigs Could Fly
1977-01-23 Bugger's Eyes
1977-01-29 Desk Pig In Berlin
1977-01-30 Absolut Floyd
1977-01-30 Hunting Animals - Berlin, Germany
1977-02-01 Test Flight - Vienna, Austria
1977-02-20 Animals In Belgium - Antwerpen [FLAC]
1977-02-20 Ducks On The Wall
1977-02-20 Thirteen
1977-02-22 Dragged Down By The Stone
1977-02-22 Pavillion de Pigs
1977-02-27 Animals On The Wing
1977-04-22 Hurricane Floyd Hits - Miami FL
1977-05-01 Iron Pigs On Fire
1977-05-09 Animal Instincts
1977-05-09 Mr Pig - Oakland [MP3]
1977-06-19 Chicago '77
1977-06-19 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL (1st gen Charly C.'s tape - source 1)
1977-06-27 Boredom and Pain (Boston Gardens)
1977-06-27 Boston Garden, Boston, MA - The Perfect Day (FLAC)
1977-06-27 Boston Garden, Boston, MA (Lampinski)
1977-06-27 Pink Floyd 1977-06-27
1977-07-01 Live at Madson Square Garden
1977-07-02 In the Grassland Away
1977-07-02 Live at Madson Square Garden
1977-07-02 Prog King - Madison Square Garden
1977-07-02 Welcome To The Machine
1977-07-03 Madson Square Garden - New York
1977-07-03 Pigs Might Fly
1977-07-04 Sheep Independence Day (FLAC)
1977-07-06 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 2 - Last Animals
1977-07-06 Fire Works Show In The Canadian Walls
1977-07-06 Montreal
1977-07-06 Who Was Trained Not To Spit On The Fan
1980-01-01 The Wall Rehearsals 1980
1980-02-07 Azimuth Coordinator Pt. 3 - flac16
1980-02-08 Little Black Book With My Poems In
1980-02-27 The Wall Live In Nassau
1980-02-28 Nassau - Coliseum - NY
1980-08-09 Soundboard on the Wall - Earls Court, London, England
1980-1981 Is There Anybody Out There The Wall Live
1981-02-19 Tear Down The Wall
1981-02-20 The Sixth German Show-Westfalenhalle, Dortmund
1981-02-20 Westfallenhalle,Dortmund, Germany
1981-06-16 Earl's Court, London (Watching The World Upon The Wall)
1984-04-30 (Gilmour) Live At The Hammersmith Odeon (London )(320)
1984-05-22 (Gilmour) Beacon Theater - New York City-NY
1984-06-16&17 (Waters w. Clapton) Sidewinder (Stockholm)
1984-06-29 (Gilmour) New Game - Berkeley [FLAC]
1984-07-12 (Gilmour and Friends) In Floyd We Trust (320)
1984-07-12 (Gilmour) Westwood One Concert (48kHz)(320)
1984-07-18 (Waters) Eric the Player, Roger the Singer
1985-03-20 (Waters) Live Radio City Music Hall, NYC [FM]
1985-03-28 (Waters) Complete Hitch Hiking Perfomance
1987-09-16 Echoes By The Lake Disc 1-3
1987-09-19 Prism
1987-11-01 Live at the Orange Bowl, Miami
1987-11-07 (Waters) Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd (Remaster)
1987-11-30 MONEY GOES WEST - (The Sports Arena - Los Angeles, California)
1988 Delicate Sound Of Thunder (UK 7914802)
1988-02-19 Live in Melbourne (SOUNDBOARD)
1988-02-19 Melbourne - Soundboard Recording
1988-02-19 Tennis Center, Melbourne
1988-07-08 Nothing Is Changed (Modena, Italy) [VBR]
1989-06-12 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-06-13 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-06-14 Globe Arena, Stockholm
1989-07-01 Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, Paris, France
1989-07-15 Live In Venice 1989 {FLAC]
1989-07-15 Venice, Grand Canal
1990 (Waters) The Wall - Live In Berlin
1990-06-30 Of Promises Broken
1990-06-30 The Knebworth Tales
1994-03-30 Miami - The Live Bell
1994-04-16 Your Favorite Disease
1994-04-21 Pigs Over The San Francisco Bay
1994-04-21 They're Blowin Me Away - Oakland Master DAT
1994-05-31 3 Pigs At 3 Rivers
1994-06-11 The Bell Gets Louder
1994-07-18 By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
1994-08-13 The Sound Surrounds
1994-09-04 Softly Spoken Magic Spells - Feyenoord [MP3]
1994-09-13 A Night In Italy
1994-09-13 A Passage Of Time
1994-09-15 Udine - Italy
1994-09-19 - The Nights Of Wonder
1995 Pulse
1995 Wish You Were Here Live (CDM 7243 8 82207 2 9)
2000 (Waters) In The Flesh (Live)
2001-06 2002-01 David Gilmour in Concert (320)
2002-03-05 (Waters) The Happiest Night of Our Lives - National Stadium, Santiago
2005-07-02 Live 8 Reunion
2006-03-07 (Gilmour) Mermaid Theatre - London
2006-03-19 (Gilmour) Regathering Our Senses - Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam [FA025]
2006-05 (Gilmour) 2007 - Remember That Night
2006-07-29 Happy Birthday Dear Richard (Archive Konigsplatz Munich rec 4)
2006-08-26 (Gilmour) Live In Gdansk
2006-12-07 (Waters) Milan, Italy FM
2007 (Gilmour) 4 Tracks Live From Abbey Road (US Promo CD Single)(320)
2007-03-14 (Waters) 50000 Lunatics on The Grass Chile '07
2007-07-07 (Waters) Live Earth 2007
2008-06-15 (Gilmour) Ron's Psychedelic Supper Vol.2
2010-07-10 (Waters & Gilmour) The Hoping Foundation (320)
2010-09-15 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-16 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-18 (Waters) The Wall Live - Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
2010-09-20 - Roger Waters - The Wall - Chicago [MP3]
2010-12-18 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2010-12-19 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2010-12-21 (Waters) Flickering Flames On The Wall - Palacio De Los Deportes, Mexico D.F
2011-03-25 (Waters) Madrid - Experimento
2011-05-15 (Waters) Live At O2 Arena, London, England
2017 Live at Pompeii [FLAC]
David_Gilmour - Live Tracks - MP3
1965 - Syd Barrett - Lucy Leave and Other Rarities [FLAC,Tracks]
1965-95 - Pinkie Milkie - Rarities Compilation
1966-67 London '66 - '67 (UK 1995 CDM SFMDP 3)
1966-67 Psychedelic Games for May
1966-71 Sophisticated Colours
1966-94 Early Flights Disc 1-10
1967 Reaction In G
1967-69 Music For Architectural Students
1967-71 Antiques- A Rare Collection of Oddities
1967-71 Antiques And Curios
1967-87 A CD Full Of Secrets
1968 Tonite Let's All Make Love in London OST
1968-69 The Embryo (TSP-CD-020 1989) [VBR]
1968-70 - Old Symphonies 1968-1970 - FM
1968-70 Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 1-3
1968-71 Spiral
1968-74 From Underground To The Moon
1969 - High Time
1969 - The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions
1969-70 Omay Yad
1969-99 - Roger Waters - Rarities Vol 1-3
1970-71 - Syd Barrett - The Radio One Sessions
1971-72 Studio Outtakes & Demos
1972-06 From the Other Side (DSOTM Outtakes)
1975 - Tour Comic book
1975-76 Abbey Road to Britannia Row The Extraction Tapes (2014)
1978 The Wall- Under Construction
1978-79 Building The Wall
1979 Every Brick In The Wall (outtakes)
1980 - The Wall - Original Film Sessions 1980
1980 The Wall (Demos)
1982 The Final Cutting
1987 A Momentary Lapse of Reason Live Official Tour CD (Demonstration Not For Sale)
1987 One Slip CDM (UK 1987 CDEM 52)
1988 - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Official Tour CD)_flac
1990-05-02 - Roger Waters - The London Rehearsals 1990
1994 - Just Warmin Up - The Rehearsals in Tampa - 1994
Pink Floyd - Just Warming Up (Tampa 1994 )
1996 Pink Floyd & Friends - Interstellar Overdrive (Canada 1996 PS-NEMS 1001-2)
2001 Pink Underground
2005...A Desperate Attempt of Perfection
2010 - Roger Waters - Is It The Fifth
A Tree Full Of Secrets (18xCD Box Rarities)
Have You Got It Yet
2008 Have You Got It Yet v2
HYGIY v2.0 Vol. 1
Live Anthology
Roger Waters - Rarities Vol 1-3
Secret Rarities (2014
Star Profile - audio documentary
Variations on a Theme of Absence 8-CD
1965-72 The Early Years Limited Edition 10CD [FLAC]
1967 The First 3 Singles (Remaster UK 1997 7243 8 59895 2 0)
1967 The Syd Barrett Tapes
1967-11-17 The First Singles
1967-1973 - Anthology II [HL 325-326]
1967-68 Masters of Rock
1967-68 The Early Singles (EU 1992 0777 7 80572 2 2)
1967-71 The Complete BBC Sessions
1967-93 - Total Eclipse - A Retrospective 1967-1993 - Italy
1981 A Collection Of Great Dance Songs (Remaster Japan 2001 TOCP-65744)
1983 Works (US 1983 CDP 7 46478 2)
1988 - Syd Barrett - Opel
1992 - La Carrera Panamericana
1992 - Syd Barrett - Octopus
1995 - Greatest Hits 3 - Post Pink - 1995 - MP3.320kbps
1999 - Legendary Rock Stars - Greatest Hits
2001 - Echoes The Best Of Pink Floyd (US 2001 2xCD CDP 7243 5 36111 2 5)
2003 - Roger Waters - Flickering Flame (320)
2007 - David Gilmour - Take a Best (Bootleg)(320)
2007 - Greatest Hits - Star Mark - 320Kbps
2010 - Syd Barrett - An Introduction to Syd Barrett (2010)
2011 - CD Sampler - 2011
Syd Barrett - Wouldn't You Miss Me -The Best of Syd Barrett
1994 Dark Side Of The Moon -[Trance]
1994 Wish You Were Here [Trance]
1995 Meddle (Trance Remix)
1998 A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Trance)
2000 Welcome to the Remix
2003 Easy Star All Stars - Dub Side of the Moon
2003-01-01 - The Floydian Propulsion Project
2004 Out There
2005 The Dark Side Of A Dream [320]
2006 DJ Fish Remixes
2006 Pink Floyd & Eric Prydz - Proper Education
2010 DSotM - Moon8 - 8 bits
1995 The London Philharmonic Orchestra - The Music Of Pink Floyd
2002 Pigs and Pyramids An Allstar Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd
2005 The Piano Tribute To Pink Floyd
2006 Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Pink Floyd
1988 - Audio Documentario - Star Profile
2002 - Wish Youd Been Here - The Pink Floyd Story - Radio BBC
1974 - Tour Comic - 1974
1976 - Songbook
1987 - Songbook (VictorF)
2000 - Guitar Tab Anthology
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Clarkson's Columns: In Memory of Ginger Baker & The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante Review

Skyfall's villains can blow this one up too
The Clarkson Review: Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante (Sunday Times, Oct. 13)
Of course I will go and see the new James Bond film, but I almost certainly won't enjoy it. I haven't really enjoyed any of them since Daniel Craig took over.
I know he wants his Bond to be fallible and weak, like the character in the books, but I don't want to see 007 swigging Heineken from a bottle that just happens to be label-side out, and I don't want to see him bleed, or fire his gun at something and miss. I want him to be Roger Moore, the cheeky chappie who could speak Latin, fly a space shuttle and lay anyone low with one of his signature karate chops.
Craig's Bond can't do that. In fact, if you actually stop and think what he's done in the past, you'd have to conclude he's completely useless. In Casino Royale, he didn't notice that the woman he'd fallen in love with was spying for the other side, and then, despite his best efforts, he let her drown in a lift. The next woman he lurved, in Skyfall, got shot in the head by a former colleague. Oh, and then he took an old woman who needed to go into hiding to his own bloody house. Where she and 007's gamekeeper wandered about on a darkened moor, with a torch, just in case the baddies needed even more help locating her.
Before that happened, though, Bond went to interview someone in Shanghai and ended up throwing him off a skyscraper. And in an earlier scene, he was shot by Miss Moneypenny. I'm telling you, Johnny English is better at espionage than this guy. So's Inspector Clouseau.
But the worst bit in Skyfall came when the director Sam Mendes decided to blow up Bond's Aston Martin. So he pumped it full of bullets until it exploded.
I'm sure, to the luvvie-in-chief, this was fine, because a car is just a collection of plastic and metal and glass. But a car is not just a collection of plastic and metal and glass. And Bond's Aston is more of a car than most. It has been a part of my life since I was four. I have owned many models, including one that would fire a small man under the sofa. And Mendes blew it up so he could get Craig to do some acting. I considered at the time filling Sam's dog with bullets until it exploded, just to show him how it felt.
The car was put back together in the next Bond film, Spectre — and it appears in the new movie as well — but it was like making Ring of Bright Water 2 and trying to argue that someone had sewn the otter's head back on.
I bet Aston Martin had a duck fit when it saw the DB5 reduced to a smouldering ruin, because Bond is its marketing department. He is its PR machine and its ad agency and its ambassador all rolled into one. So I bet it really did try to sew the DB5's head back on, because without 007, the company would have to maintain a public profile on its own. And it doesn't have the cash for that.
I'm not sure it even had enough cash to develop the car you see before you today. It's called — deep breath — the Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante, and sometimes you get the impression that you're tootling about in almost two tons of make-do and mend. With a bit of cast-off Mercedes tech to maintain a veneer of modernity.
To create it, Aston had to chop the roof off a normal DBS, but this meant finding somewhere to put the electric roof mechanism. That meant rerouting the massive exhaust system and that meant turning the fuel tank round and redesigning every body panel aft of the doors.
The company managed it, but sometimes the roof doesn't go down when you operate the switch, the boot is laughably tiny, and it gets so hot in there, owing to the exhaust system, you could roast a chicken. There's also a problem with the interior. Astonishingly, we got four adults in it, and that's impressive, but it is almost identical to the interior you get in a far cheaper DB11 Volante. And that's not good enough.
The basic starting price of the DBS Superleggera Volante is £247,500 and, I'm sorry, but if I'm going to blow a quarter of a million on a car, I don't want it to have the same innards as a car that costs almost £90,000 less. The trouble is, of course, that when you've spent all that money turning the fuel tank round, there simply won't be enough left to do the air vents as well. Or fit a glovebox.
It sounds like I have a real downer on this car, and I haven't finished yet, I'm afraid. Because superleggera is Italian for "superlight", and it just isn't. With a couple of people on board, it weighs more than two tons. Perhaps that's why it endlessly catches its chin-mounted skid plates on speed humps. And why its tyres are so thin you need to be very careful when you're parking, even against a dropped pavement, or you'll kerb the wheels. Perhaps Aston should have called it Supergrasso.
You can feel this weight when you're driving, too. It doesn't come across as a feisty little whizz-bang; it's no water boatman. But that said, it's fast. Rocket-ship fast. It's almost too fast, because on wet roads you would be well advised to treat the throttle with extreme caution or you will have a crash. You even need to be careful sometimes on dry roads.
And that raises a question. If you can't unleash all the volcanic fury without the back end having a few moments of panic, then why not save yourself the best part of £90,000 and get the DB11 Volante instead? Because you can exploit all the power in one of those, all of the time.And it has the same interior. And it's a little bit more civilised and comfortable.
It's almost as though Aston bit off more than it could chew with the DBS. Think of its engineers as pianists. They're accomplished enough to impress their friends and colleagues, but they're not really able to put on a penguin suit, walk onto the stage at the Royal Albert Hall and attempt Liszt's La Campanella.
If you attempt to build a 211mph car that costs £247,000, you need to make sure that you have the money to pull it off. Yes, the DBS Superleggera Volante is one of the best-looking cars ever made, and it's blisteringly fast and it makes some laugh-out-loud noises from the tailpipes, but as a package, it's flawed.
Hopefully, the new Bond film will be a gem and will keep alive the aura that surrounds the man and the car he drives. But I wouldn't count on it. The way things are going, they'll replace Craig with Anthea Turner and give her a Nissan Leaf. And that, I fear, would bring the curtain down on Britain's best-loved car-maker.
In the meantime, if you want an Aston because you, like me, grew up worshipping them, then don't despair because the DB11 Volante is brilliant. That sort of car at that sort of price? Nobody does it better ?
He's not around to beat me, so I'll say it: Ginger was only the world's second-best drummer (Sunday Times, Oct. 13)
The drummer Ginger Baker died last week and everyone was very surprised because we all assumed the drug-addled wild man from Cream and Blind Faith had shuffled off this mortal coil years ago. It's customary, of course, when someone dies to gloss over their shortcomings and concentrate instead on their work for charity and their heroics in the war. But this is nigh-on impossible with Baker, who was almost certainly the most unpleasant man ever to grace a stage. He pulled a knife on Cream's bass player, Jack Bruce. He used his fists to settle almost every dispute. He broke the nose of the director who made a documentary about him with his walking stick.
Then, of course, there was the naked 11-year-old girl featured on the cover of Blind Faith's only album. That's such a difficult issue these days, none of the obituaries even mentioned it.
Instead, everyone concentrated on Baker's skills as a musician — but even here people missed the point, because despite what he claimed, he wasn't the best drummer the world has ever seen. Thanks to Mitch Mitchell, who played with Jimi Hendrix, he was the second best. I'm on Twitter if you want to argue.
Baker, however, could keep perfect time, even when he was full of heroin, which is quite an achievement. And he could maintain four different cross rhythms with each of his limbs. This is like rubbing your tummy, patting your head, pumping up a lilo and playing hopscotch all at the same time.
I have a drum kit. It's an enormous Pictures of Lily limited edition replica.
And after several years of weekly lessons, I developed a profound admiration for drummers, because they're doing something I can't do.
We can't admire people who can do what we can do. I don't admire anyone who can drive fast while shouting, but when I watch a dry-stone-waller creating a natural barrier using nothing but experience and big, warty hands, I become a statue of wonderment held upright by nothing but the tingling in my hair. That's what happens when I hear a drum solo.
A columnist last week said that words cannot begin to describe the "unstoppable misery" of the "nightmarish" drum solo. Plainly, he is the sort of man who thinks drummers are like houseflies. That they come, they make an annoying noise and then they die. And I literally could not agree less.
A drum solo allows the audience to marvel at the technical wizardry of the drummer. It allows us to concentrate on his incredible ability to get a whole arm from one side of the kit to the other faster than it takes a Formula One car to change gear. And to do it in perfect time.
It's been suggested that Ginger Baker invented the drum solo so his bandmates could have a moment to go backstage and top up whatever was missing at that moment from their lives. I doubt this, though. He didn't really like other musicians that much.
It's been reported that he called Mick Jagger a "musical moron". But that's not true. What he actually said was that the Stones were like "a load of little kids trying to play black blues music and playing it very badly". It was George Harrison he called a musical moron. And he dismissed Paul McCartney too, because, unlike him, McCartney could not sight-read music. Led Zeppelin? If you even mentioned them in his presence, you'd get a thick lip. He only really liked people we've never heard of. Phil Seamen was a hero of his, for example. And Art Blakey.
So no. Baker was on the stage doing his solos simply so we could hear how he'd fused the jazz music of his heroes with an altogether new and busy way of playing. He despised the 4/4 beat of rock and pop music, but it's possible that, because of what he did with Cream, he's partly responsible for it.
His solos were often more than 10 minutes long and were mesmerising. And soon drummers everywhere were trying to outdo him. Led Zeppelin's John Bonham did a 17-minute epic on the track "Moby Dick", and then you got — whisper this, because I'm friendly with Nick Mason and Roger Taylor — my favourite drummer, Phil Collins, duetting with Chester Thompson. They started out hitting bar stools and then moved to their kits for a drumming shootout. It's the best thing on YouTube.
And now? Well, there was the movie Whiplash, which everyone, apart from me, thought was weird — but on stage? In real life? There's nothing. The drum solo is dead.
I find that odd. There are still bands and some still have drummers, so why don't these people want the audience to see and hear them doing their thing? Isn't that like being a goalkeeper who never wants to make a save? The only explanation is that they actively hide at the back behind the bass and the guitar and the flashy vocals because they're not that good.
This sort of thing has happened before. Between 1750 and 1820, the world heard from Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn, but since then, apart from a couple of little spurts, there's been nothing of any great consequence. And today? There's a woman in Iceland who turns drawings of turnips into classical music and there's Ludovico Einaudi, who provided the soundtrack for many of the Top Gear films I made. But that's about it.
Could it be that the same thing has happened with drumming? That we as a species were only ever any good at it between 1958 and 1978, and now we have lost the ability, in the same way that penguins have lost the ability to fly? Luckily, however, we still have the recordings from the days when drumming wasn't just an electronic nn tss nn tss nn tss nn tss and I've been listening to a lot of it all week. That's why I ended up revisiting "Can't Find My Way Home." You played on that one, Ginger. And now you have.
And here's the Sun column: "Extinction Rebellion forget dole money, tents and yoga mats all come from… oil"
Clarkson is wrong by the way: Ginger Baker is only the world's fourth best drummer. The best and second best are Hal Blaine and Levon Helm.
Anyway, I have now caught up on posting all the Clarkson columns that ran while I was on vacation. Normal weekly posting will resume on Monday.
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/r/Championship's Championship club by club season preview - part 1!

Part 2 here - Part 3 here - Part 4 here

On Friday at 8pm UK time, Reading and Derby County will kick off the 127th season of the English second division - also known as the Championship! 24 clubs will compete for 3 promotion spots to the Premier league (2 via automatic promotion and 1 via playoffs) and to avoid the 3 relegation spots to the third tier a.k.a League One.

Its looking like a really tight and competitive season. The league is absolutely full of ambitious player and managerial talent - the more time goes by the more it looks like a Premier League 2. If you want a competitive league with proper English football, that also has the spice of skilful players and forward thinking managers, it really is the place to go.

This is guide written by the fans who have come together on /Championship - an absolutely huge thanks to them. Do check out the sub, we try to keep it a good place to discuss the EFL, away from the rancid gloryhunting shithole that is /soccer (just kidding - I like this place). Lots going on, including a score predictor thread which is running all season.

This guide is in table order with the PL demoted sides first. Only 5 clubs today (because the Swansea one is a fucking novel and I can't fit any more in), the rest will be submitted tomorrow and Friday. Do bare in mind that not all the transfer news will be up to date as these guides were largely written a week ago. Point out to me if there are any clear errors with formatting or spelling.

Championship info, links and media

/Championship's 17/18 player of the season review

Season previews: The Guardian | Sky Sports | The Mirror
EFL focused podcasts: Not the Top 20 | The Totally Football League Show
The 17/18 table - Wolves, Cardiff and Fulham went up. Barnsley, Burton and Sunderland went down. This season West Brom, Swansea and Stoke join from the PL and Wigan, Blackburn and Rotherham join from League 1.
These are the bookies' favourites for promotion (via Oddschecker):
Club Odds
Stoke 2.75
Middlesbrough 4
West Brom 4
Nottingham Forest 4.5
Leeds 4.75
Swansea 5
And relegation:
Club Odds
Rotherham 2.2
Bolton 2.25
Ipswich 4.5
Reading 5
Hull 6
How to watch in the UK: Live rights are owned by Sky Sports. They are upping the number of televised matches this season. Reading v Derby on Friday is televised. The weekly highlights show previously on Channel 5 is moving to Quest TV, which apparently is on Freeview.
How to watch abroad: Depends, but in most territories, the iFollow Service is available, which is £110 to watch all a single club's matches. Bargain. I think the clubs that aren't on iFollow have their own similar streaming services.
Check out club Youtube channels - quite a few of them post extended highlights now with their own commentary, including Derby, Norwich, Sheffield Wednesday, Brentford and more. (You may need VPN to watch if you're abroad.)

Swansea City by RafiakaMacakaDirk and my_knob_is_gr8

Location: Swansea, Wales
Nickname: Swans, The Jacks
Major honours: Football League Cup (2013), Championship Play-off Winner (2011), League One Winners (1925, 1949, 2008)
17/18 finishing postion: 18th (Premier League)
Transfermarkt squad value: €115.5 mil NOTE: This number is as of July 22nd, when we still have Mawson (€15 mil), A. Ayew (€15 mil), Bony (€10 mil), Clucas (€8 mil) and Fernandez (€8 mil), who are all pretty much expected to be sold, or loaned out, before the season starts. Without all of these players except Bony (who's injured for a while so it makes it unlikely he'll be sold soon), the squad value would be around €70 mil.
Manager: Graham Potter joined the Swans on 11th June 2018. In 2010, he became head coach of Östersund, who were in the fourth tier of Swedish football. 5 years later, he got the club promoted into the Swedish top flight and in 2017, they won Svenska Cupen which qualified them for the Europa League where they managed to get through the group stage. He’s been applauded for what he did at Östersund and the way he managed to build the club up from nothing. The year after his success in the Europa league he signed a 3 year contract with Swansea.
Potter is well respected by The Swans and after a few years of poor managerial and financial decisions his appointment is seen as a step in the right direction to bringing us back to our old ways of being a well-run club. Potter has been recognised for his "progressive" and "unconventional" coaching methods. At Östersund, he encouraged his players and staff to engage in community activities, such as performing in theatre and music productions which was designed to take them out of their comfort zone. Potter describes his style of football on the pitch as "tactically flexible, attacking, and possession-based". At Östersund, he deployed a flexible 3–5–2 formation centred on ball possession.
Best player(s)/ talisman:With many of our best players being rumoured with a move away what good players that remain at the start of the season is yet to be seen.
Alfie Mawson is probably our standout player. He’s been amazing for us since we got him and was a bargain at about £3m. He’s great in the air and is just an all round tank. Keeping him will be a huge boost for us and should be solid in the championship.
Federico "El Pajaro" Fernandez has also been strong at the back with Alfie. The pair played with each other for the majority of last season and together became a solid unit. We will most likely sell him to reduce wages though.
Jordan Ayew put in a great shift last season and was our top goal scorer. His work rate was immense and was able to drop back and defend when needed. He’s fast, able to beat a man and a decent finisher. Sadly all these players are transfer targets for other clubs and might not even be here at the start of the season. If we can keep a lot of our players we should have a decent season but who knows who'll be left by the end of the window…
Rising star: Swansea’s U23 had a great season last year and with Potter wanting a young and fresh squad, a handful have moved up into the first team.
Our standout youngster, Oliver McBurnie, joined Barnsley on loan in January last season where he went on to win a Championship player of the month award after 6 goals in 8 games and went on to win Barnsley’s Player of the year award. While only 22, he’s struggled to break into our first team but will most likely be our main striker for the coming season. Be on the lookout for his long legs, miniature shinpads and ridiculous sock length! LEGS LEGS LEGS!!!
Connor Roberts performed well at RB last season and adapted quickly to the premier league where he battled Kyle Naughton to be in the starting line up and did great when given the chance. Decent at going forward and professional at the back. Hopefully potter puts him ahead of Naughton.
What happened last season?: What Happened last season?: After our great escape the season before and with Paul Clement at the helm there was optimism that the 17/18 season could be our turning point where we start rebuilding 'The Swansea Way". How wrong we were.
After a disastrous transfer window where we sold Sigurdsson and never replaced him and started panic buying the week before the transfer window closed we were left an obvious hole in our team. We had no creativity in midfield and no one could kick the ball into the box to save their life. And just to rub it in further Renato Sanches turned out to be more disappointing than Bob Bradley. With the team sitting bottom of the table Clement was sacked in late December.
Then along came the wise talking Carlos Carvalhal who managed to rebuild the confidence the team had lost. Our results took a turn for the good, beating Liverpool, Arsenal, Burnley and West Ham consecutively at home. He pulled us out of the relegation zone and things were looking good. However, the good times were quickly followed by the bad times. Our form turned and we didn’t win a single one of our last 9 matches. We were quickly relegated after pitifully losing to both Southampton and Stoke in our last 2 games of the season.
Highlights (Or lowlights):
The pass by Renato Sanches that summed up his and our season
Swansea City 3-1 Arsenal
Summer transfer business (so far): At the end of last season, it was clear we needed several transfers, both in and out. However, this would all depend on the manager we got.
Yan Dhanda (Free, Liverpool): A 19 year-old Midfielder, Yan Dhanda left Liverpool this summer and joined the Swans in a free, before we even hired Graham Potter. At one time one of the most promosing youngsters in Liverpool's Academy, injuries slowed down his progress, and ultimately made him fall behind other players. Citing lack of first-team playing time, Dhanda decided to join us this summer in hopes of getting regular playing time in the senior squad. Through 3 pre-season games, Dhanda has been one of the brighest and most impressive players in the squad, even scoring a game-winning goal and smashing a penalty in a shootout against Genoa. With our current injuries and shenanigans involved in our midfield, Dhanda has a good chance of becoming a starter and hopefully guide our midfield during the season.
Jordi Govea (Free, Real Madrid): Another 19 year-old from Ecuador, Jordi was the first signing under Potter. Not much can be said about the lad, but this is what Real Madrid had as his bio:
Jordi is an Ecuadorian defender who possess three key qualities for a player in his position: he's skilful, is able to go past a player and has a good shot on him. He's left footed and is able to send in good crosses on the run.
With Martin Olsson currently as our starting LB, and Kyle Naughton as the backup, the hope is that Jordi can develop on our U-23 squad and hopefully move up to the senior squad in coming years. Also the only man I've seen do a medical while wearing jeans (https://twitter.com/SwansOfficial/status/1015251916132057089)
Joel Asoro (€2 mil., Sunderland): Yet another 19 year-old, a Swedish winger who has represented his country in the younger levels, he was Potter's first senior signing. With world-class speed, and some impressive skills, Asoro was able to score 3 goals and get 2 assists last season in 26 apperances for Sunderland. While these numbers may seem a bit disappointing, many of these games were sub appearances on a very dysfunctional team. Along with Dhanda, Asoro has been one of the most impressive players during preseason, constantly beating his man with either speed or skills, and whipping in good balls to Legs. At the current rate, Asoro appears to have a good chance of starting on the right wing spot, with Nathan Dyer and Luciano Narsingh backing him up.
Predicted starting XI: NOTE: This is gonna be assuming Mawson, A. Ayew, Clucas, and Fernandez are all sold by the start of the season. If by some reason they end up staying, they are pretty much guaranteed to start. Based on the pre-season games so far, a lineup looking like this would be plausible, with Rodon most likely to be replaced by a CB (possibly Scott McKenna) when we buy one. Our second unit is looking something like this.
Best case scenario: Graham Potter is able to motivate and make sure our senior players (Fer, Carroll, etc.) stay fit, along with our youngsters being able to make an impact as expected, and also we retain Mawson, Fernandez, and Clucas, we can finish in the top 2 and get promoted automatically.
Worst case scenario: Our worst case scenario, and something many of us fear of happening, consists of primarily 3 things. 1. Graham Potter isn't given enough time to build an identity with our squad and is sacked by the midway point of the season by the greedy, dumb American owners. . 2. We end up not replacing the players we sold properly like last summer, therefore having a squad with holes everywhere and no chemistry. 3. Our youngsters such as Asoro, McBurnie, Dhanda and company don't pan out and progress at all, thefore becoming mediocre players. This would all culminate in us looking like Sunderland, and making relegation a probability.
Prediction: Realistically I see us selling Mawson and company in the last days before the season starts and not replacing them properly until later on. Because of this, as well as our current injuries with Fer and Clucas, I can see us initially struggling to build an identity but over time, we will start playing like Potter wants us and finishing the season strongly.
8th place, missing the play-offs by 4 points
What will happen to your closest rivals?: The scum that is known as Cardiff City will break the record for lowest points ever accumulated in a Premier League season, getting 5 points all from draws, and will therefore get relegated with 17 games to spare.

West Bromwich Albion by Joelwba

Location: The Hawthorns, West Bromwich, West Midlands
Nickname: The Baggies, The Throstles
Major honours: 1x League title, 1x League Cup, 5x FA Cup
17/18 finishing postion: 20th in Premier League (relegated)
Transfermarkt squad value: £101.16m
Manager: Darren Moore or Big Dave as he's known to Albion fans. A club icon as a player in the early 2000s, he returned to look after our U23 squad before being promoted to assistant manager by Alan Pardew in January. Following the end of Pardew's horrific reign, Moore took temporary charge with Albion facing inevitable relegation. He led us to wins over Newcastle, Spurs, Man Utd and a draw with Liverpool, somehow taking our futile battle for survival to the final week of the season. Following this he earned the head coach role permanently. Moore is loved among the Albion faithful, largely due to his reputation as a player here. He heavily favours a 4-4-2 formation and at the back end of last season, tended to soak up pressure and play on the counter attack. It will be interesting to see how his approach differs in a league where we are one of the favourites, not fighting to survive (hopefully)
Best player(s)/ talisman: It's an interesting situation for Albion currently. There are plenty of Premier League quality players still in the squad. A lot depends on if they are picked off before the deadline shuts. Chris Brunt is a club stalwart and likely to be reappointed as captain. He is adored by the fans and in my opinion will be an incredible asset in the championship. His set pieces alone will bring 10+ goals to the side. Kieran Gibbs is a high quality player who appears to be set to stay and should make a big difference. Jay Rodriguez, Craig Dawson, Salomon Rondon and Nacer Chadli should all make a big difference in this division IF they stay. In all honesty I expect to lose a few of the above. Sam Johnstone appears to be an astute signing to replace the outgoing Ben Foster.
Rising star: Sam Field he's one of our own! He looked completely at home against some of the top Premier League sides last campaign. A box-to-box midfielder, he's full of energy and looks so comfortable on the ball. I expect him to be a major part of our side this season, having just signed a new long-term deal.
Kyle Edwards is an exciting attacking midfielder who has been impressing in pre-season. He may have a part to play following a loan spell at Exeter last campaign.
Jonathon Leko looked like a potential world-beater when he first came through a couple of years back. A lightning quick winger full of tricks. A loan spell at Bristol City and limited appearances later he seems to be losing his way. Will be an interesting one to watch.
Finally, the enigma that is Olly Burke. After signing with us last summer for £15m, he failed to impress any of the four managers we had over the season. He looks exciting when he comes on, without any end product so far, and was unfairly blamed for a loss at West Ham by Alan 'Coward' Pardew. We all know the talent he's got. Hopefully we can see it this season.
What happened last season?: Let's not talk about it... We finally escaped the stranglehold of Tony Pulis, only to opt for the human joke that is Alan Pardew and duly hurtled towards relegation. Four of our players stole a taxi and then played (and lost) the following weekend.
Pardew was sacked about 3 months too late, and Moore took over, restoring pride with some notable wins over Man Utd and Spurs.
This season we also lost the great Cyrille Regis, and the outpouring of emotion and the coming together of the club during the weeks after his passing was something special.
Summer transfer business (so far): We started by releasing Claudio Yacob, Boaz Myhill and Gareth McAuley. Yacob and McAuley will be greatly missed but it is perhaps the right time for them to go.
Jonny Evans departed for Leicester for a cut-price £3m, Ben Foster left for Watford and James McClean has departed for Stoke City.
Sam Johnstone has been bought in to replace Foster, with Jonathon Bond arriving as backup. Kyle Bartley has joined from Swansea City and it appears that Harvey Barnes will soon be arriving on loan from Leicester.
Finally, James Morrison is currently out of contract but still with the club. His future is uncertain.
I am very happy with Johnstone and Bartley. It has been a quiet window for Albion so far but that is largely a good thing. The squad is packed with Premier League talent and the window is more about keeping hold of them.
There is major interest in Dawson and Rondon, along with interest in Rodriguez, Hegazi and Chadli. If any of the above go, then we would need to replace. Otherwise I would be happy with another striker and another CB.
It is also worth mentioning that every player in the Albion side suffered a 50% wage cut upon relegation which means that we are financially sound despite relegation, but may lead to more big names leaving.
Predicted starting XI: This is my best attempt. It will undoubtedly be 4-4-2. We may see Nyom in at right back and perhaps Barry in for Field.
Obviously about half of this side could leave, so we shall see.
Best case scenario: The bulk of the side remains and the quality in the side shines through as we breeze to automatic promotion.
Worst case scenario: The better players leave or do not put the effort in. Moore cannot transfer his great start into his first full season in management. We become embroiled in a relegation battle
Prediction: It will be somewhere in the middle. I'd like to think we'll go up automatically but I think play-offs are more likely. 6th
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Villa won't go down but will settle into mid-table, despite the recent takeover.
I think Wolves will do well in the PL, although I don't know how long Nuno will last before a big club comes in.

Stoke City by mrmariomaster

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Nickname: The Potters
Stadium: bet365 Stadium, 30,089 seats
Major honours: 1972 League Cup
17/18 finishing position: 19th, Premier League
Squad value: £127.8 million
Manager: Gary Rowett signed from Derby in May. His honest attitude has brought lots of optimism to fans, who are looking forward to an overhaul of the Club. His style of play seems to change based on the squad he has available.
Best Player: Joe Allen was vital to the Club last season, giving us hope that we would avoid relegation. His massive new contract signed this summer shows how loyal and committed to the Club he is, and will be a vital player this season.
Rising star: Tom Edwards is a local lad who has won the Under 18 Player of the Year award twice in the Club. In the latter parts of last season he played some good first team football.
What happened last season: A pathetic attempt at a season that had been coming for a while under Mark Hughes. Paul Lambert was appointed in January, but a win rate of just 2 in 15 matches wasn’t enough for him to keep his job and miss out on the million pound bonus offered to him.
Transfer business so far: So far this has been a decent transfer window. Peter Etebo had an amazing World Cup for Nigeria and Benik Afobe looks really promising. Adam Federici has also been appointed to replace Lee Grant. Xherdan Shaqiri has left along with a few players like Stephen Ireland and Glen Johnson who will not be missed. Badou Ndiaye also looks to be on his way out, but it looks like Jack Butland will stay with us, which is massive. Perhaps most surprising are the new contracts signed by our 2 best players last season, Joe Allen and Moritz Bauer.
Predicted Line up: Here is our predicted squad. I’m not sure what formation we will have. EDIT: This is a new version, complete with our rumoured new signings and in the right formation.
Best case scenario: Stoke will finish top with an all-time Championship points record.
Worst case scenario: A mediocre start to the season will see Rowett sacked and Stoke with a disappointing mid-table finish.
Prediction: I think with our squad and our new manager, we will finish 1st.
What will happen to our closest rivals? Port Vale will be relegated to the Vanarama National League.

Aston Villa by trueschoolalumni

Location: Villa Park, Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6HE
Nickname: The Villans, The Villa, Prince William's Club, David "Twat" Cameron's Second Club.
Major honours: 7 First Division wins, 7 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, 1 European Cup, 1 European Super Cup, 1 Intertoto Cup
17/18 finishing postion: 4th
Transfermarkt squad value: £67.77m and dropping fast
Manager: Steve Bruce (for now). Former Man Utd playing legend who's been a fixture of English football for decades. He joined Villa in 2016 after successful runs at Hull, Sunderland (yes they were good once) and Birmingham City. A bit of a promotion specialist, he's taken Championship clubs up to the Premier League 4 times in the past and just missed out last season, losing 1-0 to Fulham in the Playoff Final. Tactically, he's fairly old school who prefers 4-4-2 or a 4-1-4-1, usually involving a big man up top. Fun fact: while managing Huddersfield in 1999 he wrote three novels, "Striker!", "Sweeper!" and "Defender!", which focus on main character Steve Barnes, a football manager. Barnes solves crime and takes on terrorists, and the books have become prized rarities. The Guardian's Football Weekly podcast managed to get a copy and read out some of the copy - suitably awful.
Best player(s)/ talisman: There's only one Jack Grealish. A Villa boy through and through, he's been with the club since 2001 (aged 6), and made his way into the first team in the 2013-14 season. He's been the centre of controversy a few times, most notably getting on the beers and passing out on a Tenerife street. Playing as a number 10, his quick feet and dribbling skills provide a number of goals and assists, as well as fouls. He probably went down a bit too easily when first in the Premier League, but time in the gym has noticeably toughened him up and he's a much more solid player as a result. One of the better players in the Championship, and due to Villa's abject finances, a transfer target for the likes of Leicester.
Rising star: Keinan Davis could possibly be it, potentially Andre Green and Rushian Hepburn-Murphy as well.
What happened last season?: Have you ever walked into a casino, spotted the roulette table and popped £10,000 on red? It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off. You've doubled your money if you win, but look like a right git if you lose. Villa figured this was a good way to approach 2017-18: spend millions on players, get in lots of loans, gamble everything on achieving promotion. After a so-so start, Bruce got the team playing well, stringing together a number of wins and moving through the playoff spots. Unfortunately they ran into a few teams playing out of their skin - champions Wolves ran away with the league and boasted a squad that included several Champions League players. Neil Warnock's Cardiff couldn't stop winning and grabbed the second automatic promotion. In the playoff final Villa came up against a Ryan Sessegnon-led Fulham and were just pipped at the post 1-0.
Summer transfer business (so far): It's one-way traffic, due to absolutely abysmal finances. Loan spells for Lewis Grabban, Robert Snodgrass, Josh Onomah and Sam Johnstone have all ended, which is almost the spine of the team (Johnstone in particular - he was arguably the best keeper in the Championship and personally bagged a number of wins). Plus clubs are circling to pick off whatever assets we have left (eg. Jack Grealish, James Chester). With no prospect of anyone new coming in, it looks like the youth academy will be getting a lot more game time.
Predicted starting XI: Possibly this, but half these players could be gone before the first match.
Best case scenario: Mid-table anonymity would have to be best case - Villa are a mess and could go down this time around.
Worst case scenario: Our finances are the real issue - they are dire. Villa need to find £9 million this month to avoid going into administration. Owner "Dr." Tony Xia is a billionaire, apparently, but tax bills went unpaid and the question remains if he's able to support the club as generously as he has in the past. Administration, points deductions and potentially relegation to League One are all real possibilities right now. It's not looking good.
Prediction: Due to financial irregularities in the 23 clubs above us, Villa will get into the Champions League and take out the likes of Atletico, Bayern and Real Madrid on the way to our second European Cup. "Taylor, Green, prepared to venture down the left. There's a good ball played in for Jack Grealish. Oh, it must be and it is! It's Keinan Davis!"
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Unfortunately the Scum managed to avoid League One in the final rounds of the season. Here's hoping they go one better. Agbonlahor to re-sign for one game: the Derby. And score the winner, again.

Middlesbrough by OneSmallHuman

Location: The Riverside Stadium, Middlesbrough
Founded: 1876
Nickname: The Boro (Or just Boro)
Major honours: The League cup 2003-2004 season
17/18 finishing position: 5th
Transfermarkt squad value: 79.34m
Manager: Tony Pulis became manager of us in late December 2017, replacing the sacked Garry Monk after a pretty lacklustre few months of the campaign (despite where our league position was). Pulis is known in England for being the man that is never relegated when in charge of someone in the top flight. We are all aware of Tony Pulis' style of football. You start by having a strong and massive defence and maximise your use of set pieces to gain an advantage. Pulis is a lover of all set piece plays, whether that is crossing the ball in from a corner or free kick, or launching a ball into the box from a throw in, they're all in his arsenal of weapons. 'Pulisball' as it is pretty much known. Pulis has achieved promotion from the championship once before with Stoke, and I hope he achieves it again with us this season
Best player(s)/ rising star: I mean, where else do I begin. Adama Traore. Arguably the best player in the championship on his day and is one of the most frightening dribblers in English football, maybe even world football. The winger is known for his speed and dribbling ability although is usually criticised for his lack of end product. Before last season I would've agreed, however 5 goals and 10 assists, with all but 2 assists coming before Pulis' arrival show the progression of the Spanish winger.
As for other members of the squad, Ben Gibson, the prodigal son. Boro through and through he's progressed into a commanding centre half with the ability to play out from the back thanks to Karanka. He gained attention and emerged as one of the few given credit after our disappointing premier league campaign but was only the subject of one bid upon our relegation, from now manager Tony Pulis. It remains to be seen whether he'll be here come the first game of the season, but I hope he will be.
As for future stars, Dael Fry, already has played 2 championship campaigns for us and looks as assured as a veteran of the game. Another centre half produced by our academy and he is being played in cdm this pre-season by Pulis, to add to his versatility. Hopefully a standout season for him, especially if Gibson does end up leaving. Finally, yes, he does always look as confused as images of him show.
What happened last season?: Well, the first half of the season was tragic under Monk. We played really poor football at times and looked like we hadn't defended a day in our lives. There was also no consistency in the team, we'd win one game then lose the next. A key theme under both managers however, was our inability to beat those around us in the table. After Pulis' appointment the results picked up and it ended with us finishing 5th in the table. We ultimately lost in the playoff semi finals to Aston Villa but honestly, we didn't think we'd even be in the top half around Christmas.
Summer transfer business (so far): Just the three deals to talk about so far. We've acquired Paddy McNair from Sunderland who looks like a decent player. He's been utilised in right back and midfield during pre-season so it looks like they'll be his positions for the season. I imagine he'll play alongside Clayts and Howson in a midfield three.
Aden Flint was signed from Bristol City and I think I'm in the minority when I say I don't like how much we paid for him. Obviously the man is a Pulis player but I'm a bit unsure about his defensive ability. That being said he's looked strong during pre-season and I'm sure Pulis will get the best out of him. Fabio departed our club for Nantes so we'll need more full back cover.
As for the rest of the window, I expect Gibson to leave but will be delighted if he doesn't. One of our strikers will also leave and Braithwaite should follow after his decent World Cup performances. We'll probably bring in a striker and a winger and hopefully hold onto Adama. That'd be a successful window in my eyes.
Predicted starting XI: My best guess The only other guess I could make is that Gibson might leave and then Ayala would start, but he's injured at this point in time. Britt might play over Gestede too if Pulis is feeling fancy.
Best case scenario: It has to be top of the pile right? It's not out of the question to imagine us up there and if everything clicks then we've got a chance. A defence that scores more than some teams' strikers, Adama channelling his inner Messi and finding consistency, Rudy/Britt/Bamford scoring for fun. It could be carnage.
Worst case scenario: I can't see us finishing outside the playoffs, if we did then that would be gut-wrenching. But if we did then that would most certainly be the worst. Realistically, it'd be losing in the playoffs... again, and if it were in the final again then god help me. Although saying this, now losing Bamford and maybe Traore will be a worst case scenario in itself, definitely if they're not replaced.
Prediction: Have to be confident, although it always kills me. 1st or 2nd. Tony Pulis and his nice white trainers carry us to the promise land. That being said, we never do it the easy way.
Best Match of Last Season Sorry Leeds fans, but it had to be. "Hattrick Bamford" as our Twitter account tweeted, 3-0 against Leeds with Adama running the show. Leeds clearly found some positive from the game as they're set to sign him off us. This was the sign of what we should've done more last season. Showed what Paddy could've been too if given an even more extended period in Striker by himself. Oh well.
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Who even are our closest rivals in this league? We're in geographical purgatory. Can't say Sunderland anymore so what? Leeds? Bielsa either turns them into the well oiled machine they hope for or he succumbs to the old Leeds ways and is sacked by December. As for the Mackems, probably promoted from League 1.
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    2. Taylor Swift’s new record deal includes a clause for Universal to hand over a portion of the windfall from its Spotify shares in the future. Not just to Swift, but to all artists. A source close to the matter says this was instrumental in Swift's decision to sign with Universal over Sony and Warner. (29454 points, 1069 comments)
    3. Unlike Ginger Baker and John Bonham, Keith Moon hated drum solos and refused to play them in concert. At a 1974 show, Townshend and Entwistle decided to spontaneously stop playing during "Wasp Man" to listen to Moon's drum solo. He continued briefly before stopping, shouting "Drum solos are boring!" (23507 points, 1063 comments)
    4. "Rocky Mountain High" was cautiously and briefly left off playlists by numerous radio stations after the FCC was allowed to censor music deemed to promote drug use. John Denver had to publically explain that the "high" was his innocent description of the sense of peace that he found in the Rockies. (22091 points, 722 comments)
    5. Nancy Sinatra's no. 1 hit "These Boots Were Made For Walking" was written by Lee Hazlewood, who intended to record it himself, saying "it's not really a girl's song", but Nancy talked him out of it, saying that "coming from a guy it was harsh and abusive, but was perfect for a little girl to sing". (14224 points, 665 comments)
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    7. "I don't recognize country music anymore. The bar is not very high right now. I'm not naming any names. I'm just saying the bar isn't very high right now. There's a lot of bad songwriting going on, really sloppy stuff." — Don Henley in a recent interview with Rolling Stone (8650 points, 3292 comments)
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FA Youth Cup runner-ups 06 and where are they now

Hey all, a few of you found my previous post about the 2008 FA Youth Cup winners interesting so I thought I’d give you another. Here is the 2006 FA Youth Cup Runners up. We lost 3-2 on aggregate.
GK – Laurence Matthewson – Released in 2007 he seems to have left the game. His LinkedIn profile tells me he's an Area Sales Manager at Your Own Brand
DEF – Curtis Obeng – Did manage to earn at professional contract at City but never featured. Released in 2009 he signed fro Wrexham before moving on to Swansea. A few loan moves to lower league clubs and now finds himself playing Semi Pro for Solihull Motors. An England C cap to his name.
DEF – Shalem Logan - Introduced himself as Robinho in our crossbar challenge on Soccer AM. A utility player who’s primary position is Left Back. Got four loan moves before joining Brentford in 2011 to play under Uwe Rosler. After 3 years he left the Bee’s to head to Aberdeen where he still plays today. Did make 3 appearances for us.
DEF – Sam Williamson – Lot of love for this lad. Made one appearance for us against Portsmouth when we were suffering an injury crises in defence. Came on as a sub for Dunne. Left for non league Wrexham in 2009. By all accounts he seems to have been retired from the game since 2010. No idea what he’s up to now.
DEF – Gary Breen - No not that one. The Kilkenny native was released in 2008 and played for Hereford briefly before returning to Ireland. After spells at Galway and Dundalk he now finds himself at Portadown up in Northern Ireland. Still there.
MID - Ashely Williams – No not that one either. Released in 2007. Very hard to fin info on this lad now but if he is who I think he is, he is now playing for Airbus UK in Wales. Played non-league in England for a while after his release and joined Airbus for his first spell in 2008. Left to play for Chester FC in 2011 before returning to Airbus. Although born in England, he has 2 U-23 caps for Wales.
MID – Paul Marshal - One part of a very highly rated midfield. Often compared to Paul Lake, he was a talented youngster. Won a couple of England under 20 caps and earned a couple of loan move to the championship and league 2. Went on loan again to Aberdeen due to his frustration at not having a chance to break through to the first team. Signed for Walsall in 2010 and slowly dripped down the leagues. Now playing in the 6th tier for Alfreton North
MID – Michael Johnson - It hurts. Amazing player. Not going to go into what he he’s at now. – worth reading devineman’s post here for a summary of what happened.
MID – Karl Moore – A winger who can play on either side, Karl had underage caps for Ireland. One loan move to Milwall was all the professional football he saw in England and he moved back to Ireland after being released in 2010. Like many in the League of Ireland (Where contracts are short as money is tight) he made his way around the league playing for the likes of Shamrock Rovers and UCD before having a very successful time with Bohemians. Now playing for Bray Wanderers.
ST – Kelvin Etuhu – Listed as a Striker at the time. The younger brother of Dickson Etuhu went onto be a squad player for us for a while. He even scored a premier league goal against Bolton. Had loan moves at Leicester and Cardiff before signing for Portsmouth in 2012. He had been released from City in 2010 due to criminal proceeding in relation to a fight outside a casino. He was sentenced to 8 months for the assault. Now playing for Bury.
ST – Daniel Sturridge – One of the most talented to play in our Academy at the time. Won our Young Player of the Season in 2008-09 Wanted more money than we thought a youth player deserved and he moved to Chelsea. Now at Liverpool making sporadic appearances between hospital visits.
Notable Subs
DEF – Micah Richards – A future Captain for us it looked to all the world that we had the country’s best young defender in our ranks. The hype around him was unreal looking back on it. Became England’s youngest ever defender but only managed to win 13 caps in the end. He made nearly 250 appearances for us at either CB or RB and had an entertaining partnership with the Dunnie Monster. He wanted to play CB but consistently found himself pushed out wide where he fell under the shadow of Zaba. Never seemed to live up to the potential and after a disappointing season on loan at Fiorentina he now plays for Villa, where I don’t think they rate him that highly. A disappointing turn out for a great hope but he still won a premier league and an FA cup with us in his 9 and a bit seasons.
FWD – Ched Evans – Broke into the side shortly after Sturridge and was behind him in the pecking order. Finding first team chances limited he moved on loan to Norwich in the championship where he had a great return of 10 goals. Returning to City in the 2008/09 season he made 25 appearances ( mostly as a sub) and scored 1 goal (In that 6-0 thrashing of Portsmouth). During this time he made his first international appearances for Wales. He joined Sheffield United in 2010 for £3 million, He had two modest seasons with them in the championship with a small goal return resulting in their relegation to League One. It was here he enjoyed his best season in football with 35 goals in 42 games for the Blades. Unfortunately this proved to be his last season until 2016/2017 as his much publicised Rape Trial saw him jailed for the next few years. He found it initially difficult to find a club willing to sign him amid much public backlash. Chesterfield gave him his chance and he took it well in the initial first few games for the club scoring 4 in 3. The rest of the season only produced one more goal although to be fair to him, Chesterfield are woeful and find themselves rock bottom of League One. He hasn’t even been in the sqaud since the start of March and I can’t see anything saying he’s injured. Despite this however he’s being linked with a move back to Sheffield United who have torn up the league this season.
MID – Adam Clayton – A bit of a dark horse this one. Never made an appearance for us despite making the bench twice. An England under 20 international, he had a great loan spell at Carlisle which earned him a permanent move to Leeds for an undisclosed fee ( we can safely assume less than £1 million but I’m not sure on the figure.). Leeds loaned him out a couple more times before he earned a move to Huddersfield. He became a very important player for the Terriors, winning their Player of The Year in 2014. This saw him seal a move to Middlesbrough for £1.5 million and he went on to help them win promotion to the Premier League.
MID - Christian Mouritsen – Only noticeable because he’s from the Faroe Islands. Still playing in the Faroe Islands. Has 19 caps for the Faroe Islands. I mean how many kids from the Faroe Islands play in English Academies? Madness.
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[Kindle] Pride by Ibi Zoboi

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Details of Book
Author : Ibi Zoboi
Language : English
Number of pages : 304 pages
Editor : Balzer + Bray
Date of Publication : September 18th 2018

Download Pride Ibi Zoboi PDF and EPUB - EpuBook
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Zuri Benitez has pride. Brooklyn pride, family pride, and pride in her Afro-Latino roots. But pride might not be enough to save her rapidly gentrifying neighborhood from becoming unrecognizable.
When the wealthy Darcy family moves in across the street, Zuri wants nothing to do with their two teenage sons, even as her older sister, Janae, starts to fall for the charming Ainsley. She especially can’t stand the judgmental and arrogant Darius. Yet as Zuri and Darius are forced to find common ground, their initial dislike shifts into an unexpected understanding.
But with four wild sisters pulling her in different directions, cute boy Warren vying for her attention, and college applications hovering on the horizon, Zuri fights to find her place in Bushwick’s changing landscape, or lose it all.

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[FIGHT RESULTS] Stevenson vs Bellew, Kovalev vs Sillakh, Chisora vs Pala, Zhong vs Kiatmungmee, Kameda vs Solis + more

Saturday November 30

From Colisee de Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Adonis Stevenson retained his WBC light heavyweight title defeating Tony Bellew by TKO6
Stevenson remained the legit, recognized light heavyweight champion of the world defeating the game, but outmatched Tony Bellew. Bellew fought valiantly for 5 rounds, but the natural athleticism and power of Stevenson allowed him to outwork and ultimately stop Bellew.
Sergey Kovalev retained his WBO light heavyweight title defeating Ismayl Sillakh by KO2
Kovalev, in Stevenson’s home country, stole the show from him and is now on a collision course to steal his title. Kovalev used a jab to the body to set up a lead right hand that put Sillakh on the canvas early into the second round. The referee allowed Sillakh to continue, but Kovalev, like a freight train, could not be stopped at that point.
Ionut Dan Ion defeated Kevin Bizier by SD
These 2 warriors submitted their bid for fight of the year. They threw everything they had at each other for 12 rounds and in the end Bizier found himself on the losing end for the first time in his career.
David Lemieux defeated Jose Miguel Torres by TKO7
At one point, Lemieux was a rising prospect that everyone had their eyes on. Following 2 losses, many may have abandoned the ship. On Saturday, he showed everyone once again why he was so highly regarded at one point. Torres, a durable veteran who’d never been stopped, found himself continually eating big shots from the hard punching Lemieux. After 7 trips to the canvas, the corner finally threw the towel in to save their man from any more damage.
Mikael Zewski defeated Ryan Davis by TKO3
Zewski is a prospect to watch. He lets his hands go nicely and attacks the body with intelligence.

From Maguan, China

Xiong Zhao Zhong retained his WBC minimumweight title against Lookrak Kiatmungmee by TKO5
Kiatmungmee was a late fill-in after Zhong’s originally opponent pulled out of the bout.

From Auditorio del Estado, Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Zolani Tete defeated Juan Carlos Sanchez Jr by KO10

From Coliseo Guillermo Angulo, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Thomas Dulorme defeated Hectora Velazquez by UD
Dulorme is, in my eyes, a highly rated prospect who’s sole detraction might be responsibility on defense. He was upset by a very capable Argentine and is on the rebuild. He was unable to stop Velazquez who with 19 losses was stopped 6 times. This, in my opinion, is a result of Dulorme fighting at welterweight when he should probably be at junior welterweight.
Luis Orlando Del Valle defeated Juan Jose Beltran by TKO4
Del Valle’s claim to fame was being beaten up by Vic Darchinyan. He, like Dulorme, is in rebuild mode and with some educated tweaks could be a player at super bantamweight.

From Copper Box Arena, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Hackney Wick, London, United Kingdom

Dereck Chisora defeated Ondrej Pala by TKO3
This was the main event of perhaps the weakest undercard of the month. Chisora looked a little worse than okay. He was lethargic in the opening rounds and was hit with some massive blows. In the 3rd, Chisora hit Pala with a solid blow and as Pala turned his back to Chisora, the referee stepped in and halted the action. It was a bizarre ending and certainly another blemish for UK boxing officials. Yes, I know the referee was Danish, but the bout occurred in the UK.
Frank Buglioni defeated Stepan Horvath by KO8
A fairly even fight that saw Buglioni put Horvath away with a vicious body shot. Buglioni, at 11-0, is a long way from leaving the domestic scene.
Bradley Skeete defeated Colin Lynes by UD
This was for the English welterweight title and a very disappointing bout.

From Belle of Baton Rouge Casino, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Jeff Lacy defeated Martin Verdin by TKO3
I don’t know why I put this here.
Travis Scott defeated Donald Clark by TKO5
Scott is simply an undefeated local fighter with a cool nickname. They call him Sweet Feet and at 33 is a dude who only fights the local boys. He’s better than them and that’s it.

From Mountaineer Casino Racetrack and Resort, Chester, West Virginia

Johan Perez defeated Paul Spadafora by MD
The end of the line may be here for Spadafora. Johan Perez was better defensively. That’s saying a lot for a guy who’s claim to fame was being a masterful defender.
Morgan Fitch fought to a draw with Darnell Boone
Fitch, previously undefeated, chose to take on Bad News Boone and what do you know? His first fight that he doesn’t win.

Tuesday December 3, 2013

From Bodymaker Colosseum, Osaka, Japan

Liborio Solis defeated Daiki Kameda by SD
Many believe it would be impossible to defeat Kameda by decision on Japanese soil, but Solis surprised everyone. Unfortunately, Solis didn’t make weight and Kameda will retain the IBF title. I believe the WBA is now vacant.
Katsunari Takayama retained his IBF minimuweight title against Vergilio Silvano
Takayama is now the likely opponent for Chinese WBC titlist Xiong Zhao Zhong who was also in action this weekend.
Tomoki Kameda retained his WBO bantamweight title against Immanuel Naidjala
The word I’m hearing is that Kameda is unlikely to look for a fight with any of the top bantamweight titlists, but rather is looking to move down in weight. Maybe he wants revenge for his brother and will face Liborio Solis (like Donaire did when he faced Darchinyan.)
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Hey chummers, this is the special that I told you about, a few extra pieces of news that showed up on my feed, as well as a special the feeds off an article from Monday, enjoy chummers
The H-Net News logo flashes across an outstretched UK banner and a fife and drums are heard playing in the background.
The camera pans in on an exceptionally attractive elf with surprisingly bad teeth who smiles to the camera and gives her long brown hair a small shake. She speaks with a charming british accent
“Thank you, H-Net Worldwide, I’m Elizabeth Moore with H-Net UK, here to give you the news from across the pond.”
“We’ve got three short pieces for you today, mostly involving Wales. The country came under scrutiny on a national scale when security measures along a dangerous mountain path leading to fabled Cadair Idris were tampered with, allowing the release of Awakened wolves into populated areas, resulting in three deaths and many more injuries. Local LEOs arrived on the scene within minutes of the reports, and managed to repel the beasts.”
The image of a heavily furred wolf appears on the screen, its shoulder reaching nearly mid-torso of the human male next to it for scale. Its back is covered in spiked scales which protrude slightly from underneath its fur, and a pale violet light seems to emanate from its eyes and in constantly changing patterns underneath its fur. Its two upper fangs seem to be roughly the size of a human hand.
“Though this is sad news, and our condolences go out to the families of those affected by the beast’s assault, the United Kingdom would like to remind both her citizens and the world that the country is taking all the safety precautions it can, as evidenced by the arrest of three unnamed terrorists from Edinburgh Airport by investigators from Scotland Yard. The prisoners were transported to an unnamed facility in Scotland for processing, and the Yard informs us they have since been handled. Scotland Yard declined to reveal the identities of those arrested, allegedly for the prisoners’ own safety.”
An image from Edinburgh Airport pops up, showing four Scottish police in full body armor and assault rifles flanking a group of three blurred out metahumans. A trio of men wearing the classic dusters of Scotland Yard, the trio composed two humans and an ork, seem to be in deep, agitated, conversation. Though the three prisoners are blurred out, you manage to make out what appears to be the edge of a kilt on one, the top of a cowboy hat from the middle one, and a small Japanese flag protruding from hair of the last prisoner.
“The United Kingdom would also like to remind the world of some of the beautiful locations to visit, such as the venerated Cadair Idris in Wales. Currently, access is restricted until the repairs are complete, but reports of higher than average mana saturation in the area have acted as a draw for the magically inclined in the past, and for any true outdoorsman, the hike and views are their own reward. Of course, there are those who have undertaken the mythical challenge of sleeping on the slope in hopes of awakening the greatest of bards, most notably Edward Treffington, whose latest single has broken records across the UK. The myth states that if you do not awake filled with bardic inspiration you will soon go insane. Given that Treffington was recently heard arguing with himself after a performance in London last week, it's possible both halves of the myth are true.”
A breathtaking view of the Welsh countryside expands before you; to the right, a high plateau with a lake can be seen, though no path appears to exist leading to it; to the left, the mountainside gradually blends with a large forest.
“Well folks, that’s all we have time for tonight, but from across the pond, I’m Elizabeth Moore. Tune in next week for more news.”
Author: eljakob737 Source: The Initiation of Radge, Shizuka, and Poncho
[Shadow Broker]>>>: Oi, any of you fraggers getting tangled up in the mafia? Yeah? Thats what I thought. You’re gonna want to listen to this commcall I intercepted.
Voice 1 (deepish, rich Italian accent) : “So the reason I’m calling, you fottuto idiota, is because somehow those Ciarnello bastardos got ahold of the data YOU TWO were supposed to be protecting and then selling, OR DID YOU FORGET THAT PART?”
Voice 2 (nasaly, slight traces of accent) : “Boss, I’m sorry, I honestly don’t know what happened. Everything was going according to plan. My guy Maximillian made the drop just like we talked about, the judge’s aide bet everything, lost it, and then won it all back, including the chip with the data. Nathan, this all went down exactly like this, yeah?”
Nathan (no trace of italian accent) : “Don, I swear to you on my grandmother’s grave, that’s exactly what happened. Like my father before me, the Benellis have always been your men, and the Casino Americana has always kept a table open for you.”
Don: “Then WHY, my allegedly loyal men, did my deal with Hogan fall through, on account of the PICTURES OF HIM WITH BUNRAKU HAVING DISAPPEARED?! Giovanni, I expected more from you. And Nathan, you promised me this plan was foolproof. Now I’ve got a city judge gunning for me, AND one of my favorite fronts is under investigation by the thecavilieri cazzo, Knight Errant! Pezzo di merda, what am I going to do? Gio, Nathan, you better pray you don’t wake up with a horse head in your bed. Odds are the Ciarnellos are gonna try and extort the judge just like we did, so you know what? You two? You’re on damage control. Until I give a direct order otherwise.”
[Shadow Broker]>>>: So, if any of you didn’t pick up on it, thats the DON of the fraggin GIANELLI FAMIGLIA. And it seems some of you cheery do-gooders have managed to piss him off. Hope the money was worth it. How do I know it was some of you? Please. As if the Ciarnellos have the wherewithal to pull something this quiet off.
That bit about the judge, though, that’s golden. These politicians like to pretend they’re the heroes of Seattle. Heh. You know what a hero is, right? Someone who gets everyone else killed. Anyway, the Gianelli’s are probably gonna look to retaliate, hope you covered your tracks if you were part of the team that did this. Watch your backs, chummers.
Author: eljakob737
Source: Twenty-One to Win
-Removing the copyright information from pictures of animals and uploading them to the matrix. The perpetrators are still at large. Back to you, Chet.
The Horizon Network News logo flashes across as the screen as the scene transitions to an implausibly milquetoast, besuited man sitting at a large, polished desk.
Thanks, Rebecca. If you have any information regarding this flagrant violation of intellectual property law, please contact us at the matrix address on your screen.
The camera angle jumps to show a different view of the studio. Chet’s gaze shifts with it and he flashes a corp-approved set of pearly whites, putting on his most gregarious smile for this next, assuredly hilarious bit of news.
Now on to our next segment. Regular viewers have been following along with our ongoing expose of Amadeus Jones’, the disastrous inaugural run of his “retro-coaster,” and the mysterious figure that stepped in to save the day. According to eyewitness reports there may be more to this strange tale. Here’s Bobby Vetter with more on “Between the Cracks.”
The image of Chet’s smiling face freezes and a series of cracks and fractures appears on the screen, forming the unfortunate words “Between the Cracks.” The camera zooms into one of the larger gaps in the logo and we find ourselves staring at a wiry man with short brown hair and a dramatically cocked eyebrow. He is wearing a black, collared shirt, red tie, and grey, buttoned vest.
Good evening, Seattle! I’m Bobby Vetter and welcome to Between the Cracks! where we cover the weird the forgotten and the downright implausible side of your local news!
Tonight’s story is a strange new wrinkle in the unfolding tale of Mr. Jones and the local “hero” some are calling Wonder Mint!
I’m sure you all know the story by now. Mr. Jones built an authentic retro-style roller coaster. Complete down to the lack of modern safety innovations. Due to shoddy welding, the tracks collapsed out from under the coaster on its first run. Just before the helpless passengers got a one-way ticket to ++Afterlife unavailable. User metrics corrupt.++, a mysterious figure in the crowd caught them with what has been described as “absurdly” powerful magic.
Since then, we’ve heard allegations that Mr. Jones hired incompetent engineers, bribed inspectors to sidestep construction codes and safety standards, and even that he planned the whole thing as some kind of publicity stunt gone wrong!
But what if there was more to the story, and to the mysterious woman who saved the passengers? According to eyewitness reports, just after they felt the surge of magic that saved the coaster, numerous electronic devices in the area began to malfunction. This included any cameras that would otherwise have captured an image of the mysterious, green-clad heroine who rapidly fled the scene.
Coincidence, conspiracy, or something... Else? To get to the bottom of this mystery, we went out and talked to several witnesses who were there to see the strange sequence of events unfold that day.
The screen goes black and we transition to the modest interior of a small, suburban household. An exhausted human woman with blonde hair, a pale complexion and a no-nonsense pants suit sits on a couch with three fidgeting, barely compliant children dressed in their Sunday best. The text superimposed at the bottom of the screen reads "Angie Buttersmith, Realtor, mother of three and witness to the BIZARRE!
Bobby Vetter: You saw the coaster collapse?
Angie Buttersmith: Um... Yeah. We were there for Billy's birthday. We were in line to get on the next run, so we had a pretty good view of it. Uh... Yeah.
BV: Go on...
AB: Uh... Right. So when it fell it looked like it was going to hit us, and I heard someone behind us shouting to look out. I was starting to grab the two little ones when I felt something... Really weird.
The Middle Child: It tingled!
AB: Yeah... Something like that. Anyway, I grabbed them and we started to run, and I was... Uh maybe panicking a little bit. A piece of the track hit Chester.
The camera zooms in on the forehead of the eldest child, where a large blue band-aid is affixed.
AB: But I guess I expected, uh ... I looked up after we got a bit away from it and saw the cart just, sort of floating. It was... Yeah, it just sort of slowly... drifted down after that.
BV: Did you notice anything else... Unusual?
AB: Uh, yeah. The security guards all Just sort of fell over... And my eye - I have a cyber eye. It, uhh started looping footage from when I was looking up at the coaster.
BV: Fascinating. And you saw who did all this?
The Youngest: Wonder Mint!
AB: Sort of... I mean, I saw her, but she just looked like another person running away. I didn't really put it together until I saw the... Interview on the news with the park's, uh, mage. With his whole police sketch and all that.
A graphic of the sketch appears, showing a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties. She has mint-green hair, emerald eyes, and sharp facial features. She is wearing a calm, confident expression.
BV: If you saw her again do you think you'd recognize her?
AB: Uh, I-
Chester: She was so pretty!
The Middle Child: She had a cape and everything!
The children mindlessly gush about Wonder Mint for a while as Angie attempts to reign them in. There is a cut in the footage, and Angie is on the couch by herself.
BV: What would you say to her if she were here right now?
AB: I... Uh I mean, I'd thank her. She saved us. I don't care if she's a mage or a... Technomancer... Or some other thing. If it weren't for her me and my kids might not be here... I'd say that's what really matters.
The scene transitions back into the studio, where Bobby awaits with steepled fingers.
Folksy, down-to-earth wisdom that was echoed by nearly everyone we spoke to. No matter their opinion if the mystery woman, though, everyone wanted to know the same two things. Who she is... And what she is. To answer one of these questions, I spoke with the head of Awakened Studies at the University of Washington, Dr. Berry Mandelbrot.
The scene fades and transitions once again. This time we find ourselves in a well-furnished office, facing across an oaken, antique-looking desk at a portly man with grey hair a fantastic moustache, and wrinkles for days. Behind him is a bookshelf full of various, apparently ancient grimoires, magic-looking knick-knacks, and a coffee mug full of wands.
Dr. Mandelbrot: I'm sorry... Could you repeat the question?
BV: Is it possible... That Wonder Mint is both a technomancer and a magician? A techno-magician if you wi-
DM: No.
BV: ... Okay. But if it were possible-
DM: It's not.
BV: ... So it's fair to say that you're skeptical. How do you explain what she did at the coaster?
DM: She cast a powerful levitation spell, and managed to mask her astral signature from the park's security spirits. There is no doubt that - whoever she is - she's a powerful magician. Also, likely formally trained, but that's just my speculation.
As far as all the glitches go, though. If I had to guess, I'd say she probably had a cyberdeck in her coat or something.
We cut back to Barry in the studio.
So there you have it. Dr. Mandelbrot seems convinced... But then so do the people on the street. Is Wonder Mint a techno-magician, as the evidence suggests? Is she a charlatan as the good doctor seems to believe? Is she a dangerous, unregistered awakened... Or a noble hero of the people?
You decide! Vote in our poll online at the following matrix address. Don't forget to stay vigilant, and never let the truth fall between the cracks!
That's all from me! Back to you, Chet.
Author: So_Useless
Source: Mr. Jones' Wild Ride
Joining>>>: UnderNET: Underground Forums
Accessing Topic: re- Recent Murders.
Original Post: Hey, so there’ve been a lot of murders down here, chummers. Make sure that you travel in groups, because most of the murders have been people who’ve been walking alone. Most recent one was a few days ago. And from what we know, there’ve been a lot of murders. Just make sure that you keep together. You’re always safer in groups than just by yourself. The Skraacha can’t be everywhere, and it’s always a good idea to make the Underground just a little bit safer. - Posted by [Sledge, Moderator]
Recent Posts>>>
Shit, she’s dead. My niece is dead. She was only 14, and was on her way from taking classes. Murdered, a bullet in her head, and some fragged up scratches on her body. She was my niece. What am I gonna tell her mother? She gets off tonight at midnight. - Posted by [Kurling] Damn man, you get my feels. I had a cousin die to whoever’s doing this the night before. He was murdered the same way, fraggin’ bullet to the head and scratches. Betcha ten nuyen it’s a breeder, getting his jollies off by killin orks in the Underground. No reprecussions, no worries ‘cause he can get out easy. Underground members, unite! - [VoiceofSauron] Doubt it. My brother was melted in acid, none of his implants anywhere near his body. Whoever did that was a sick and twisted fuck, but they would have attracted attention doing it down here if they’d been human. Might be a serial killer. Someone hiding out in the underground, making sure that they aren’t tracked down by the cops above-ground by picking off us SINless down here. - [HoundHorn] They might be a rival gang, trying to make us all not like the Skraacha. I hurd that the Skraacha was too busy dealing with another gang trying to move in on their Purp district turf. They, uh, might be decidin’ to go after the real threat instead of trying to track down whoever did it. - [Gangrel] Doubt it. Skraacha don’t want to deal with it ‘cause they get to charge more for protection. More fear means better protection racket. I’m already paying an arm and a leg for their prices - Anon Whoever Anon is, they’re stupid for posting that in a public forum. Skraacha gonna get’cha. - [Wiggles] So, uh, I don’t know if any of you fine folks on the forums here have heard, but I, uh, hired some outside help to deal with whoever, or whatever, was attacking good people down here. I got in touch with some good folk after [Kurling]’s niece got jumped this morning, and, well, they took care of what was preying on good people. If any of you want to see what did it, I’ve got the head of it here. ::head.png:: -[Sledge, Moderator, OP] Holy shit [Sledge], what is that thing? Is that a vampire head? Whoever took that thing out, they’ve gotta be hot-drek, ‘cause from what I’ve heard, vamps ain’t no pushover. -[HoundHorn] Shopped image. Look at the teeth, it’s not even a good job. [Sledge], quit making us believe that you have access to a group of scaaaaaary people, it’s getting really really old. -[LaterSin] 
Not a shopped image. Vamp teeth are actually like that. I almost got jumped by one down here a few years back, damn thing almost broke my neck trying to drain me dry. Fortunately, it must have been a young one, ‘cause the Skraacha heard the scuffle and filled it full of bullets. Rose up twice before one of the Skraacha put an improv stake in its heart. -[FlamerFan]
Sorry [HoundHorn], can’t go too much into detail ‘bout who killed it over the ‘trix. Never know who might be listenin’, and I know for sure that the Ork who helped out doesn’t want to get fingered by the authorities on the surface. If you want, I can tell you who helped out at the next ORC meeting down here. And [LaterSin], you don’t need to believe me. I’ve got the community’s back, even if they think they don’t need it. -[Sledge, Moderator, OP]
( Source These Needful Things, Author: KaneHorus )
<A male elf appears on the trid screen. He looks to be in his late 30s, his silver hair slicked back and groomed in the latest of executive hairstyles, He’s wearing a pale blue business jacket, and underneath it is a light tone grey vest atop a white dress shirt with a pastel yellow tie elegantly adorned around the shirt’s collar. He is sitting behind a desk with the Horizon Logo proudly displayed on it. He clears his throat, takes a drink from the glass of water that is to the right of him, a somber look appears on his face and he begins to speak>
Hello Citizens of Seattle, my name is Eli Menoissimer Senior Executive of Media Affairs here at Horizon. I am here before you because of an incident involving an affiliate trideo news channel which broadcasted an inaccurate news report to the public and in doing so cast a negative light on those mentioned.
First off I wish to issue an apology to those mentioned in the report. I want to make clear that there was no maliciousness or intent on doing harm when the report was released. Unfortunately it was an error of misunderstanding between the reporter and their sources and you have my assurance that this will not happen again.
I want to make it very clear that Horizon’s News Media division strives for excellence in regards to our news reports, and in doing so it’s a constant demand on all our employees. We want it so that any news reports that is released by Horizon and her affiliates are as factual, fair, and unbiased as possible. Unfortunately the report in question that was released failed to meet these standards and resulted in a negative perception for all those involved. Again I apologize for this.
Rest assured that those involved have learned a valuable lesson from this. That having the attention of the general public is a great burden to bear and a responsibility not to take lightly. That news has to be forged with facts, truths, and an accurate account of the events and anything less than that is nothing more than sensationalist propaganda and hearsay. I also want to let those mentioned in the inaccurate report know that the report in question has been retracted, and that the correct information has been released and all inaccuracies have been amended by the proper facts. We know that the report mentioned the ACHE as the location of the incident in question and this is highly inaccurate. In reality the incident took place in a Renraku Archology outside of Seattle.
I thank you citizens of Seattle for allowing me to use your valuable time to make amends and allow us to regain any trust that might have been lost due to our error. So without further adieu I return you all to your regularly scheduled programming, thank you and take care Seattle.
<Trid Screen fades to black>
Author: Alpha_Ryvius
Wow, never seen Horizon take back an article, guess somebody really fragged up around there. I'll try and vet a little better, but if those at the top of the chain are just pulling stuff like this outta left field I dunno how much I can do. Sorry chummers
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