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Face Coverings Rules

In England, you must wear a face covering by law in the following settings:
public transport
indoor transport hubs (airports, rail and tram stations and terminals, maritime ports and terminals, bus and coach stations and terminals)
shops and supermarkets (places which are open to the public and that wholly or mainly offer goods or services for retail sale or hire)
indoor shopping centres
banks, building societies, and post offices (including credit unions, short-term loan providers, savings clubs and money service businesses)
You are expected to wear a face covering immediately before entering any of these settings and must keep it on until you leave.
You are also strongly encouraged to wear a face covering in other enclosed public spaces where social distancing may be difficult and where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet.
Face coverings are also needed in NHS settings, including hospitals and primary or community care settings, such as GP surgeries. They are advised to be worn in care homes. Individual settings may have their own policies and require you to take other measures.
Where this law does not apply
Face coverings are required to be worn in any shops, including food shops and supermarkets, but are not required in hospitality settings, including restaurants with table service, bars, and pubs. They are also not required in entertainment venues ( casinos), exercise and sports venues (such as gyms).
Where a shop is within another premises which does not require a face covering (such as a museum or other visitor attraction) they are required in the shop only. Check for signage upon entry and exit to know when this is the case.
Scotland Mandatory face coverings
A face covering must be worn by all people in a shop, except where an exemption or ‘reasonable excuse,’ as defined in the legislation, applies when the shop is open to the public.
A shop is any indoor establishment which offers goods or services for sale or hire. This includes anywhere that offer some goods for hire, for example if a library offers DVDs or CDs for hire.
This does not include hospitality premises such as cafes, coffee shops, restaurants or pubs. It also excludes money services businesses such as banks and building societies.
The law exempts staff in a shop from wearing a face covering where they are able to maintain 2m physical distancing from members of the public, or perspex screens are in place. However, even where staff maintain 2m physical distancing, and are not legally obliged to wear a face covering, it is strongly recommended that a face covering is worn.
A face covering must be worn by all passengers and staff or operators in the following settings:
train services including the Glasgow subway
bus services and the Edinburgh tram
taxi and private hire vehicles
bus stations, railway stations (including open air stations) and airports
ferry services (unless the ferry is open to the elements and physical distancing can be achieved, or the vessel is large enough that physical distancing can be achieved)
airline services
Face covering exemptions
Some people are not required to wear a face covering.
These include:
children under 5 years of age
police constables or workers such as paramedics acting in the course of their duty
staff such as drivers or checkout assistants who are physically separated, by means of, for example, screens, from passengers or customers
shop workers if they maintain a 2 metre distance from customers or members of the public
You may also have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering if, for example:
you have a health condition or you are disabled and a face covering would be inappropriate because it would cause difficulty, pain or severe distress or anxiety or because you cannot apply a covering and wear it in the proper manner safely and consistently. Individual discretion should be applied in considering the use of face coverings for other children including, for example, children with breathing difficulties and disabled children who would struggle to wear a face covering
you need to eat or drink
you are taking medication
you are communicating with someone else who relies on lip reading
a relevant person, such as a police officer, asks you to remove your face covering Rules Source
(UPDATE) http://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-lockdown-easing-postponed-and-masks-to-be-mandatory-in-all-public-indoor-settings-12039792
The prime minister also announced that rules around face coverings would be extended to make them mandatory in most public indoor settings, "such as museums, galleries, cinemas and places of worship".
Thank you for reading!
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Looking for players in Scotland (Edinburgh) to talk theory/ poker with

Hi there,
I recently moved to Edinburgh in Scotland and am looking for others who play poker and share a passion to getting better.
I have nearly 5 years live experience and have done my fair share of online.
Just looking for people who enjoy poker and wanting to become bette crushers in their local casinos.
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Tagi answered

*Edit: Miranda's comments are bolded...
Hey there Miranda, it is really great of you to answer some questions about Pure Pwnage. The fans are really excited to hear what you have to say. Before I get to that, let me just say that everyone wants to offer their congratulations on being a mommy. Now then, on to the questions...
​Thanks for reaching out. I'm happy to answer questions to the community!​
1) Jarett and Geoff once told the story about offering you the role as Tagi, but could you tell us from your point of view how that whole thing went down? There is a rumor that you thought they might be making an adult film or something...?​
​There's no ​rumor, and if anything I'm the one that started it. I just have a terrible sense of humor. It started in 2004 (I think!) when I was asked about how I got involved with the series. ​​​​I auditioned just like other people did. The way that I got an audition was that Geoff was working at my university as an RA and his girlfriend was in the same year as me, so we had lots of mutual friends. Geoff approached me in the dining hall one night and asked me if I wanted to audition, and I said yes. The joke that I started was that he said it's an "internet show" and if you remember, back in 2003 there was no such thing as an internet show. So I joked in an interview that it seemed like he was asking me to be apart of something much seedier than it was. Then the actual audition was more of an interview, which makes sense since the web series was very collaborative/ improvised humor was encouraged. So for the interview/ audition I went to Geoff's ​​lodging, and Jarett was there (maybe others? It's been awhile, I don't exactly remember), and he was sitting behind a large desk, and I recall he had on sunglasses. But we all hit it off right away and had a good chat, and then the rest is history.
2) What was it like shooting Pure Pwnage? Was it a stick to the script type situation or was there a lot of ad libbing going on?
​It was definitely a scripted comedy, especially for characters like mine that had a lot of gaming dialogue when I knew nothing of WoW or gaming vernacular. However, because it was a comedy we did do some improvising to embellish a joke, or if we found a funny moment that made sense to the story. It was really fun to be collaborative in that way.
3) Tagi changed quite a bit from her initial appearance to her last scene in the web series, how much input did you have in her character?
​Not sure I understand the question. Do you mean appearance-wise from web series to film, or the character herself? In terms of appearance, I dyed my hair and Geoff and Jarett liked it and were cool with me keeping it that way for the movie. In terms of character, I agree that Tagi's character in the film is different from the web series. But I think it makes sense because the movie honors the passage of time that occurred from the web series and tv series so it makes sense to me that she's moved on, just like all the characters after several years.
4) Pure Pwnage was one of the, if not the biggest thing on the internet pre-YouTube. Did you have any notable interactions with the fans? Do you still get recognized as Tagi today?
Shockingly, yes. And I say shockingly because I think it shocks me more than it shocks you when I get recognized. It always catches me off guard. But of course, it's always great that the show means and meant so much to so many. I've always had great interactions with the community, and I've travelled the world, and met up with fans or been recognized by fans, and it goes to show how small this world really is. In 2009 I had a great time in Italy and met up with Alessandro Schiassi who gave my husband (then boyfriend) and I a little tour ​of Milan, I went to Johannesburg and hung out with Dave Lee, and when we went to a casino there were PP fans there, and when I was in Scotland in 2012 on work, I was approached by a fan at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It happens on the streets of NYC, too, which always makes me laugh because I'm like, Gigi Hadid just walked by! You should be taking HER photo!
5) Piggybacking off of the last question, could you share your best and worst fan interactions?
​Best fan interaction was ​probably back in the height of the web series when we all went to the UK to premiere the newest episode (I think ep 9), and Jarett, Geoff, Stacey, and I all got to meet the European fans. Nothing specific, but I just remember there being so much love in the room, and it was the first time I realized how important the show was to so many. Before that our premieres had been localized so I thought that our fans were local to Canada. Worst fan interaction: there aren't many bad ones honestly so not much comes to mind. The only advice I can give is, just be yourself. I love meeting the fans and having a chat when the time and place makes sense.
6) The scene with Jeremy humping Tagi's head was pretty funny, how did that come about and what was your initial reaction to that scene?
​That was 100% scripted. My reaction is pretty much the reaction I give in the scene. I remember just being like "Okay... that's enough". I think that's part of what made that scene funny. Jeremy's reaction was so over-the-top and enthusiastic compared to Tagi's confusion/ annoyance/ sadness.
7) Was there anything you wished you could have done with the Tagi character? Anything you wish you could do with her in the future?
​I used to try and get Geoff and Jarett to write Tagi as the secret hero, haha. I wanted to return to the Big Bad narrative and for Jeremy and the clan to get stuck in some epic battle, and then if the Tagi break-up storyline has been implemented, which it had been in the web series, then out of the blue she could come and in a save him and they could have some huge battle/ victory. Or alternatively it would have been cool if Tagi could have gone to the dark side after Jeremy dumped her, and embrace some dark WoW villain alter ego. Then she would either be a permanent villain in the series or have the opportunity to be saved. But the show isn't about Tagi. The show has always been about Jeremy and his journey as a pro-gamer and that's the crux of the story and what the community relates to. I think the story has honored that narrative really well, and Tagi has served her role too. She she serves as a physcial manifestation of home and the things that are really important in Jeremy's life (his friends, his love for games, and his desire to help people pwn noobs better), so when they get back together I think it's symbolic of Jeremy coming home to his real self.
8) What was your husband's and family's reactions to Pure Pwnage? Does your husband realize how many guys grew up having a crush on Tagi?
​My husband has been around forever, and is used to it. I told a story a long time ago about when he was in university at Waterloo and he entered a computer lab and saw a bunch of guys watching PP on the screen, and he said "Yeah, that's my girlfriend" and the guys just laughed and were like, "Yeah right. That's my girlfriend too" because they didn't believe him. He didn't like that, haha. But he's cool with it. It doesn't affect my day-to-day like at all.
9) Looking back on Pure Pwnage, how do you feel about the web series?
​The web-series was a ton of fun, and my first time working with film. I had only done theatre up until that point, I was so young! I had just graduated from high school. It was great, and we got to run around Toronto and shoot wherever we wanted, and work with great comics, and it just felt like hanging out with friends and having a fun party. We had a ton of fun.
10) Have you watched the Pure Pwnage TV Show? If so, how do you feel it compares to the web series?
​I was in the US by the time the tv show came out so it wasn't until it came to hulu that I could have watched it. I haven't seen too much of it, but of course I watched it to support Jarett and Geoff and the gang. I can't really speak to the comparison of the tv series and the web show because the writing teams were so different, and you can't really compare writers on different projects even if the content is similar. I think the tv series succeeded in being it's own show, and the web series succeeded in being it's own show completely separate of each other.
11) Speaking of the TV Show, was there any reason you weren't in it?
​I'm sure there is a reason, but I'm not sure of the reason exactly. I never auditioned for the tv series, so I don't think Tagi was ever considered for the story line. The reason for that is much bigger than any of us could control and comes down to the network and the executives.
12) How do you think October from the TV Show compares to Tagi?
T​hey are both women who play WoW, and they both have a flirtation with Jeremy which is the biggest comparison. Otherwise I think they are very different characters, but I don't know enough about her storyline on the tv show to be able to give a more thorough analysis. I thought Melanie did an excellent job as October in what I saw, and I know she had a lot of fun working on the tv show​. She was always really sweet every time we got together.
13) In the Pure Pwnage movie Tagi and Jeremy seemed to have reconciled, do you have any knowledge about what was supposed to have occurred between the web series an the movie?
​At the beginning of the movie I think they are just friends, which is pretty normal to me. I'm sure that Tagi and Jeremy, who have all the same friends, just figured out a way to move on and be friends. It's not until the end of the movie that we find out that maybe there was always something unresolved between them.
14) Tagi had very little screen time in the movie, was this a logistical decision or a story line one?
​Purely storyline. I think the focus of every Pure Pwnage narrative is about the hero's journey (Jeremy's journey) to overcome his demons such as his addiction to video gaming combined with his desire to "grow up and get a real job". So I don't think it was intentional, I think that the story is just staying true to the hero's journey.
15) Are you done with the Tagi character or would you be willing to come back for another movie or web series?
​If Geoff and Jarett want to continue making Pure Pwnage then I'm sure I'll be apart of it.
16) Is there anyway to get you to join Jarett and/or Geoff on another live stream? We could crowdfund you a plane ticket!
I​f Jarett and Geoff want to do a live stream I'm sure we can all figure it out. But you gotta get Dave and Joel in there too.​
17) Looking back at Tagi, how do you think she holds up?
​Not sure I understand the question. I have a clear idea about who she is, and it's up to me to get that across regardless of how prominent she is in the story. I think her character in the web series is so different from who she grew up to be in the movie, so not really sure how to tackle that question.
18) What are you up to these days? Anything you want to promote?
​I'm acting, and producing for film and tv in New York. You can easily see what I'm up to with a google search haha. I'm looking for $1 million financing for a feature in January written by my friend and collaborator, and about $10k for a short film I'll be acting in come September, so if you know of $1 million laying around that you can recommend to me, then let me know! hah! Also seeking distribution for a film I produced last summer "When We Grow Up" starring Cathy Curtin, which is currently in the film festival circuit. Other than that, I'm having a baby boy next month, and I'll be on NY Post social media content for Mother's Day talking about my pregnancy.
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Superbowl 53: The Goat vs the Ram and the Future of America #RiseUp

Superbowl 53: The Goat vs the Ram and the Future of America #RiseUp
I had this very long post that was going to be part 2 about Atlantis and this was going to be part 3 since this deserves its own post but after it was almost finished, my power went out briefly and I lost the entire thing. So I've been recovering from that loss to say the least as I had made some amazing connections in the process of writing it as is what usually happens to me and I hope I can remember them all so I can rewrite it after this. Since the Superbowl is today, this should have already been out so I am doing this first.

Superbowl LIII (53) is today and that means millions of eyeballs and consciousnesses will all be focused on a single event. Seems like a good time to harvest that energy into something doesn't it? If you've ever been to a football game, especially one with a rabid fanbase, you can almost feel the energy of the stadium with the ups and downs of the game. Players will speak about this as well, getting fueled by the crowd. If this is the case, then could something else be fueled by all that energy as well? Maybe something not so obvious and on the surface as the game going on right in front of everyone?


Superbowl 53: The New England Patriots vs The Los Angles Rams. Taking place on February 3rd, 2019 at Mercedez Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The more I discover the less I believe in coincidences. So is it any coincidence that this entire Superbowl relates to so many things I have talked about on here? Atlanta being an obvious allusion to Atlantis. A city rife with phoenix symbolism, rising from the ashes. The Falcons akin to a phoenix and the Egyptian god Horus. They even have a female football team called Phoenix. What does the phoenix at its core represent? Death and rebirth. Transformation. Moving from one area to the next with the idea of shedding the old and bringing in the new. There is also a number strongly correlated with this idea as well. The number 8. The ourobrous, infinity, the snake eating itself, DNA, beginning and end, alpha and omega. It just so happens that this Superbowl is full of 8's.

Superbowl 53
5 + 3 = 8

February 3rd, 2019
02/03/2019 = 2 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 9 = 17 (Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet aka Qanon) = 1 + 7 = 8

These teams first Superbowl against each other was in the 2002, 17 years ago.

The stadium the game is being played in, Mercedes Benz Stadium, has a dome with 8 points in the form of a lotus flower, opening up like some kind of portal to another world.


There's also another 8 that seems to make this all the more significant. A chapter from the Old Testament. Daniel 8. The Goat vs The Ram.


Daniel’s Vision of a Ram and a Goat

Since it's obvious which team represents the Ram in this story, how would the Patriots represent the goat? Tom Brady. Often referred to as the greatest of all time or the GOAT. This isn't just an off the cuff nickname either, it's thrown around quite often to the point of there being several depictions as him as a goat and the Patriots logo itself.

We want 666

Tom Brady and the Patriots themselves are known for being cheaters (I have no opinion, I don't really watch football) yet they continue to win. So how does this relate to anything meaningful going on the real world? Who might the goat and the ram represent? Tom Brady is a known Trump supporter. Trump and the Patriots might as well be permanently linked. People even love to hate the Patriots, especially now that Trump is linked to them. Trump even has huge problems with California making this even more interwoven with him personally. And just like in the story, one is from the west and the other is from the east. Although I believe they are switched here. Trump is also a cheater who continues to win all the time.

"The goat became very great"
"It prospered in everything it did and truth was thrown to the ground"

Make America Great Again? Greatest of all Time?

This chapter is obviously a different expanded on version of the previous chapter about the 4 kingdoms, the last one being made of iron with feet mixed with clay. The "little horn" spoken about in both of these is Trump. He is also strongly correlated to the number 8 which I have shown many times. Trump = 88 in simple gematria. The little horn (the little baron Trump anyone?) refers to the star Regulus, Trumps star. Regulus means "little king" in Latin. It is one of 4 "Royal" stars and it is the ruler. These 4 stars represent the 4 seasons with Regulus representing spring. Regulus is at the base of what is considered the sickle of the constellation Leo. Which is also known as the heart of the lion.


Spring is the time of renewal. The death of winter and the birth of new life comes with Spring. Easter, which celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ, takes place in Spring. It's also in the Zodiac sign of Aries, the Ram, the god of war. Known as Mars in Rome. In the theme of Atlantis Rising, is this a symbolic version of Hercules taking on the 3 headed Ram? Hercules was associated with a few different satyrs, half man goat creatures. The Disney movie Hercules features this prominently. There's even a pretty bizarre connection to Hercules directly related to this Superbowl.


The site also contains fragments of a colossal partly stone statue, identified as Hercules, and estimated to have been over 12 m (39 ft) tall. It was probably destroyed in an earthquake. All that remains are three fingers and an elbow.

All that remains are three fingers and an elbow.

Superbowl eL(bow) III

LIII could also be a reference to the name for god El and the Christ IH monogram III, H-K, wall, 8, and even humanity itself. The Lombardi trophy in the middle acting like the flaming trident fusing the 2 together. Merging of the 2 worlds. Now which world are we merging with exactly? The one known as heaven or the one known as hell? L is also the 12th letter of the alphabet making another translation of LIII = 33. Fitting that there is an arch or gate right next to the remains of the statue. Tom Brady's jersey number is also 12.


Rise up. The Atlanta Falcons slogan for the past couple of years. Very appropriate for a city full of Phoenix imagery and named after Atlantis. What exactly is rising? And if that stadium is any indication, are we above the dome and its opening below us or are we inside the dome and its opening above us? Revelation speaks about a bottomless pit opening up and an army of locusts coming out with a king named Abaddon/Apollyon aka The Destroyer. In Hindu mythology, this is just 1 out of 3 aspects for certain gods. The creator, maintainer and destroyer. One of these gods being Shiva. The god prominently featured in statue form at CERN. Is CERN summoning up Abaddon who many believe to also be the true Antichrist known by many names throughout history. Such as Osiris, Nimrod, Apollo, and a plethra of other known gods?
There are a few different ancient "day of the dead" type festivals in the coming months. Samhain is an ancient Gaelic festival of the dead that was celebrated the same as Halloween. This is thought to be the festival that a lot these Halloween type holidays are actually based on. The date and meaning for which has been changed and shifted around a lot but one of these dates has caught my eye as its right in the middle of 2 dates I think are going to be very important this year. April 19th, 20th and the 21st. Passover, All Saints Day for the Irish and Easter.

Passover is the day in which the Jewish people celebrate their god Yahweh rescuing them from Egypt by killing the first born sons. In order to not be killed themselves, they were told to wipe lamb's blood on their doors so that this angel of death would "passover" them. Well Aries, the Ram, just so happens to be the first sign in the zodiac. Since I have identified Yahweh with the ram (I think he's many things and even this goat vs ram is something akin to pro wrestling and a case where you hope they both end up killing each other as neither are a good choice) it would make sense that the "lords sacrifice" would be handed over to the goat after he kills the ram. Are we also about to have another Exodus type event here in America as well?

I had also predicted Prince Harry and Meghan's baby to be born during this weekend back in October. Twins where one would die and the other would be a red headed female. If this does indeed happen (with the twins), we may never even know as I doubt they would tell us but something else about this that could relate to the book of Revelations.

Revelation 12 New International Version (NIV)

The Woman and the Dragon
12 A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.2 She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. 4 Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born. 5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. 6 The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.

Is Meghan the woman in this story? Are one of the twins this male child? The Greek meaning for "caught/snatched up" means "to seize, snatch, obtain by robbery. From a derivative of haireomai; to seize. So its saying that God stole this woman's baby. Afterwards, the dragon gets cast down to earth and tries to drown the woman in a river but she is saved and goes into the wilderness. Oddly enough, we never hear of this woman again and never find out who she is. This story actually makes no sense under any lens. First Satan, the dragon, was said to be cast out at the beginning of creation. Second, the prevailing idea is that the woman is Mary and the Baby is Jesus but this makes no sense either. Jesus always existed (I'm just going by what the Bible says for sake of argument) and if this was him being born on Earth, then it completely contradicts the Gospels. This story is completely out of line with the entire Bible. Unless this is the recycling of the Messiah process. Meaning every so many years, a new messianic figure is born to "save" the people and become that generations hero. You can see this throughout many myths. This would also contradict the entire Bible but its the only thing that makes sense to me.

This story of 2 factions of non-human being fighting over the earth using their sons goes all the back to ancient Hittite stories where one is a giant rock god who even comes out of the sea like one of the beasts in Revelations. A male child being snatched up to heaven would also be in line with Passover and killing of the first born son. 4/19 is the day the American Revolution began in 1775 with an American victory in Concord during the battles of Lexington and Concord. With the Patriots being from Boston, home of Plymouth Rock, this entire Superbowl is overflowing with the death/rebirth motif.

April 20th will be the 130th birthday of Hitler and the 20th anniversary of the infamous school shooting known simply as Columbine. A columbine is a dove or a pigeon. Like the spirit of God that descended on Jesus when he was baptized in the Bible. This is also the Irish All Saints Day which is just a Christianized version of the Ancient Celtic festival Samhain moved to this date to avoid any associations with it. Samhain has all sorts of crazy stories attached to it, many relevant to what we may actually see in the future as well as to the story of Hercules and Atlantis. This was the time of the year thought to be where spirits from other worlds would come into ours to interact with us us in various ways. Some good and some bad. There's stories of child sacrifices, ritualized killings of kings, people having visions of the future, and the idea that someone would be killed to "mark the occasion by persons unknown." There's even a story about a king meeting his death after breaking certain taboos and he is forewarned of his incoming fate by 3 undead horsemen who were sent by the god of the dead. Who just so happens to be named Donn. There just so happens to be a depiction of 3 "horsemen" etched into the side of whats called Stone Mountain near Atlanta. Depictions of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee and Jefferson Davis.

In relation to Hercules, Samhain marks the beginning of a story called "Cattle Raid of Cooley".There's also another festival whos actual date would only be a week or so later called Beltane.

According to 18th century writers, in parts of Scotland there was another ritual involving the oatmeal cake. The cake would be cut and one of the slices marked with charcoal. The slices would then be put in a bonnet and everyone would take one out while blindfolded. According to one writer, whoever got the marked piece would have to leap through the fire three times. According to another, those present would pretend to throw him into the fire and, for some time afterwards, they would speak of him as if he were dead. This "may embody a memory of actual human sacrifice", or it may have always been symbolic. A similar ritual (i.e. of pretending to burn someone in the fire) was practised at spring and summer bonfire festivals in other parts of Europe
Since 1988, a Beltane Fire Festival has been held every year during the night of 30 April on Calton Hill in Edinburgh, Scotland. While inspired by traditional Beltane, this festival is a modern arts and cultural event which incorporates myth and drama from a variety of world cultures and diverse literary sources.

Spring seems to be full of ancient festivals involving sacrifice, including men and children.

April 21st will be Easter. The celebration of Jesus's resurrection from dead. The "rebirth" part of the cycle in the meaning behind the number 8. It'll have been 3 years since this tombstone was put in Central Park in New York.

I have predicted that Trump would be assassinated around this date. (read this link for an in depth explanation about this) Now the question is, will this assassination be successful or will he survive this attempt on his life and use it to enact certain measures that allow him to take more power? What if he receives "a deadly head wound but did live" like the Beast from the Sea in the book of Revelation is said to have and he seems to have magically been "resurrected" like Jesus? You see that rock formation directly behind the tomb? Ever since I saw this picture, that formation has caught my attention. I don't know if Trump will be the one who emerges but if the movie "The Gate" is any indication, killing Trump would possibly open up these so called portals or gates to other worlds and allow certain beings to come fully through. And where could this possibly happen?

Well the first and obvious choice is Antarctica. The Hollow Earth theory, which is very prevalent in these Masonic predictive movies and books, says that at the poles, are giant tunnels leading to the inside of the earth with all sorts of beings inside. Antarctica is currently thawing out right now and they just discovered a giant void deep down underneath the ice. Keeping with the idea that a lot of the Bible is inverted, what if hell isn't really fire? How exactly do you "bound" beings with chains into a land of fire? If these are spirits, how would fire even hurt them and if they're biological, the fire would eventually kill them. What state could you bound a biological entity in where they wouldn't die but they couldn't escape either. You know the common saying "When hell freezes over"? Maybe thats the joke, hell already is frozen over because thats what hell is, being frozen in ice, trapped in your body neither alive or dead. Apparently freezing yourself for a future date is becoming more and more a realistic option. There's a TV show from the 60s where this idea becomes very relevant.

The Avengers - S06E16 - Invasion of the Earthmen (1969 TV Show)

Following up a clue found on a dead agent Steed and Miss King pose as a married couple, enabling them to infiltrate the Alpha Academy, where they claim they wish to enroll their 'son'. The academy is run by Brigadier Brett and is supposedly for youngsters who possess super-intelligence but it is in reality a training ground for a force who seek not global but extra-terrestrial domination.

Pence: "As President Trump has said in his words, it is not enough to have merely an American presence in space, we must have American DOMINANCE in space".

The character in the show simply goes by "Trump". Although he seems to be the main guy under the leader, he doesn't do or say much. Here is an interesting conversation in the episode with the leader. Which is probably the only interesting part of this entire episode.

Miss King: "Just how do you plan on reaching the stars?"
Brigadier Brett: "Both East and West are competing like school boys to create methods of space transportation. When the means are available, I shall lead my armies into these new worlds and colonize them."
Miss King: "Your army?"
"My army of astronauts, astronaut soldiers to be precise."
"To wage war on other astronauts?"
"To wipe them out.I will invade the new territories out there, while this world makes formal protests and looks at the rule books."
"It's happened before."
"Exactly, Miss King."
"It may be 50 years before space travel is made that easy. Your army will be old by then."
"Cryobiology Miss King. We have perfected the deep freezing of human tissues.

AIR DATE: 01-15-69 + 50 years = 1-15-2019
Interesting how Antarctica is currently unthawing and all the speculation of what we're going to find in there.
There is a giant snake that tries to eat people in the show and their symbol is a lighting bolt in a yellow circle. Sort of like the Nazi SS but with just one S. Their own people also "hunt" each other.

I have located somewhere else that could be of significance as to where a "gate" could open up. Las Vegas. Which is strongly correlated with the Giza pyramids and even Atlantis. It has its own pyramid, a very large one complete with a Sphinx and an obelisk. The one Trump's golden tower is aligned with.

The infamous Vegas shooting happened right across the street from the Luxor Hotel exactly 70 weeks ago. 490 days. The shooter was on the 32nd floor and the event he shot up was called the Route 91 Harvest. The Superbowl is 2/3/19

I discovered this by complete chance on several different levels but its too specific to not mean something.


These are both mirrored images. One of a random picture of Trumps tower in Vegas, the other a part of a map of Vegas that I mirrored one day just messing around. Thought it looked like one of the Koopas from Super Mario World and didn't think anything of it again until I opened up the Trump tower picture by accident and realized that not only do they look almost they exact same, it looks like the slanted H shape could represent 2 pillars. Like the pillars of Hercules.

I think came across this picture again, by complete accident and noticed they both had a circle at the top of their heads and then I knew there had to be something to this so I went searching for the area of the map to see what I could find.


And here we have GATEway Canyon. Right next to Cannibal Crag, Guardian Angel and Hot Tub Club which just makes me think of Hot Tub Time Machine. Gateway Canyon is apart of Turtlehead mountain. Turtles have a very significant symbolic meaning to all of this. Hermes killed a turtle and made a Lyre out of its shell.

In the far east, the turtles shell was a symbol of heaven and the square underside was a symbol of Earth. This meant that the turtle was an animal whose magic united heaven and Earth.
In the west, early Christians viewed turtles as a symbol of evil forces during war.
African - The turtle originated ju ju and appears in fertility rites. It represents the feminine to the serpent's masculine power.
Greco - As the feminine power of the waters, the turtle was an emblem of Aphrodite/Venus in Greco-Roman myth.
Native American - The totem symbolizes the relation between the tribe and it's ancestors. Human and animal figures are sculpted on a trunk and offerings are made to these sacred totems.
The Ojibwa, Saulteaux, Cree, and Iroquois people view the turtle as a symbol of Mother Earth and referred to the continent of North America as Turtle Island. They viewed the hard outer shell, which protects a living being, as an analogy to their mother, the Earth, also a living entity.
For the Aztecs, turtles were a symbol of cowardice and boastfulness. Hard outwardly but soft inwardly.
The turtle is a creature of two elements, Earth and water. The people of the Turtle Clan share an affinity with both. They enjoy helping things grow, both plants and people, yet require freedom to do their own things, as the turtle has its freedom in the water.
Turtles will often leave a pool or pond before a draught arrives. This is a warning of a change in climate.

Well, these are polar opposites in some cases but the turtle being some sort of messenger or bridge between us and the other dimensions seems to be strongly indicated here. With all the talks of droughts and climate change, the last one seems likely.

Then you have this plaque at the Hoover Dam which for some reason, looks exactly like the left mirrored side of Vatican Jesus coming out of the D-Wave logo. Construction started on the Hoover Dam in 1931. 88 years ago.

"They died to make the desert bloom"

The much talked about Oumuamua is from the Vega star system. If anybody thinks thats just another space rock, they're kidding themselves.

Calculating the exact path of 'Oumuamua took about a week. The math showed it was an object from beyond — way, way beyond. Its orbit was "unbound" or loop-less, and it was making a checkmark-shaped trip through the solar system. It had entered from above the plane of the solar system, dipped close to and below the sun, and was exiting out the top.

It's times like this when the reason I post what seem like completely irrelevant things becomes more clear. I noticed a theme of the goddess Nike so I posted a video about the history of the Nike swoosh. Since then, I found one randomly on top of a building in NY along the line where the HK splits Columbus circle (and no, its not a Nike store) and theres one in in the background of the mechanical display of the fall of Atlantis in a casino in Vegas. Then you can see how the logo for Aquaman relates to both as I had already thought that it looked like a ship passing over you as if you were underwater and it was on the surface of the water. Thats a statue of Nike in Paris called "Winged Victory of Samothrace". The yellow object next to it is apparently Nibryu. The person who came up with this design (no idea who or what exactly his logic was) claims that Nibryu is not a star or a planet but a spaceship and the source of what causes these Earth ending cataclysms. I'm just now making this connection and I don't think thats a coincidence either. The goddess of VICTORY riding a ship to battle in the same exact shape as the cataclysm causing ship of Nibryu? Who's victory is she symbolizing anyways exactly? And why is this associated with Atlantis? This goes back to the Economist 2019 cover. The Pot leaf over America that is really a Palm tree meaning Triumph or Victory.

There's actually a Star Trek episode about this very thing. This planet fears its the end of the world because this deity they made a deal with comes back and theres all sorts of earthquakes but Picard figures out theres a ship hidden thats causing the whole thing. That show is obviously run by people who know some secret knowledge. Undoubtedly this entire period we are in is being orchestrated by some outside force. There's an interesting AI entity in the Star Trek universe I read about on a Wiki once. Sounded a lot like our idea of god.

To tie this all back to the Superbowl....

A band called Maroon 5 will be playing the halftime game and apparently, they will be playing a song in the vein of Spongebob Sqaure Pants of all things. No I'm not kidding. This just got announced yesterday. Can anybody guess why (the real reason, not the one they'll tell us) or what song? The song is called...... Sweet VICTORY!

Maroon 5's Super Bowl 'SpongeBob' Tribute Looks Like It's Actually Happening

Spongebob Squarepants -Sweet Victory [Youtube[

And check out the hats they're wearing and compare it to the picture way below here, you'll know it when you see it.

So you know the song, now what is the real why? For Spongebob specifically? The one that the people doing this probably are't even aware of as I am not suggesting this is all planned out by human beings as some sinister plot. This is just oblivious script following 101. You just need to ask yourself one simple question. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUARE PANTS!. Pine apple. Under the sea. Pine as in pineal gland aka 3rd eye. Apple as in the common fruit associated with the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The pineapple itself is used visually because it looks just like a palm tree and has the Fibonacci sequence visibly on it. There's also a palm tree literally called the pineapple palm tree. And what do Palm trees signify? Triumph/Victory. And where is this pineapple? Under the sea....

The lead singers name is Adam Levine. His middle name is NOAH. He was a part of a show called "The Voice" which just perfectly brings something else around that I have been talking about for months. This bag full of things I received completely randomly several months ago. There was a card in it referencing this show with a silhouette of Christina Aguilera and it said "The Return of the Voice April 12 2005"

Superman's "real" name is Kal-El, it means voice of God. Kind of like it says Jesus is the word of God. Superman is also an alien from outer space. The 2 symbols for Jesus, the Lion and the Dove? Those have always been the symbols for the Sumerian goddess Inanna. The dove itself has ALWAYS been associated with female goddesses. 777 is a number that has been popping up so often for me lately its a bit over the top. Those 3 days in sequence seem to be immensely important. That doesn't necessarily mean earth shattering events will happen on exactly those days but we are on the edge of whatever major event I keep talking about that never seems to come but 4/20 weekend is a time I have been talking about for months as well and the last major date that I have really seen signs pointing towards.

If that wasn't enough, I said in the Economist 2019 post that palm trees were Baal symbolism because Baals temple is in Palmyra, meaning palm tree and it just seems to be the common usage. That sinister under the veil of harmlessness usage where no one notices. Like how they took that Arch of "Triumph" from Baal's temple on a world tour the past couple years. Well there just so happens to be something called Ball's Pyramid right off the coast of New Zealand. It's literally the shape of a Xenomorph head from Alien and I somehow downloaded a picture of Shiva right in front of it without realizing it for who knows how long.


This place was discovered and named after a man named Henry (theres that name again) Lidgbird Ball on Feburary 17th, 1788. 2/17/1788. 11-8 Q Trump. 2 = 11, 17 = 8, 17 = Q, the 17th letter of the alphabet aka Qanon. 88 = Trump in gematria. 11-8 being the day of the 2016 election. K-H or H-K. 11 X 8 = 88. You can't make this shit up. On top of that, if this place was named after this guy, how could it possibly be associated with Palmyra or Baal? Well here are a couple of pretty loose associations. It was first climbed in 1964 and the paper who reported on it used a certain word to describe it.


Triumph. Column 8 and the paper is in its 134th year of publication. 1+3+4=8. Ball's pyramid is apart of the 8th continent Zealandia. Donnie Darko, as I have laid out in other threads, is strongly associated with the times we're in. The numbers Frank give him to the "end of the world" add up to 88. Here he is wearing a shirt that says Tr(i)ump(h). This place is also home to a rare stick insect commonly called the "tree lobster". Lobsters are a common symbol used by the Satanist occult I believe for the symbolism of the claw which represents a multitude of things. Ball's pyramid is also the tallest volcano stack in the world.

How does any of this translate to any kind of "event"?

The LA Rams used to be the St Louis Rams not even 3 or 4 years ago. They went from the place of the Gateway to the West, to the City of Angels. During all those fires in Cali last year, the set for Westworld burned down along with a place called Paradise. There's a place called Paradise right next to Vegas as well. Something you would have already known had I not lost my post but I need to reveal it now or else this part won't make as much sense. The 2 pillars of Hercules that lead to Atlantis. What/Where are they? The statue of Colossus was mistakenly thought to have one leg on either side of the harbor it was in, like a gateway, his legs being the 2 pillars so to speak. Italy is right next to the Straight of Gibraltar and shaped like a leg, or a boot, which is what most people refer to it as. What other country might be shaped like it to match? New Zealand, where they just so happens to be what is now called the sunken 8th Continent of Zealandia.


I will delve more into this entire thing when I rewrite what was suppose to be Part 2 but the reason this is relevant is because of the "boot".

Poseidon was the ruler of Atlantis. He was the god of the sea, horses and earthquakes. Keeping with this whole "boot" theme, there just so happens to be a very prominent fault line along a "boot" in America. The New Madrid fault line right next to the boot hill in Missouri. This fault line runs all the way up to St Louis, former home of the Rams. Who moved to LA, onto another very prominent fault line, called the San Andreas. The Straight of Gibraltar, thought to be the pillars of Hercules, the mountains he "split in half". Well on one half you have Morocco in Africa. The other half you have Spain in Europe. The capital of Spain is MADRID.


A few closing notes about this. The QB for the Rams, his name is Jared Goff.

Jared is a given name of Biblical derivation, common mostly in North American English-speaking countries.
In the Book of Genesis, the biblical patriarch Jared was the sixth link in the ten pre-flood generations between Adam and Noah; he was the son of Mahalaleel and the father of Enoch, and lived 962 years (per Genesis 5:18). The biblical text in Jubilees implicitly etymologizes the name as derived from the root YRD "descend", because in his days "the angels of the Lord descended to earth". Alternative suggestions for the name's etymology include words for "rose" and for "servant".

Goff is a surname with several distinct origins, mainly Germanic, Celtic, Jewish, and French. It is the 946th most common family name in the United States. When the surname originates from England it is derived from an occupational name from German, Cornish and Breton. The German Goff means a godly person, a strong warrior, or a priest. The Breton goff means "smith" (cognate with Gaelic gobha). The English-originating surname is common in East Anglia, where it is of Breton origin. The Welsh name is a variant of the surname Gough, and is derived from a nickname for someone with red hair**.** The native Irish name is derived from a patronymic form of the Gaelic personal name Eochaidh/Eachaidh, which means "horseman"

A red haired godly smith who descended from heaven. Sounds exactly like the Hykos.

February 3rd is the 33rd day of the year. Atlanta is on the 33rd parallel and as I pointed out earlier, LIII could be 33. 4/21 will be 111 days from December 31st. 9/11 is also 111 days from 12/31. I noticed an odd numerical association with 9/11 and this upcoming 4/20 weekend.

Four passenger airliners operated by two major U.S. passenger air carriers (United Airlines and American Airlines)—all of which departed from airports in the northeastern United States bound for California—were hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists. Two of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were crashed into the North and South towers, respectively, of the World Trade Center complex in Lower Manhattan. Within an hour and 42 minutes, both 110-story towers collapsed. Debris and the resulting fires caused a partial or complete collapse of all other buildings in the World Trade Center complex, including the 47-story 7 World Trade Center tower, as well as significant damage to ten other large surrounding structures. A third plane, American Airlines Flight 77, was crashed into the Pentagon (the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense) in Arlington County, Virginia, which led to a partial collapse of the building's west side. The fourth plane, United Airlines Flight 93, was initially flown toward Washington, D.C., but crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after its passengers thwarted the hijackers. 9/11 is the single deadliest terrorist attack in human history and the single deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in the history of the United States, with 343 and 72 killed, respectively.
Two of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were crashed into the North and South towers, respectively

2 planes. Flight 11 and 175. 1+7+5 = 13. America's favorite number

Within an hour and 42 minutes, both 110-story towers collapsed.

1+4+2 = 7 = completion

Two 110 story towers. 11 / 11

Debris and the resulting fires caused a partial or complete collapse of all other buildings in the World Trade Center complex, including the 47-story 7 World Trade Center tower, as well as significant damage to ten other large surrounding structures.

47 stories = 11

Damage to 10 other buildings. 10+1 = 11+ twin towers = 13, America's favorite number

A third plane, American Airlines Flight 77, was crashed into the Pentagon (the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense) in Arlington County, Virginia, which led to a partial collapse of the building's west side.


The Pentagon started construction to be built on 9/11/61, exactly 60 years prior to the attack. As well as being nicked named "ground zero" due to assumptions it would be the target during a nuclear attack.

The fourth plane, United Airlines Flight 93, was initially flown toward Washington, D.C., but crashed into a field in Stonycreek Township near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after its passengers thwarted the hijackers.

The one plane that didn't fit the numerical pattern crashed in a place called SHANKsville and didn't make it to its destination.

9/11 is the single deadliest terrorist attack in human history and the single deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in the history of the United States, with 343 and 72 killed, respectively.

343 = 1 and 72 = 9
9+1= 1

So how does this relate to anything? Passover and Easter will be on 4/20 weekend. 4/20/19 will be the 130th birthday of Hitler and the 20th year anniversary of the Columbine shootings. It will also be 3 years since that tombstone was put in Central Park with the Jesuit IHS logo in the middle of it.

So you have the 130 which equals 13, 20 which equals 11 and 3. 3 being the number of years since the Easter this tombstone was placed. Easter is about Jesus dying and then 3 days later, rising from the dead. The only plane that didn't fit the numerical pattern on 9/11 (13 and 11) was the number 3. It was headed toward the capital building apparently and it crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania due to the people on the plane taking action to stop the hijacking. 1600 Pennsylvania ave is the address of the White House. 1600 = 88 (Trump) which ultimately = 7

One more possible relation to all this. Space X "captured" their space craft named "Dragon" on 12/8 last year.
Dragon completed its first flight around the world 8 years ago today. Since then, Dragon has visited @Space_Station 16 times. Next year, SpaceX will take another important step with an upgraded Dragon capable of returning human spaceflight to the US for the first time since 2011.

8 years ago it took its first flight and its visited the space station 16 times. 8 & 8. It's called "Dragon". They "captured" it at exactly 4:21am, about a minute later, there is lightning and a thunderstorm on Earth that you can see behind the space craft. Easter is April 21st, 4/21.

So who will win todays Superbowl? The god of war or the scapegoat? Lets hope they both forfeit and call a truce because neither outcome could possibly be good for us as a nation.
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** Cult Membership as an Addiction Process... and Process Addiction **

The topic is not a new one, as the five books dating back more that a quarter century and listed below indicate. My understanding comes from formal education in both substance and process addiction dynamics, as well as conditioned psychopathologies induced by chronic mental, physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. My investigations of mind control cult dynamics suggest that cult participation can be understood very usefully as process addiction operating on the well-established Cycle of Addiction far more than has been considered or explained in any published material I have thus far encountered, including...
Leo Booth: When God Becomes a Drug; New York: TarcerPerigee (Penguin), 1992.
Leo Booth: The God Game: It's Your Move: Healing the Wounds of Religious Addiction & Religious Abuse; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: SCP Ltd, 1998.
Leo Booth: The Happy Heretic: Seven Spiritual Insights for Healing Religious Codependency, Deerfield Beach, FL: Health Communications Inc., 2012.
Matthew & Sheila Linn: Healing Spiritual Abuse and Religious Addiction, Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 1994.
Robert N. Minor: When Religion is an Addiction; Amherst, NY: Humanity Works (Promethius), 2007.
Although it may seem like going waaaaaaaaaaay around Robin Hood's barn to get to the point, I would like to request the reader's indulgence in the following abstract of a peer-reviewed, journal-published article, the lead author of which is the most widely recognized expert on the topic of traumatic induction of chronic, post-traumatic stress disorder: Bessel van der Kolk, Mark Greenberg, et al: Inescapable shock, neurotransmitters, and addiction to trauma: Toward a psychobiology of post traumatic stress; in Biological Psychiatry, Volume 20, Issue 3, March 1985. (DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/0006-3223(85)90061-790061-7))
"Chronic post traumatic stress has been described as a “physioneurosis” (Kardiner 1941), that is, a mental disorder with both psychological and physiological components. The behavioral sequelae of inescapable shock in animals and of massive psychic trauma in people show a striking parallel. Inescapable shock in animals leads to both transient catecholamine depletion and subsequent stress-induced analgesia. We postulate that the numbing and catatenoid reactions following trauma in humans correspond to the central nervous system (CNS) catecholamine depletion that follows inescapable shock in animals. We further explore the evidence for a human equivalent of 'stress-induced analgesia' in animals, which is known to be mediated by endogenous opioids. Although re-exposure to trauma may produce a paradoxical sense of calm and control due to endogenous opioid release, a cessation of traumatic stimulation will be followed by symptoms of opioid withdrawal and physiological hyper-reactivity mediated by CNS noradrenergic hypersensitivity. This hyper-reactivity can, in turn, be temporarily modified by re-exposure to trauma. This factor could account for voluntary re-exposure to trauma in many traumatized individuals and would provide a complementary formulation to the conventional psychodynamic concept of attempted mastery of the psychosocial meaning of the trauma."
Following is the same long graph rewritten for suggested adaptation to "cult addiction" (followed mercifully by a hopefully much simpler explanation):
"The lingering post traumatic stress observed in survivors of cultic thought reform -- a.k.a. 'brainwashing' -- may be akin to “physioneurosis” (Kardiner 1941), a mental disorder with both psychological and physiological components similar -- or perhaps even identical -- to other process (or "behavioral") addictions including gambling, over-exercise, over-work, sex, pornography, shopping, over-eating and over-use of the Internet. The behavioral sequelae of the what cult participants believe to be 'inescapable shock' at cultic pyramid levels four through eight and the massive and lingering psychic trauma resulting from other obsessive behaviors show a striking parallel. Inescapable shock in animals leads to both transient catecholamine depletion and subsequent stress-induced analgesia. We postulate that the numbing and catatenoid reactions following trauma in humans correspond to the central nervous system (CNS) catecholamine depletion that follows inescapable shock in animals (see Seligman on the induction of 'learned helplessness' and Sargant on the induction of learned helplessness and abject submission to authority in Wesleyan religious conversion). We further explore the evidence for a human equivalent of 'stress-induced analgesia' in animals leading to tolerance, dependency and addiction, which is known to be mediated by endogenous opioids. Although re-exposure to trauma may produce a paradoxical sense of calm and control due to endogenous opioid release, a cessation of traumatic stimulation will be followed by symptoms of opioid withdrawal and physiological hyper-reactivity mediated by CNS noradrenergic hypersensitivity and triggering (and re-triggering) of the autonomic fight-flight-freeze response. This hyper-reactivity can, in turn, be temporarily modified by re-exposure to trauma. This factor could account for voluntary re-exposure to trauma in many traumatized individuals and would provide a complementary formulation to the conventional psychodynamic concept of attempted mastery of the psychosocial meaning of the trauma. Stated otherwise, the utilization of cult thought reform techniques induces an addiction cycle that caroms back and forth from subjugation to emotional pain to seeking the cult's offered solution thereto, which the true believer has bought into as the route to relief from his suffering, only to experience further suffering as a direct result."
I understand that's a mouthful, and -- for all save those who have done sufficient post-doctoral work in three allied but diverse fields of study -- likely beyond complete comprehension. Thus, I will do my best to break it down to simple English.
Addiction is a physiological state of uncontrollable dependency upon the recreation of one polarity of a pair of inexorably linked and opposing states of mind to provide relief from the suffering induced by the opposite end of the same polarity: Just like Seligman's tortured laboratory animals, the addict will turn to the very source of his suffering for temporary relief of it.
Which is exactly what they're doing in a thousand or more cults here in America as you read this.
The opiate addict shoots up again to achieve temporary relief from the excruciating discomfort of the withdrawal from his previous heroin administration. The gambler goes back to the casino to try to win back his previous night's losses because he cannot tolerate the anxiety induced thereby. The sex addict goes "downtown" to find another teenaged prostitute to get him "high" enough to mask off the guilt and shame battering his mind since he woke up after his last tryst. The exercise addict goes back to the gym to numb himself from the slowly worsening aches and pains resulting from overdoing it on the machine line for the past three weeks.
In every case, the addict has become conditioned, instructed, socialized, habituated, automated and normalized) to "going back to the well" without realizing it's full of poison.
In every case, the pre-addict was chasing the promise of relief from anxiety, depression, loneliness, purposelessness, grief, guilt, shame, worry, remorse, regret, relentless morbid reflection or some other "intolerable" but not quite consciously -- or mindfully -- observed, noticed, recognized, acknowledged, accepted, owned, appreciated, understood, worked through and "digested" state of semi-conscious emotional discomfort. But for the cult member, the "relief" turns out to be the route right back into the very thing he's trying to escape.
Get to know as many addicts of the good dozen or more types I have encountered in 30 years, and one will pretty likely see what Edward Khantzian suggested in his justifiably famous "Self-Medication Hypothesis." Understand that, and "cult participation" becomes wholly understandable as cult addiction.
Is the cult member any different from a practicing process addict or substance abuser? And -- perhaps more importantly -- is the confused, lonely, anxious and/or depressed cult exiter any different from one in the process of withdrawal from long-term practice of his addiction?
My answer to both questions (for the moment, at least) is, "I don't think so." And I say that not only after 10 years of post-graduate education in addiction psychology and physiology, as well as extensive work in the field of post-traumatic stress disorder and treatment thereof... but after direct experience as a participant in several mind-control cults beginning as a small child in a fundamentalist, evangelical church followed by two "human potential" and two "radical psychotherapy" schemes... followed by extensive re-education (including all this and much more) to "recover" from the effects thereof.
I'm no longer sufficiently energized nor interested in plowing through all that is required to draft and pursue the review of a formal thesis on this topic, but if anyone reading this is so inclined, they're welcome to get back to me with whatever questions they may have (up to a point) about how to do so for their own formal, educational imperatives. Helpful comments are also solicited, of course.
See also Cult Membership as a Behavioral Addiction like Gambling & Over-Exercise (Redux), and A Free online BOOK on How Cults Work.
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The Steamie - Saturday 9 September 2017

Weather (Powered by Dark Sky)
Mostly cloudy starting tonight.
Around 9 to 17 degrees.
No line problems reported.
What's On Today
C>SK:17 at Drygate Brewery
Be Here Now - Festival of Indie Rock at The Classic Grand
Men of Motown at Grosvenor Casino Merchant City
Pharoahe Monch at Glasgow School of Art
Girlpool at Stereo
Margaret Glaspy at CCA
Solid Gold Scotland - the Concert at Òran Mór
Live Bavarian-Style Brass Band at Bavarian Brauhaus
The Shutouts at Record Factory
Definitely Mightbe at O2 ABC
Kiss This; Tarbeach Records NYC in Glasgow at Broadcast
MacFloyd at O2 ABC
The Veils at The Garage
The Veils at g2
Today in Scottish History
This day in September, 1513, saw James IV killed in battle at Flodden Field, near Branxton, in Northumberland. The opposing English and Scottish armies, led by the Earl of Surrey and James IV respectively, were roughly similar in size, numbering between 20 and 30,000 men. The initial position on Flodden Hilll favoured by the Scots was promising. However, the English guns found it easy to pick off the Scots. Both forces had sophisticated artillery, but the lighter and more manoeuvreable weaponry used by the English was more suited to the rain-soaked conditions of the hill. The carnage among the Scottish forces was heavy, reputed to be close to 10,000 men, including the king, nine earls, fourteen lords and a handful of prominent clerics, including the Archbishop of St.Andrews.
Alexander Nasmyth, the Scottish painter and architect notable for his portraits and landscapes, was born on this day in 1758. Nasmyth worked for the portraitist Allan Ramsay, who instilled in him the Enlightenment concepts of man's relationship to nature and the landscape. He set himself up as a portrait painter in 1778, but turned to landscape as a preferred subject following a trip to Italy and being exposed to the classical art there. His fascination with Roman and Greek facades led to him producing architectural plans for classical caprices, and St. Bernard's Well on the Water of Leith in Edinburgh was built according to his specifications. Nasmyth's most famous painting is his portrait of his friend and fellow radical, Robert Burns. A polymath typical of the time, Nasmyth also explored optical science, theatrical scene-painting, and naval engineering.
On this day in 1543 Mary Queen of Scots was crowned in the security of Stirling Castle. Although only six days old at the time, Mary's coronation took place in the castle chapel following the death of her father, James V.
/GlasgowMarket Digest
For sale - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds September 27th @ the Hydro
Tune of the day
Dj Rui Da Silva- Touch Me (suggested by shenguskhan2312)
Only one eligible link submitted today. Suggest tomorrow's tune.
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‘BLACK MIRROR: BLACK MUSEUM’ -- Some Thoughts on the Possible Story & Dark Twist

Like many of you, I’ve been excitedly pondering what’s in store for us once the fourth season of Black Mirror arrives on Netflix in the next few months. Of all the episodes teased in last week’s trailer, it’s ‘Black Museum’ which intrigues me most.
As confirmed by Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, the episode is partly inspired by a short story conceived by Penn Jillette. For those who don’t know, the unpublished story – entitled ‘The Pain Addict’ – features a device which allows users to feel someone else’s pain. Much like the ‘machine’ posited by Karl Pilkington many moons ago during ‘The Ricky Gervais Show’, doctors would wear a device to experience every type of pain imaginable. This would allow them to accumulate detailed knowledge of various illnesses and ailments. Being able to distinguish between a dull ache in the gonads from an internal, scrotum-chomping parasite, the promise of this technology would be that no patient would leave hospital misdiagnosed. As with ‘The Entire History of You’, ‘Be Right Back’, ‘Playtest’ and ‘San Junipero’, the technological innovation is designed to bring good to the world.
However, in Jillette’s telling, the device is misappropriated by someone who becomes addicted to pain. While this would presumably start off to humorous, if gruesome, effect (wearing it whilst someone is having surgery, or as a woman gives birth), the individual starts to generate more explicit tastes. Jillette mentioned that the man goes so far as to hurt people, even wanting to experience crucifixion, but I imagine more elaborate actions will be taken to appease his needs. Perhaps he wants to know what it feels like to be in a car crash or to be mutilated in some way. Abusing unsuspecting victims would be required to satiate these despicable, criminal desires.
According to Jilette, ‘The Pain Addict’ will be one of three intersecting stories featured in ‘Black Museum’, with the ‘Black Mirror’ twist being that a washed-up carnie is telling the addict’s story in his make-shift ‘museum’ located twenty miles outside Las Vegas. This ‘Black Museum’ features all manner of technologies, with each one presumably having a sordid history associated with it.
Without knowing the other stories or devices present in the ‘museum’, it’s difficult to accurately predict what the shocking surprise to an already twisted story could be, but – much like the ‘work station’ in White Christmas – I think the misdirection comes from the location.
It’s no accident that this ‘museum’ is on the fringe of town / out in the Nevada Desert, away from the prying eyes of the law. Hell, the ‘museum’ might even be mobile, allowing for speedy getaways should such action prove necessary.
If the setup is correct, my thinking is that the ‘museum’ is a front for a more nefarious business venture directed by this washed-up carnie, luring stragglers seeking shelter from the desert to stay in his museum until the evening. By describing the stories behind the presumably criminal trinkets he has on display at length, the carnie distracts his visitors. In turn, he lulls the audience into a false sense of security.
What if the ‘museum’ is a black-market auction of sorts, where high rollers from Vegas bid to use the various technologies on the detained visitors who have wound up in the ‘museum’ that day / week? The carnie would provide these high rollers with, for example, the device which allows users to feel the pain of their victims, allowing them to live out their twisted fantasies much like the pain addict did. The carnie would then dispose of the bodies of his naïve visitors somewhere in the desert before either starting again the next day or moving to an entirely new location. Business would be sporadic, but when it hits, it hits big (as is sometimes the case when finding success in Vegas’ various casinos).
The basis behind this oh-so-grim twist is that New Scotland Yard’s real ‘Black Museum’ housed criminal memorabilia during the late nineteenth century so that police officers could inspect the items and study the behaviour of the men and women who used them. Here, in Charlie Brooker’s ‘Black Mirror’, the devices would not be studied. High rollers would browse the devices of an evening before trying them out for pleasure and without legal consequence on unsuspecting victims. The carnie’s overly-specific and gory stories would foreshadow the grim fates awaiting the visitors. Perhaps the visitor would experience a combination of all three technologies.
Not sure if this theory has been expressed. It’s probably a little on the nose. Still, just my two cents. ‘Black Mirror’ gives me weird thoughts every now and then. Blame Brooker. Or… thank him?
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Our Story

One week from tomorrow I fly out to London to see my boy. I'm feeling kinda mushy and I figured the only people who can appreciate this fairytale are the people on this sub! Soooo here is our magical story: In 2016 I went through the worst year of my life. I got divorced and the end of my marriage was heartbreaking and traumatic. My best friend being the absolute best said to me - in 2017 we are going to take a KICK ASS trip and we're going to fly on my dads fly pass. So we planned on Thailand at first, but then the flights didn't work. We planned a good chunk of that before that got benched. Then we planned our trip to Chile! An amazing South American trip from the top of the country to the tip. Flights to Chile, flights within Chile, cars and hotels were all booked. Fast forward to the day of travel. We fly from Newark, NJ to Houston, TX where we had a layover for our flight to Santiago, Chile. We were flying standby as that is how it works on someones fly pass. As we are waiting for our flight the seats keep getting booked. Finally it gets to about 1 hour before the flight and the flight is booked and we are about 30th on the standby list. Things are not looking good! So we are standing at the terminal and the flight prior to Santiago is going London. We stand there and try to figure out what to do and with about 20 min left to get on the flight (to London) call and cancel our entire Chile trip. We hop on a flight to London with no plans and just decide to wing it! My friends sister booked us a hotel for two nights while we were in the air. We land and start to enjoy our impromptu trip. We decide that we really like it in London and book a third night @ the hotel. Being two single girls we were a bit on the prowl for cute British men to talk to. Turns out brits don't really hit on women in bars like they do in nyc. We also didn't realize the pubs close so early! So on our third night out we are striking out. No cute boys. Bars closing early. So we decide to head back to the hotel and grab a drink there. However, my friend couldn't make the trek back without using the bathroom and pulls me into a pub that happens to still be open! We use the restroom and then realize...hey! this pub is still open! lets stay! So we do. And because my friend was tired of not talking to boys she caught sight of a group of three gents, went over to them and just started chatting. Well I walk over w/her and look at this tall handsome man with gorgeous blue eyes and think... Jackpot! Totally my type! We all start chatting and hanging out and decide to keep the night going and look for a place that stays open late. We end up at a casino! Ha just horribly tacky, but still we were having fun. Me and my blue eyed beauty have hit it off immensely. The conversation flowed so easily and we kissed numerous times. We exchanged numbers because he said he was coming to NY and I said I would give him suggestions on where to go. Never in my life thinking this would truly continue as anything more. I was thinking this is a fun vacation fling so I invited him back to my hotel room, but we just crashed (all PG13) and said our goodbyes the next morning. My friend and I were off to Brussels that day to continue our big trip! Fast forward through our trip (brussels, edinburgh and back to london) We decide to fly out of London to get back because it had the most flight options, was easy to get to from Scotland and we kinda loved the city. So I text him. I said hey! me and friend are coming back to London for one more night, would you want to grab a drink? And he said "hmmm, let me think. A chance to see the lovely lady again... well go on then, you've twisted my arm and convinced me. Can I take you to dinner Wednesday night? To that Italian place near me? If you like the menu let me know and I'll book us in. Candles, wine, good food and fantastic company. What d'ya think?" Well as you can imagine I nearly fell off my chair. This kind of thing doesn't happen in NY. Its always "lets hang" "wanna drink" blah blah blah. Here was a man who wanted to wine and dine me. Well, hell yes! So after checking w/my friend that its okay I spend our last night on a date, I told him absolutely! (my friend kept in touch w/another boy from that night so she went out w/him!) We went on our date and it was so wonderful. After that the rest is history. We kept in touch and started talking everyday. The universe decided we needed to meet so derailed my vacation and put is in that pub together that night. That is not a pub he ever really goes to. Its all very strange and awesome. We talked every single day since we met. The day after xmas I leave to see him and meet his family for the first time. We'll ring in the new year together and two months after that we can celebrate the anniversary of the amazing night we met. Hope you all are feeling the love from your person wherever he or she may be.
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GTA V-Speculation-There May be More Than Just a Jetpack

Okay, so I have put much thought into this and I believe the Chiliad Mystery includes clues from previous GTAs, RDR, and even L.A. Noire. This is only a theory but I am eager to mark the discovery tag. Take my word for this and please check the imgur link to see emails of me contacting Rockstar Support with positive responses, https://imgur.com/a/nXLbr from 2014 titled "Mt. Chiliad Mystery/Excalibur and King Arthur" 2. from early 2017 titled "RDGTAV Connection" So I have looked everywhere and cannot find any hunter's investigation of Arthur's Pass Trails, I mean for good sake mystery hunters it is literally connected to the Galileo Observatory, which I believe is just a central clue to do with graffiti saying "77 Cypress 7". In previous Rockstar Games they have given King Arthur references like the Come A Lot Casino in GTA SA which is across from the 4 Dragons Casino that you take control over as CJ. Come A Lot is based on the real life Excalibur Casino and is a pun off of Camelot In GTA 1 there was a neighborhood called EXCALIBUR!!!! http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Excalibur In GTA 3 there was a Chiliad/Millennium clue given https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2-BrXKoyNM It directly says that at the Medieval Millennium Fair your can get your own "Mechanical Lady of the Lake and Excalibur". In GTA 4 they introduced Dragon Brain the movie with a SWORD in the middle of the poster http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Brain. Also there was the Dragon Heart Plaza. http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Heart_Plaza I GTA V in the Pacific Ocean, you can find a skeleton of an animal, sea creature, or any other mammal. It has hands which looks like wings. This could be anther allusion to a dragon. The egg on the Mt. Chiliad Mural is cracked. From the movies, dragons hatch from eggs. So, the crack on the egg may symbolize the dragon coming out of the egg, or something else s coming out of the egg. In L.A. Noire there is a character named Merlon Ottie on the first Vice case. http://lanoire.wikia.com/wiki/Merlon_Ottie the detectives mock Merlon's cane saying "Nice wand Merlon, to bad you couldn't pull off your vanishing act" If you fail the interrogation Merlon says "I could call my man from the 77th division and have this all cleared up." Now RDR2's trailer is out and we know the protagonist will be Arthur Morgan. In the email to Rockstar about RDR and GTA connection it was about the map of both games and I found a matching dragon on GTA V's Map and RDR's map AND GTA Vice City's map. I don't want to post it yet for some hardcore mystery hunters to look at the map and figure it out themselves. Other notes are that maybe an Excalibur is coming to RDR2 because RDR finished off with a Unicorn you can capture and ride. Also Rockstar North headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. A popular site to see is the town's Mtn. peak, Arthur's Seat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur%27s_Seat. I want to thank easydinero for letting me repost his text post with a little more added sentences and paragraphs from me, since his was taken down.
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As a stranger to your lands. I have no idea what to tip.

Hi everyone. I am sure this is post number 3456 about Vegas etiquette. Being from Edinburgh, Scotland (take that Excalibur) tipping is not something that is a defacto standard. However I know that many people in the Vegas service industry relay on tips to supplement their income. So as I wish to be a good guest in your city, I would like to know how much to tip.
My cab driver,Front desk clerk, Cocktail Waitress, Casino staff should the unlikely happen and I win big, Room service, Anyone else.
Tipping is not really done in Scotland, yea we let cab drivers keep the change, well I do anyway.
Also me and my friends like Rock music. What bars or clubs cater for that crowd? Also having watched Fox News a few times for the lulzs, my impression of US culture is that you are all gun toting nut jobs, who love nothing better than going on a shooting rampage. I assume the Strip is well policed yes? Also where may I practice your second amendment rights and fire high powered automatic weapons in a safe enviroment?
Bus tours to the Hoover dam worth it? Is the Grand Canyon worth the long journey, roughly how much would a helicopter tour be?
Oh now this is a long shot but really important. Is there anywhere where I could buy Bavarian imported Beer? Having went on a trip to Munich a few years ago. I find myself buying Bavarian Beer lots, specifically a beer callled Augustiner Helles. I would love to be able to sink a few of those in Vegas
I am happy to answer questions about Tourism in Edinburgh and the UK in general. I know I am asking a lot but I like to be prepared.
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What to do in Edinburgh (next week)?

Hello, Scotland!
I booked a trip to Edinburgh yesterday and will be there Tuesday to Saturday next week (4-8th Oct).
Since I have no plans and the tickets were kind of a impulse purchase I'm now just wondering what there is to do over there. I am traveling alone, 25 male from Sweden.
Any events I should go to next week? Sports, music, anything? How are the casinos in town? Any of them offering poker cash games or tournaments?
Or if anyone wants to hang out, have a beer or anything, just comment or send me a pm.
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Hey chummers, this is the special that I told you about, a few extra pieces of news that showed up on my feed, as well as a special the feeds off an article from Monday, enjoy chummers
The H-Net News logo flashes across an outstretched UK banner and a fife and drums are heard playing in the background.
The camera pans in on an exceptionally attractive elf with surprisingly bad teeth who smiles to the camera and gives her long brown hair a small shake. She speaks with a charming british accent
“Thank you, H-Net Worldwide, I’m Elizabeth Moore with H-Net UK, here to give you the news from across the pond.”
“We’ve got three short pieces for you today, mostly involving Wales. The country came under scrutiny on a national scale when security measures along a dangerous mountain path leading to fabled Cadair Idris were tampered with, allowing the release of Awakened wolves into populated areas, resulting in three deaths and many more injuries. Local LEOs arrived on the scene within minutes of the reports, and managed to repel the beasts.”
The image of a heavily furred wolf appears on the screen, its shoulder reaching nearly mid-torso of the human male next to it for scale. Its back is covered in spiked scales which protrude slightly from underneath its fur, and a pale violet light seems to emanate from its eyes and in constantly changing patterns underneath its fur. Its two upper fangs seem to be roughly the size of a human hand.
“Though this is sad news, and our condolences go out to the families of those affected by the beast’s assault, the United Kingdom would like to remind both her citizens and the world that the country is taking all the safety precautions it can, as evidenced by the arrest of three unnamed terrorists from Edinburgh Airport by investigators from Scotland Yard. The prisoners were transported to an unnamed facility in Scotland for processing, and the Yard informs us they have since been handled. Scotland Yard declined to reveal the identities of those arrested, allegedly for the prisoners’ own safety.”
An image from Edinburgh Airport pops up, showing four Scottish police in full body armor and assault rifles flanking a group of three blurred out metahumans. A trio of men wearing the classic dusters of Scotland Yard, the trio composed two humans and an ork, seem to be in deep, agitated, conversation. Though the three prisoners are blurred out, you manage to make out what appears to be the edge of a kilt on one, the top of a cowboy hat from the middle one, and a small Japanese flag protruding from hair of the last prisoner.
“The United Kingdom would also like to remind the world of some of the beautiful locations to visit, such as the venerated Cadair Idris in Wales. Currently, access is restricted until the repairs are complete, but reports of higher than average mana saturation in the area have acted as a draw for the magically inclined in the past, and for any true outdoorsman, the hike and views are their own reward. Of course, there are those who have undertaken the mythical challenge of sleeping on the slope in hopes of awakening the greatest of bards, most notably Edward Treffington, whose latest single has broken records across the UK. The myth states that if you do not awake filled with bardic inspiration you will soon go insane. Given that Treffington was recently heard arguing with himself after a performance in London last week, it's possible both halves of the myth are true.”
A breathtaking view of the Welsh countryside expands before you; to the right, a high plateau with a lake can be seen, though no path appears to exist leading to it; to the left, the mountainside gradually blends with a large forest.
“Well folks, that’s all we have time for tonight, but from across the pond, I’m Elizabeth Moore. Tune in next week for more news.”
Author: eljakob737 Source: The Initiation of Radge, Shizuka, and Poncho
[Shadow Broker]>>>: Oi, any of you fraggers getting tangled up in the mafia? Yeah? Thats what I thought. You’re gonna want to listen to this commcall I intercepted.
Voice 1 (deepish, rich Italian accent) : “So the reason I’m calling, you fottuto idiota, is because somehow those Ciarnello bastardos got ahold of the data YOU TWO were supposed to be protecting and then selling, OR DID YOU FORGET THAT PART?”
Voice 2 (nasaly, slight traces of accent) : “Boss, I’m sorry, I honestly don’t know what happened. Everything was going according to plan. My guy Maximillian made the drop just like we talked about, the judge’s aide bet everything, lost it, and then won it all back, including the chip with the data. Nathan, this all went down exactly like this, yeah?”
Nathan (no trace of italian accent) : “Don, I swear to you on my grandmother’s grave, that’s exactly what happened. Like my father before me, the Benellis have always been your men, and the Casino Americana has always kept a table open for you.”
Don: “Then WHY, my allegedly loyal men, did my deal with Hogan fall through, on account of the PICTURES OF HIM WITH BUNRAKU HAVING DISAPPEARED?! Giovanni, I expected more from you. And Nathan, you promised me this plan was foolproof. Now I’ve got a city judge gunning for me, AND one of my favorite fronts is under investigation by the thecavilieri cazzo, Knight Errant! Pezzo di merda, what am I going to do? Gio, Nathan, you better pray you don’t wake up with a horse head in your bed. Odds are the Ciarnellos are gonna try and extort the judge just like we did, so you know what? You two? You’re on damage control. Until I give a direct order otherwise.”
[Shadow Broker]>>>: So, if any of you didn’t pick up on it, thats the DON of the fraggin GIANELLI FAMIGLIA. And it seems some of you cheery do-gooders have managed to piss him off. Hope the money was worth it. How do I know it was some of you? Please. As if the Ciarnellos have the wherewithal to pull something this quiet off.
That bit about the judge, though, that’s golden. These politicians like to pretend they’re the heroes of Seattle. Heh. You know what a hero is, right? Someone who gets everyone else killed. Anyway, the Gianelli’s are probably gonna look to retaliate, hope you covered your tracks if you were part of the team that did this. Watch your backs, chummers.
Author: eljakob737
Source: Twenty-One to Win
-Removing the copyright information from pictures of animals and uploading them to the matrix. The perpetrators are still at large. Back to you, Chet.
The Horizon Network News logo flashes across as the screen as the scene transitions to an implausibly milquetoast, besuited man sitting at a large, polished desk.
Thanks, Rebecca. If you have any information regarding this flagrant violation of intellectual property law, please contact us at the matrix address on your screen.
The camera angle jumps to show a different view of the studio. Chet’s gaze shifts with it and he flashes a corp-approved set of pearly whites, putting on his most gregarious smile for this next, assuredly hilarious bit of news.
Now on to our next segment. Regular viewers have been following along with our ongoing expose of Amadeus Jones’, the disastrous inaugural run of his “retro-coaster,” and the mysterious figure that stepped in to save the day. According to eyewitness reports there may be more to this strange tale. Here’s Bobby Vetter with more on “Between the Cracks.”
The image of Chet’s smiling face freezes and a series of cracks and fractures appears on the screen, forming the unfortunate words “Between the Cracks.” The camera zooms into one of the larger gaps in the logo and we find ourselves staring at a wiry man with short brown hair and a dramatically cocked eyebrow. He is wearing a black, collared shirt, red tie, and grey, buttoned vest.
Good evening, Seattle! I’m Bobby Vetter and welcome to Between the Cracks! where we cover the weird the forgotten and the downright implausible side of your local news!
Tonight’s story is a strange new wrinkle in the unfolding tale of Mr. Jones and the local “hero” some are calling Wonder Mint!
I’m sure you all know the story by now. Mr. Jones built an authentic retro-style roller coaster. Complete down to the lack of modern safety innovations. Due to shoddy welding, the tracks collapsed out from under the coaster on its first run. Just before the helpless passengers got a one-way ticket to ++Afterlife unavailable. User metrics corrupt.++, a mysterious figure in the crowd caught them with what has been described as “absurdly” powerful magic.
Since then, we’ve heard allegations that Mr. Jones hired incompetent engineers, bribed inspectors to sidestep construction codes and safety standards, and even that he planned the whole thing as some kind of publicity stunt gone wrong!
But what if there was more to the story, and to the mysterious woman who saved the passengers? According to eyewitness reports, just after they felt the surge of magic that saved the coaster, numerous electronic devices in the area began to malfunction. This included any cameras that would otherwise have captured an image of the mysterious, green-clad heroine who rapidly fled the scene.
Coincidence, conspiracy, or something... Else? To get to the bottom of this mystery, we went out and talked to several witnesses who were there to see the strange sequence of events unfold that day.
The screen goes black and we transition to the modest interior of a small, suburban household. An exhausted human woman with blonde hair, a pale complexion and a no-nonsense pants suit sits on a couch with three fidgeting, barely compliant children dressed in their Sunday best. The text superimposed at the bottom of the screen reads "Angie Buttersmith, Realtor, mother of three and witness to the BIZARRE!
Bobby Vetter: You saw the coaster collapse?
Angie Buttersmith: Um... Yeah. We were there for Billy's birthday. We were in line to get on the next run, so we had a pretty good view of it. Uh... Yeah.
BV: Go on...
AB: Uh... Right. So when it fell it looked like it was going to hit us, and I heard someone behind us shouting to look out. I was starting to grab the two little ones when I felt something... Really weird.
The Middle Child: It tingled!
AB: Yeah... Something like that. Anyway, I grabbed them and we started to run, and I was... Uh maybe panicking a little bit. A piece of the track hit Chester.
The camera zooms in on the forehead of the eldest child, where a large blue band-aid is affixed.
AB: But I guess I expected, uh ... I looked up after we got a bit away from it and saw the cart just, sort of floating. It was... Yeah, it just sort of slowly... drifted down after that.
BV: Did you notice anything else... Unusual?
AB: Uh, yeah. The security guards all Just sort of fell over... And my eye - I have a cyber eye. It, uhh started looping footage from when I was looking up at the coaster.
BV: Fascinating. And you saw who did all this?
The Youngest: Wonder Mint!
AB: Sort of... I mean, I saw her, but she just looked like another person running away. I didn't really put it together until I saw the... Interview on the news with the park's, uh, mage. With his whole police sketch and all that.
A graphic of the sketch appears, showing a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties. She has mint-green hair, emerald eyes, and sharp facial features. She is wearing a calm, confident expression.
BV: If you saw her again do you think you'd recognize her?
AB: Uh, I-
Chester: She was so pretty!
The Middle Child: She had a cape and everything!
The children mindlessly gush about Wonder Mint for a while as Angie attempts to reign them in. There is a cut in the footage, and Angie is on the couch by herself.
BV: What would you say to her if she were here right now?
AB: I... Uh I mean, I'd thank her. She saved us. I don't care if she's a mage or a... Technomancer... Or some other thing. If it weren't for her me and my kids might not be here... I'd say that's what really matters.
The scene transitions back into the studio, where Bobby awaits with steepled fingers.
Folksy, down-to-earth wisdom that was echoed by nearly everyone we spoke to. No matter their opinion if the mystery woman, though, everyone wanted to know the same two things. Who she is... And what she is. To answer one of these questions, I spoke with the head of Awakened Studies at the University of Washington, Dr. Berry Mandelbrot.
The scene fades and transitions once again. This time we find ourselves in a well-furnished office, facing across an oaken, antique-looking desk at a portly man with grey hair a fantastic moustache, and wrinkles for days. Behind him is a bookshelf full of various, apparently ancient grimoires, magic-looking knick-knacks, and a coffee mug full of wands.
Dr. Mandelbrot: I'm sorry... Could you repeat the question?
BV: Is it possible... That Wonder Mint is both a technomancer and a magician? A techno-magician if you wi-
DM: No.
BV: ... Okay. But if it were possible-
DM: It's not.
BV: ... So it's fair to say that you're skeptical. How do you explain what she did at the coaster?
DM: She cast a powerful levitation spell, and managed to mask her astral signature from the park's security spirits. There is no doubt that - whoever she is - she's a powerful magician. Also, likely formally trained, but that's just my speculation.
As far as all the glitches go, though. If I had to guess, I'd say she probably had a cyberdeck in her coat or something.
We cut back to Barry in the studio.
So there you have it. Dr. Mandelbrot seems convinced... But then so do the people on the street. Is Wonder Mint a techno-magician, as the evidence suggests? Is she a charlatan as the good doctor seems to believe? Is she a dangerous, unregistered awakened... Or a noble hero of the people?
You decide! Vote in our poll online at the following matrix address. Don't forget to stay vigilant, and never let the truth fall between the cracks!
That's all from me! Back to you, Chet.
Author: So_Useless
Source: Mr. Jones' Wild Ride
Joining>>>: UnderNET: Underground Forums
Accessing Topic: re- Recent Murders.
Original Post: Hey, so there’ve been a lot of murders down here, chummers. Make sure that you travel in groups, because most of the murders have been people who’ve been walking alone. Most recent one was a few days ago. And from what we know, there’ve been a lot of murders. Just make sure that you keep together. You’re always safer in groups than just by yourself. The Skraacha can’t be everywhere, and it’s always a good idea to make the Underground just a little bit safer. - Posted by [Sledge, Moderator]
Recent Posts>>>
Shit, she’s dead. My niece is dead. She was only 14, and was on her way from taking classes. Murdered, a bullet in her head, and some fragged up scratches on her body. She was my niece. What am I gonna tell her mother? She gets off tonight at midnight. - Posted by [Kurling] Damn man, you get my feels. I had a cousin die to whoever’s doing this the night before. He was murdered the same way, fraggin’ bullet to the head and scratches. Betcha ten nuyen it’s a breeder, getting his jollies off by killin orks in the Underground. No reprecussions, no worries ‘cause he can get out easy. Underground members, unite! - [VoiceofSauron] Doubt it. My brother was melted in acid, none of his implants anywhere near his body. Whoever did that was a sick and twisted fuck, but they would have attracted attention doing it down here if they’d been human. Might be a serial killer. Someone hiding out in the underground, making sure that they aren’t tracked down by the cops above-ground by picking off us SINless down here. - [HoundHorn] They might be a rival gang, trying to make us all not like the Skraacha. I hurd that the Skraacha was too busy dealing with another gang trying to move in on their Purp district turf. They, uh, might be decidin’ to go after the real threat instead of trying to track down whoever did it. - [Gangrel] Doubt it. Skraacha don’t want to deal with it ‘cause they get to charge more for protection. More fear means better protection racket. I’m already paying an arm and a leg for their prices - Anon Whoever Anon is, they’re stupid for posting that in a public forum. Skraacha gonna get’cha. - [Wiggles] So, uh, I don’t know if any of you fine folks on the forums here have heard, but I, uh, hired some outside help to deal with whoever, or whatever, was attacking good people down here. I got in touch with some good folk after [Kurling]’s niece got jumped this morning, and, well, they took care of what was preying on good people. If any of you want to see what did it, I’ve got the head of it here. ::head.png:: -[Sledge, Moderator, OP] Holy shit [Sledge], what is that thing? Is that a vampire head? Whoever took that thing out, they’ve gotta be hot-drek, ‘cause from what I’ve heard, vamps ain’t no pushover. -[HoundHorn] Shopped image. Look at the teeth, it’s not even a good job. [Sledge], quit making us believe that you have access to a group of scaaaaaary people, it’s getting really really old. -[LaterSin] 
Not a shopped image. Vamp teeth are actually like that. I almost got jumped by one down here a few years back, damn thing almost broke my neck trying to drain me dry. Fortunately, it must have been a young one, ‘cause the Skraacha heard the scuffle and filled it full of bullets. Rose up twice before one of the Skraacha put an improv stake in its heart. -[FlamerFan]
Sorry [HoundHorn], can’t go too much into detail ‘bout who killed it over the ‘trix. Never know who might be listenin’, and I know for sure that the Ork who helped out doesn’t want to get fingered by the authorities on the surface. If you want, I can tell you who helped out at the next ORC meeting down here. And [LaterSin], you don’t need to believe me. I’ve got the community’s back, even if they think they don’t need it. -[Sledge, Moderator, OP]
( Source These Needful Things, Author: KaneHorus )
<A male elf appears on the trid screen. He looks to be in his late 30s, his silver hair slicked back and groomed in the latest of executive hairstyles, He’s wearing a pale blue business jacket, and underneath it is a light tone grey vest atop a white dress shirt with a pastel yellow tie elegantly adorned around the shirt’s collar. He is sitting behind a desk with the Horizon Logo proudly displayed on it. He clears his throat, takes a drink from the glass of water that is to the right of him, a somber look appears on his face and he begins to speak>
Hello Citizens of Seattle, my name is Eli Menoissimer Senior Executive of Media Affairs here at Horizon. I am here before you because of an incident involving an affiliate trideo news channel which broadcasted an inaccurate news report to the public and in doing so cast a negative light on those mentioned.
First off I wish to issue an apology to those mentioned in the report. I want to make clear that there was no maliciousness or intent on doing harm when the report was released. Unfortunately it was an error of misunderstanding between the reporter and their sources and you have my assurance that this will not happen again.
I want to make it very clear that Horizon’s News Media division strives for excellence in regards to our news reports, and in doing so it’s a constant demand on all our employees. We want it so that any news reports that is released by Horizon and her affiliates are as factual, fair, and unbiased as possible. Unfortunately the report in question that was released failed to meet these standards and resulted in a negative perception for all those involved. Again I apologize for this.
Rest assured that those involved have learned a valuable lesson from this. That having the attention of the general public is a great burden to bear and a responsibility not to take lightly. That news has to be forged with facts, truths, and an accurate account of the events and anything less than that is nothing more than sensationalist propaganda and hearsay. I also want to let those mentioned in the inaccurate report know that the report in question has been retracted, and that the correct information has been released and all inaccuracies have been amended by the proper facts. We know that the report mentioned the ACHE as the location of the incident in question and this is highly inaccurate. In reality the incident took place in a Renraku Archology outside of Seattle.
I thank you citizens of Seattle for allowing me to use your valuable time to make amends and allow us to regain any trust that might have been lost due to our error. So without further adieu I return you all to your regularly scheduled programming, thank you and take care Seattle.
<Trid Screen fades to black>
Author: Alpha_Ryvius
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The Week In Review: Suburban News of the Past Week (7/17/16)

· 1. Rally against police violence draws hundreds to Evanston's Fountain Square (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 2. Waukegan Scoop a reminder of years gone by for car enthusiasts (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 3. Vernon Hills Park District officially opens new Kids' Castle at Deerpath Park (Daily Herald)
· 4. Woodland Elementary School District 50 seeks new board member because one member resigns to move out of district (Daily Herald)
· 5. Kenneth Cornelissen, owner of South Elgin's Our Place Restaurant, passes away (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 6. Former Hoffman Estates bus driver guilty of sexually abusing two 5-year-old girls in South Beloit (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 7. Man arrested in stepfather's death after hitting him in the head with a hammer (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 8. Lighthouse Church of All Nations in Alsip holds prayer vigil in wake of police-involved shootings in Dallas, Minnesota, Lousiana (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 9. Young Oak Lawn boxer who struggled with health issues is carjacked on his way to Chicago gym (Chicago Tribune)
· 10. Lansing Village Board OKs tax break for Planet Fitness at former PetSmart location on Torrence Avenue (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 11. Gary Air Show wows crowd with aerial acrobatics (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 12. Indiana's corporate tax rate reduced to 6.25 percent as of July 1 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 13. Kouts man pleads guilty to sexual abuse of minors (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 14. Dyer Plan Commission gives support to proposals for addition to Kennan Liquors, construction of Northwinds Storage Facility (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 15. St. John town officials battle over commissioner's statements of opposition to proposed changes to Town Center plan; some residents also oppose plan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 16. Mundelein-based Historical Society of Fort Hill Country celebrates 60th anniversary (Daily Herald)
· 17. Dold proposes legislation to compensate communities like Zion for storing nuclear waste at shuttered nuclear plants (WBBM AM 780)
· 18. Port Barrington man dies after being rescued from Fox River following boat-vs-pier crash in Trout Lake (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 19. Lake County jury hands down $1.67 million verdict against a Waukegan hospital in case of botched knee-replacement surgery (Daily Herald)
· 20. The Monkees bringing 50th anniversary tour to Genesee Theatre in Waukegan on Nov. 4 (Daily Herald)
· 21. Mundelein remembers Marion Quig, matron of Quig's Orchards, who died at age 74 (Daily Herald)
· 22. Broken gas meter forces closure of Route 83 in Long Grove (Daily Herald)
· 23. Man wounded in leg during home invasion in South Elgin when homeowner struggled over a gun with another invader (Daily Herald)
· 24. Three men arrested after cutting their way into Elgin Corrugated Box Company (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 25. Officials: Merger between Little City and Countryside Association for People with Disabilities, both based in Palatine, should provide more services (Daily Herald)
· 26. Questions remain about Bellwood School District 88 spending, hiring practices as district officials travel, give perks to superintendent on taxpayer dime (Chicago Tribune)
· 27. Westchester police investigating shooting of woman, cousin in car outside her home (Chicago Tribune/The Doings)
· 28. Aurora mayor voices support for proposed Great Lakes Basin Rail Line outside the suburbs (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 29. Elk Grove Village man, formerly CEO of InfrAegis, convicted of defrauding 200 investors out of $9 million (Daily Herald)
· 30. Four people injured in five-vehicle pileup on Naperville's North Aurora Road (Daily Herald)
· 31. Joliet woman shot to death in Joliet (Chicago Tribune)
· 32. Illinois Department of Transportation OKs toll bridge linking Interstate 80, CenterPoint intermodal facility in Joliet/Elwood (Chicago Tribune)
· 33. Former chief financial officer of Joliet Housing Authority sentenced to 4 years in prison for stealing $200,000 from Chicago Housing Authority; her ex-husband sentenced to 30 months of probation for his involvement in the crime (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 34. Woman killed, three people injured when she loses control of vehicle on ramp between Bishop Ford Freeway and I-80 in South Holland (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 35. Lake County sheriff seeks dismissal of deputy charged with DWI, injuring Frankfort man at Gary Air Show (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 36. Gary City Council stops pursuing proposed ordinance that would have banned saggy pants due to 'lack of support' (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 37. 15-year-old boy in critical condition after near-drowning at Washington Park Beach in Michigan City (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 38. Whiting officials endorse call to end U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's requirement for vehicle testing in Lake, Porter counties (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 39. Tri-Creek School Corporation board exploring options for solar panels at its five schools to reduce energy costs, become more environmentally friendly (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 40. Lowell girl discovers newborn left in family's back yard in severe heat (NBC 5)
· 41. Valparaiso installs 18 traffic signals with audible pedestrian crosswalk signals (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 42. Niche.com names Bannockburn, Grayslake, Hodgkins, Naperville, Northbrook, South Barrington among best American suburbs to live in (NBC 5)
· 43. Illinois State Board of Education ends controversial PARCC testing for high schoolers, replacing it with state-paid SAT test (Chicago Tribune)
· 44. Waukegan police investigate robbery near bank on 3400 block of Sunset Avenue (Daily Herald)
· 45. Arlington Heights creates new liquor license allowing businesses on second or higher floor to serve alcohol without requiring a full kitchen (Daily Herald)
· 46. Man blends passion for architecture, childhood love for LEGO to become LEGO certified professional (WGN TV)
· 47. The Pick Restaurant in Park Ridge closes after eight months in business (Chicago Tribune/Park Ridge Herald-Advocate)
· 48. Roundy's CEO Bob Mariano, of Inverness, to retire from position, remain as advisor (Daily Herald)
· 49. German pharma company Vetter looking to build new production facility at Algonquin and Mount Prospect roads in Des Plaines (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 50. Disagreements persist over fix for borderline-dangerous football field at St. Charles North High School (Daily Herald)
· 51. Elk Grove Township Elementary School District 59 referendum will ask voters whether to eliminate Township Trustees of Schools and Treasurers (Daily Herald)
· 52. vineyard vines lifestyle clothier to open first Midwest store in Rosemont's Fashion Outlets of Chicago (Daily Herald)
· 53. Mail carrier recovering after being stung 30 times by hornets while on route in Wheaton (WBBM AM 780)
· 54. Brookfield Zoo announces names for three Mexican gray wolf pups: Rio, Azul and Ela (NBC 5)
· 55. Bolingbrook-based Association of Pakistani-Americans guys two billboards to encourage Muslims to fight Islamophobia (Chicago Tribune)
· 56. Hemingway love note discovered in Oak Park Library archives may revealed famous author's first love (Chicago Tribune)
· 57. Crash involving two cars and a motorcycle close down Naper Boulevard, Chicago Avenue in Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 58. DuPage Sheriff's Office: Already 25 employees short of ideal staffing level; no way to cut another 10 percent of budget (Daily Herald)
· 59. Neighbors threaten lawsuit after Kane County Board approves housing development on M.A. Center property near Elburn (Daily Herald)
· 60. Man fatally struck by Metra train near Tinley Park/80th Avenue station (CBS 2)
· 61. Ex-Elmwood Park police sergeant found not guilty of stealing $20,000 from elderly man with dementia (Chicago Tribune/Elm Leaves)
· 62. Wilmington native and Joliet Catholic High School volleyball player Kelly Murphy named to U.S. Olympic Volleyball Team (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 63. Lincoln Way High School District 210 has to repay another $321,635 in improperly collected drivers-education fees, after previously refunding $377,411 (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 64. Illinois Court of Appeals clears Calumet City officers in shooting death of autistic teen (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 65. Three men, one teenage boy charged with attempted robbery of Crown Point CVS pharmacy, demanded prescription drugs (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 66. Hammond's Byway Brewery named best in Indiana (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 67. Art installations to light up Gary at night (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 68. Porter County Board supports alternate plan that would re-route freight trains around the county (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 69. Michigan City man in critical condition after kayak overturns on LaPorte's Stone Lake (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 70. U.S. 12 reopened after seven-hour closure following semi carrying steel coil rolls over (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 71. Former Highland High School teacher pleads guilty to sexual misconduct with a child (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 72. 90 acres of land near Porter County Regional Airport may be home to cargo-transfer facility, bringing with it 50 new jobs (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 73. Cook, Lake (Ill.), Will counties discuss courtroom safety following Michigan courthouse shooting (CBS 2)
· 74. Home-security company Safewise lists Clarendon Hills, Hawthorn Woods, Campton Hills as safest communities in Illinois (NBC 5)
· 75. Thieves steal SUV, crash it into a Skokie police car, steal another SUV to flee; three suspects in custody (Chicago Tribune)
· 76. Experts gathering input from Gurnee residents, businesses on revitalizing East Grand Avenue (Daily Herald)
· 77. Route 134 reopened after serious accident near Park Avenue/Lake View Court intersection near Fox Lake (Daily Herald)
· 78. Man allegedly held gun to girlfriend's head, threatened to shoot dog during barricade situation in Antioch (NBC 5)
· 79. Tower Lakes man dies after his vehicle is submerged in a flooded ditch in northern Wisconsin; emergency workers rescue his wife (Chicago Tribune)
· 80. Principal of Mundelein's Carmel Catholic High School resigns; school won't say why (Daily Herald)
· 81. Libertyville village administrator to retire after 25 years on the job (Daily Herald)
· 82. Gas station on McLean Boulevard in Elgin robbed at gunpoint (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 83. Barrington White House project reaches $6.8 million fundraising goal to help run community center (Daily Herald)
· 84. Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 to have public-input sessions Monday and Tuesday, July 18-19, on strategic plan (Daily Herald)
· 85. Buffalo Grove trustees weigh moving insurance to private market, which could safe up to $600,000 over five years (Daily Herald)
· 86. Palatine to replace cash-only 'honor boxes' with electronic payment systems at its commuter parking lots (Daily Herald)
· 87. Former AT&T campus in Hoffman Estates facing default (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 88. Japanese drug company buys Schaumburg-based Sagent Pharmceuticals (Chicago Tribune)
· 89. Lake in the Hills playground at Stoneybrook Park to reopen with new equipment (Daily Herald)
· 90. Marengo fire captain, previously with Elgin Fire Department, loses battle with cancer (Daily Herald)
· 91. DuPage African Methodist Episcopal Church in Lisle marks anniversary of Sandra Bland's death in Texas jail (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 92. Cicero man arrested in Riverside claims he stole money from unlocked cars to support pizza habit (Chicago Tribune)
· 93. NBA sideline reporter and Batavia native Craig Sager to receive Jimmy V Perseverance Award at ESPY Awards (ABC 7)
· 94. Aurora man charged in Yorkville woman's overdose death, leaving her body behind abandoned business (FOX 32)
· 95. Ex-Winfield deputy fire chief indicted on forgery, official misconduct charges; officials say he present fake college diploma to get promotion (Daily Herald)
· 96. Empire craft-beer-and-burger bar in Naperville a mix of old furnishings, new menu items (Daily Herald)
· 97. Tinley Park man dies after jumping in front of a Metra train at Tinley Park/South Street Station (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 98. Hazel Crest woman killed by stray bullet in Calumet City house (FOX 32)
· 99. Jeff Strack named president and CEO of Strack & Van Til (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 100. MaiaCo., connected to former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, may help develop parts of Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 101. Two people convicted of child neglect in scalding of 14-month-old baby in LaPorte (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 102. Former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh launches campaign for open Senate seat (CBS 2)
· 103. Gary man sentenced to six years in prison for shooting death of teen trying to steal his car (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 104. Which taxing bodies are you paying to fight mosquitoes? In some towns, you could pay up to three different agencies (Daily Herald)
· 105. Cook County issues first transportation plan in 76 years as result of change in motor-fuel tax distribution takes effect, to qualify for federal money (Chicago Tribune)
· 106. Cook County celebrates first graduate of mental-health court in Bridgeview (WGN TV)
· 107. Comcast announces $100 million plan to expand fiber-optic and coaxial cable in Chicago region (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 108. Mundelein man accused of murder-for-hire plot commits suicide in Lake County Jail's medical unit (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 109. Lake County State's Attorney to appeal dismissal of theft charges against former North Chicago police chief (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 110. Lake County Electoral Board agrees to remove incumbent Coroner Thomas Rudd's name from November ballot (Daily Herald)
· 111. Waukegan police search for suspects in two separate armed robberies on city's southeast side (Daily Herald)
· 112. 3-month-old kitten found severely burned in Harwood Heights alley; rescuers believe burns came from a firework attached to the kitten (NBC 5)
· 113. Highland Park chiropractor who sexually abused a client gets released from jail early (Daily Herald)
· 114. Two counselors injured when tree falls on them at Camp Duncan in Ingleside (ABC 7)
· 115. California man caught with 72 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle in McHenry County sentenced to 12 years in prison for drug trafficking and possession (Chicago Tribune)
· 116. Family of Hanover Park man killed in April motorcycle crash sues Bartlett man over alleged negligent driving that led to biker's death (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 117. Domestic-outreach arm of St. Raymond de Penafort Parish in Mount Prospect to screen documentary on campus rape on Sunday, July 17 (Daily Herald)
· 118. Former Rolling Meadows city attorney Donald M. Rose, who helped shape the city, dies at age 85 (Daily Herald)
· 119. Buffalo Grove police given vehicle-safety award as part of 2016 National Law Enforcement Safety Challenge (Daily Herald)
· 120. Push Fitness to move to new location on Remington Road in Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
· 121. Palatine rejects tobacco store's request to allow sales of hookah, glass pipes (Daily Herald)
· 122. McDonald's promises to work with Oak Brook officials as it prepares to move to Chicago (Chicago Tribune/The Doings)
· 123. Geneva councilmen seek referendum to raise city's sales tax by 0.5 percent to 8 percent (Daily Herald)
· 124. Koch Foods scraps plan to move to Rosemont after estimated cost of new headquarters exceeds its budget (Daily Herald)
· 125. Old artillery shell found cemented into basement floor of foreclosed Yorkville home draws out police, Kane County Bomb Squad (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 126. Montgomery man dies four days after crash on Aurora's Farnsworth Avenue near Chicago Outlet Mall (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 127. Body of man found inside trunk of rental car that was on fire in Joliet Township; coroner reports he'd be shot in the head (Chicago Tribune)
· 128. Chesterton, Ind., woman killed in motorcycle crash in Oak Lawn (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 129. Yemeni immigrant who lived in Chicago Ridge shot to death during argument at Chicago gas station (Chicago Tribune)
· 130. Plainfield native's cooking slammed by Gordon Ramsey on 'MasterChef' (Chicago Tribune)
· 131. Hot-dog mogul Dick Portillo and his wife pledge $1 million to performing-arts center at Argo High School in Summit, where the couple met (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 132. Two men sought in liquor robbery from Dyer Jewel-Osco (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 133. Volunteer firefighteparamedic from South Haven suspended after racist post on Facebook (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 134. Three people wounded in separate shootings Wednesday in East Chicago and Gary (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 135. 15-year-old beaten up, his cell phone stolen in Hammond garage (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 136. ComEd estimates 22,000 customers in suburbs lost power following Wednesday's storms (NBC 5)
· 137. Lake Zurich sued by building owner following third rejection of U-Haul proposal (Daily Herald)
· 138. Two teenage boys robbed at gunpoint while playing 'Pokemon GO' at 10 p.m. near Lake Villa (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 139. Cyclist struck by Metra train at about 9 a.m. at intersection of Dempster Street and Lehigh Avenue in Morton Grove (Chicago Tribune/Morton Grove Champion)
· 140. Anti-abortion protest/march in Arlington Heights gets cheers, jeers (Chicago Tribune/Arlington Heights Post)
· 141. Former dean at Des Plaines' Joseph Academy convicted of distributing heroin in Minnesota (Daily Herald)
· 142. Lake Barrington man hospitalized after falling into village's namesake lake (Chicago Tribune/Barrington Courier-Reveiw)
· 143. Two Schaumburg men — one with 12 felony convictions — arrested for theft from Hanover Park home-improvement store (Daily Herald)
· 144. Palatine Library seeks applicants to fill seat on board; applications due by July 29 (Daily Herald)
· 145. Group of suburban women witness chaos of terrorist attack in Nice, France (CBS 2)
· 146. Former Naperville resident's essay on growing up black in the Midwest draws widespread attention (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 148. Countryside man arrested in Michigan for shooting that killed man, injured woman in Chicago on June 6 (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 149. West Chicago Community High School drama club raises $80,000 for trip to Scotland to perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Daily Herald)
· 150. Kane County sheriff withdraws deputies from Kaneland, Burlington Central high schools as department deals with short-staffing (Daily Herald)
· 151. Chicago man convicted of making phone calls threatening state representative from Wheaton given two years probation (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 152. Cicero man charge with murder in abuse-related death of 2-year-old son in Berwyn in April (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 153. Fox Mill residents oppose Campton Hills' move to take away control of 275 acres of open space in their subdivision (Daily Herald)
· 154. New Lenox pays out nearly $1 million to settle police-misconduct cases since 2004; other south, southwest suburban departments subject of complaints costing municipalities thousands to millions (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 155. Man arrested for selling crack out of Chicago Heights senior-living facility (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 156. Dean of Blue Island's Eisenhower High School arrested in Proviso Township for soliciting a sex act, the third time this year (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 157. Merrillville man extricated from van, flown to Oak Lawn, Ill., hospital after crash on Interstate 65 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 158. Ivy Tech Community College names new president for Michigan City campus (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 159. Gary man arrested for intimidation, disorderly conduct after burning a dollar bill, shouting allegiance to IS at Majestic Star Casino (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 160. Search turns up nothing following bomb threat at Gary's Carter C. Woodson Library (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 161. 'Pokemon Go' a mixed blessing for public facilities, private businesses (Daily Herald)
· 162. One person dead, seven injured after crash involving a pickup and several motorcycles in Fox Lake (WGN TV)
· 163. Inverness-based Preservation of Human Dignity provides counseling, clothing for new mothers dealing with difficulties (WGN TV)
· 164. Greater Chicago Food Depository's Lunch Bus makes stops in Berwyn, Cicero to help kids who qualify for free meals during school year get lunches during the summer (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 165. Riverside police chief personally warns kids to keep back from Des Plaines River after they waded into the water while playing 'Pokemon GO' (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 166. Dress Barn on Kingery Highway in Elmhurst robbed; suspect forces employees into bathroom before fleeing (ABC 7)
· 167. Aurora man's memorial to victims of Orlando shooting moved to permanent display at Orange County Regional History Center (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 168. Wheaton-Warrenville Unit School District 200 considering where to house early-childhood education program (Daily Herald)
· 169. Man dead in fall from railing during Chicago Open Air Festival at Toyota Park in Bridgeview (CBS 2)
· 170. Summit police seek man responsible for hit-and-run that killed 98-year-old man two months after his was struck (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 171. Town of Chesterton investing $2 million in fiber-optic project for existing, future businesses (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 172. Valparaiso to reconstruct Washington Street between Lincolnway and Jefferson Street after Popcorn Fest (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 173. Statistics show Lake Michigan has nearly as many drownings and rescues as the rest of the Great Lakes combined (Chicago Tribune)
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AMA: Just spend 3 weeks studying Abroad in Europe. Visited Ireland, Scotland, Amsterdam, London, and Paris

I just got back from a three week trip over to Europe. Two of which were spent studying European sport abroad with a group of kids from my university, ECU, and Miami of Ohio. The third week I took for myself and went to London and Paris by myself, since I was already there figured I might as well. I was staying in a hostel for Scotland/Ireland/Amsterdam and a Marriott in London/Paris. I also went 0 – 5 with countries I was in watching the Euro cup, apparently I’m the reason the US can’t win at soccer.
Highlights of my trip include:
• Edinburgh Castle
• Loch Ness
• Royal Mile
• Bag Pipes
• St. Andrews golf course.
• Guinness Factory
• Croke park tour
• Played hurling
• Saw a hurling game at Croke park
• Ireland v. Croatia at a local pub.
• Spent a day just walking around Dublin
• Bus Tour of city
• Coffee shops
• Netherlands v. Germany in a local pub.
• Netherlands v. Portugal at a tourist bar
• Guided canal tour of the city
• Anne Frank house
• Bike tour of the city
• Pancakes!
• Visited Hague university and met local students
• Partied with said students at a club in Amsterdam
• Saw the I Amsterdam sign
• Watched France game under the Eiffel tower
• Climbed to the top of the Eiffel tower
• Bus tour of city
• The Louvre museum
• The thinker and Gates of hell
• Was staying beside the Arch
• Moulin Rogue
• London v. Italy at a Casino in Piccadilly circus
• Bus tour of city
• London Dungeon tour
• Saw the Olympic Stadium
I was kind of exhausted by the time I got to London, didn’t do much other than walk around town. In every city I went out to a local pub or tourist places just about every night, and got completely addicted to Guinness. I am sure I forgot something so go ahead and ask if I saw something.
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Chinese state press condemns British as 'narcissistic barbarians'

Summary generated by cruyff8's autosummarizer of http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/chinese-paper-condemns-british-press-as-narcissistic-barbarians-over-queen-leaked-video-a7025516.html:
The British press is run by “reckless gossip fiends” and “barbarians” who blew the Queen's garden comments about the Chinese President's visit out of proportion, a Chinese newspaper has said.The idea that British authorities had deliberately leaked the video to undermine President Xi’s visit was “unthinkable” and would have been “truly rude and crude” Chinese diplomats have mocked British officials privately...but they are discreet The Global Times A common trait among Chinese media has been the tendency to attack Western journalists when China’s reputation is called into question.“Even among Western countries, Britain most frequently reveals its underwear and exposes itself” Queen Elizabeth II on a walk-about in Portsmouth during her Silver Jubilee tour of Great Britain, 1977 The future Britain's Queen Elizabeth II (R) pictured with her younger sister Princess Margaret (L) in 1933Later in that year with the death of her Grandfather and the Abdication of her Uncle Edward VIII she became first in line to the throne, 1936 Getty The coronation of King George VI in 1937, Elizabeth aged 10 became the heir apparent to the throne Getty Elizabeth and her sister arrive at Waterloo station to say goodbye to their parents as they leave to tour Canada. Getty The 13-year-old Elizabeth and her sister Margret address children who have been evacuated from the cities on BBC's 'The Chilrens Hour' She said "We are trying to do all we can to help our gallant sailors, soldiers and airmen, and we are trying, too, to bear our share of the danger and sadness of war.The pairing was incredibly controversial as Prince Phillip had no financial standing and he was foreign born, the prince of Denmark and Greece (though he served Britain in the war and was given British Citizenship), 1947 Getty Queen Elizabeth II (in coach) and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh are cheered by the crowd after their wedding ceremony, on 20 November 1947, on their road to Buckingham Palace, London Elizabeth smiles at her first child, a month old Prince Charles.It was the first ever coronation to be aired live on television, being one of the most watched events in history with millions gathering around their TV sets to see the new monarch Queen Elizabeth II standing next to her daughter Princess Anne, 1960 Getty President Eisenhower (centre) with the British Royal family (L-R) Prince Philip, Princess Anne, HM Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Captain John Eisenhower, at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, 1959 Getty Queen Elizabeth II as she turns to smile and talk to an unidentified officer, during the Trooping of the Colour by the First Battalion of the Jamaica Regiment at Up-Park Camp, Kingston, Jamaica, 1966 Queen Elizabeth II walking cross country at the North of Scotland Gun Dog Association Open Stake Retreiver Trials in the grounds of Balmoral Castle in 1967 Getty Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in London, a regular fixture in the royal calendar, 1971 Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh during their traditional summer break at Balmoral Castle.The monarch is responsible for introducing a new breed of dog known as the "dorgi" when her corgi Tiny was mated with a dachshund "sausage dog" called Pipkin which belonged to Princess Margaret, 1980 (L-R) the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William, Prince Harry and the Prince and Princess of Wales after the christening ceremony of Prince Harry, 1984 Queen Elizabeth II taking the salute of the Household Guards regiments during the Trooping of the Colour ceremony in London, 1985 Diana, Princess of Wales and Queen Elizabeth II as they smile to well-wishers outside Clarence House in London, 1987 Queen Elizabeth II, with Chief Instructor, Small Arms Corp LT Col George Harvey, firing the last shot on a standard SA 80 rifle when she attended the centenary of the Army Rifle Association at Bisley, 1993 South Africa's President Nelson Mandela greets Queen Elizabeth II as she steps from the royal yacht Britannia in Cape Town at the 1995's official start of the her first visit to the country since 1947 Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she visits Bowring Park in St. Queen Elizabeth rides her horse in the grounds of Windsor Castle, 2002 Queen Elizabeth arrives for the world premiere of James Bond movie "Casino Royale" at the Odeon cinema in Leicester Square in London, 2006 Queen Elizabeth boards a scheduled train at Kings Cross station in London, 2009 Queen Elizabeth II planting a tree at Newmarket Animal Health Trust, during a royal visit which marked her 50th year as the charity's patron, 2009 Queen Elizabeth II talking with Pope Benedict XVI during an audience in the Morning Drawing Room at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh during a four day visit by the Pope to the UK, 2010 Queen Elizabeth II visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2010 Queen Elizabeth II receives flowers from the crowd during her visit to Federation Square in downtown Melbourne, 2011 Queen Elizabeth watches a preview of her Christmas message wearing a pair of 3D glasses, studded with Swarovski crystals in the form of a "Q", at Buckingham Palace in central London, 2012 Members of Britain's royal family (front L to R) Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles cheer as competitors participate in a sack race at the Braemar Gathering in Braemar, Scotland, 2012 Britain's Prince Charles kisses the hand of his mother Queen Elizabeth at the end of her Diamond Jubilee concert in front of Buckingham Palace in London, 2012 Reuters Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge laughs as Queen Elizabeth gestures during a visit to Vernon Park in Nottingham, 2012 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip attend a service for the Order of the British Empire at St Paul's Cathedral in London, 2012 Queen Elizabeth II meets young people during an official visit to The Shard building in central London, 2013 Actress Angelina Jolie is presented with the Insignia of an Honorary Dame Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George by Queen Elizabeth II in the 1844 Room at Buckingham Palace, London, 2014 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh visit the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red evolving art installation at the Tower of London, 2014 The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh at the State Opening of Parliament, 2015 AFP/Getty (L-R) Britain's Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge holding his son Prince George of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry (back), Prince Andrew, Duke of York (back), James, Viscount Severn (front), Princess Beatrice of York (back), Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Eugenie of York (back) stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace waiting to view the fly-past during the Queen's Birthday Parade, 'Trooping the Colour,' in London, 2015Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, 2015 AP Photo/Matt Dunham, Pool Queen Elizabeth II arrives at the Broadway Theatre in Barking, 2015 Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images During the recorded comments the Queen was overheard commiserating with a police commander for her “bad luck” in being tasked with overseeing security for President Xi.
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Kick Ass Hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland A Tour of EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND  This City Is Incredible ... Vitaxel Overview Ten Hill Place Hotel Surgeons' Hall - 4 Star Hotel Accommodation, Edinburgh, Scotland Drunken Edinburgh Night Life Indulás Skócia fővárosába! - Edinburgh Útinapló Scotland from Above: Edinburgh to Fingal's Cave Route (HD ... 10 Things to See and Do in Glasgow 48 Hours In EDINBURGH  UNILAD Adventure - YouTube

Although it is not the largest casino in the capital of Scotland… W5B York Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EB, UK. Read More. There are a few historical areas that deserve your attention. If you happen to be in the region, don’t miss to visit the Edinburgh castle as well as the most popular galleries, museums, cinemas. There are so many places you should visit that basically, there is no chance to ... Entdecken Sie die dunkle Seite der schottischen Hauptstadt auf einer historischen Wanderung, die die krankhafte Vergangenheit von Edinburgh abdeckt. Schlängeln Sie sich durch die gepflasterten Straßen von Calton Hill, der North Bridge und dem Friedhof Canongate, die alle mit dem Bus oder Auto nicht erreichbar sind, und hören Sie Geschichten, die sich auf Folter, Verrat und Tod konzentrieren. Biggest Casino / Gaming Facility in Scotland. Out of all casinos in Scotland you'll find Alea Casino Glasgow to be the biggest. It has 60 gaming machines and 21 table games. You can reach South Point Casino by phone at +44 141 530 5246 or by clicking this link: Alea Casino Glasgow to see its information page. 2nd Biggest Casino / Gaming Facility in Scotland Welcome to Genting Casino Fountain Park . Looks like we lost out in the “Game of Tiers” this time… Unfortunately, we're still unable to reopen our casino due to the current local restrictions. We’re crossing our fingers we’ll be able to open soon as the Government continue to review local tiers every 2 weeks, and we’ll be sure to ... Ein großes Dankeschön an Danielle, die wir getroffen haben, als wir reinkamen. Sie sah sehr lebhaft aus, als sie uns sah, und gab uns einen Rundgang durch das Casino mit fantastischem Kundenservice. Wie Sie sehen, war ich sehr beeindruckt und werde das nächste Mal, wenn ich Auld Reekie besuche, auf jeden Fall wiederkommen. (Edinburgh) … Edinburgh Casinos – Another major city in Scotland that is not short on land based casinos is of course Edinburgh, ... Blackjack Games – If you are an avid Blackjack player then you will be pleased to hear every single land based casino in Scotland will have at least one Blackjack table on offer and available no matter when you visit those land based casinos, in fact many casinos have lots ... The atmospheric city of Edinburgh is best explored by night, when tales of mystery and murder are at their most frightening. Discover the dark side of Scotland's capital on a historical walking tour that covers Edinburgh’s morbid past. Wind your way through the cobbled streets of Calton Hill, North Bridge, and Canongate cemetery, all of which are inaccessible by coach bus or car, and listen ... The atmospheric city of Edinburgh is best explored by night, when tales of mystery and murder are at their most frightening. Discover the dark side of Scotland's capital on a historical walking tour that covers Edinburgh’s morbid past. Wind your way through the cobbled streets of Calton Hill, North Bridge, and Canongate cemetery, all of which are inaccessible by coach bus or car, and listen ... Get full, up-to-date information on all Edinburgh casinos including games offered, opening hours, admission fee, dress code, and casino map. Edinburgh, Scotland has 4 casinos in which you'll find more than 100 slots and gaming machines. There are a total of 52 table games. The minimum bet we've found at casinos in Edinburgh is $0 and the maxium bet is $2,000. Click a casino on the left for more information on a particular property. There is poker in Edinburgh! You will find over 9 live poker tables to play at. You will find the ...

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Kick Ass Hostel in Edinburgh, Scotland

This journey goes coast to coast across Scotland. We start in Edinburgh and fly up the Forth River visiting historic landmarks, including its famous bridge.... DAY 174 We have arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland and can't wait to explore the city. For the first few days in Edinburgh, we are staying at the Kick Ass Hostel. Watch for a tour and quick look at ... In this episode, we'll show you how to get the most out of 48 hours in Edinburgh. The city is in the heart of Scotland and is home to true natural beauty and... #Scotland #Edinburgh Tetszett, nyomj egy LIKE-ot, iratkozz fel, (ne feledd a csengőt, hogy ne maradj le az új kalandokról) írj véleményt, kérdezz bátran és találkozzunk jövő héten is! Hotel Video Showcase, division of Golfing Country tv travels internationally and nationally producing videos of travel destinations and features hotels of di... If you're planning a trip to Scotland and want to visit Glasgow but are unsure of what to do there then this video could help!! Thanks for watching! Glasgow's city mural walking trail: https ... • Genting Casino, Plymouth • Genting Casino Renshaw Street, Liverpool • Genting Casino, Salford • Genting Casino, Torquay • Genting Casino York Place, Edinburgh, Scotland • Genting ... A modern four star hotel with 78 en-suite twin rooms of an exceptional standard, Ten Hill Place is an ideal location to accommodate your guests, delegates, friends or family. Special rates are ... Exploring the beautiful and historic city of Edinburgh, capital of Scotland.NEED GEAR FOR YOUR TRAVELS? Visit Gabriel's Amazon e-store for ideas: https://www... The Man Who Cheated Vegas Casinos For Years And Stole Millions Cheating ... Nightlife Dating Scene in Edinburgh, Scotland - Duration: 4:15. Cassey Boland 42,188 views. 4:15. Scotland from Above ...