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A history of Clinton Scandals: The mental gymnastics of trusting Bill and Hillary

This is something that's been bothering me all election cycle. Polls consistently rate Hillary as untrustworthy, and even exit polls among Dems say that Bernie is more trustworthy. However, these same people are VOTING for her, in droves.
How can democratic voters ignore the striped past of Hillary? How can they ignore the even worse past of Bill? Do you really think he's going to be content in a "First Lady" role? I'm only 33, but I can easily remember the Whitewater incident, Operation Infinite Reach, Lewinsky et al, etc.
I have only seen ONE article from the MSM this election cycle about this topic, from the Atlantic: LINK
I could understand where younger voters may be unaware of the history, but Hillary's support is largely from the older 40+ voting bloc, which should have no trouble remembering many of these incidents (links primarily go to Wikipedia overviews of each incident):
In (mostly) chronological order:
1978-1979: Cattle Futures scandal - In 1978 and 1979, lawyer and First Lady of Arkansas Hillary Rodham engaged in a series of trades of cattle futures contracts, based on advice from a personal friend who was, at the time, a top legal adviser to Tyson Foods Inc. Her initial $1,000 investment had generated nearly $100,000 when she stopped trading after ten months.
In 1994, after Hillary Rodham Clinton had become First Lady of the United States, the trading became the subject of considerable controversy regarding the likelihood of such a spectacular rate of return, possible conflict of interest, and allegations of disguised bribery, allegations that Clinton strongly denied. There were no official investigations of the trading and Clinton was never charged with any wrongdoing.
In a Fall 1994 paper for the Journal of Economics and Finance, economists from the University of North Florida and Auburn University investigated the odds of gaining a hundred-fold return in the cattle futures market during the period in question. Using a model that was stated to give the hypothetical investor the benefit of the doubt, they concluded that the odds of such a return happening were at best 1 in 31 trillion.
April 25th, 1978 - 1999: The alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick and subsequent coverup(s).
1992 - 2000: The Whitewater Controversy. David Hale, the source of criminal allegations against the Clintons, claimed in November 1993 that as governor of Arkansas, Clinton had pressured him into providing an illegal $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal, the Clintons' partner in the Whitewater land deal.
A U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigation did result in convictions against the McDougals for their role in the Whitewater project; and Bill Clinton's successor as governor, Jim Guy Tucker, was convicted of fraud and sentenced to four years of probation for his role in the matter. Susan McDougal later served 18 months in prison for contempt of court for refusing to answer questions relating to Whitewater. The Clintons themselves were never prosecuted, after three separate inquiries found insufficient evidence to prosecute them related to the land deal, and McDougal (as well as others convicted through Whitewater) was granted a pardon by President Clinton before he left office.
The term Whitewater is also sometimes used to include other controversies from the Bill Clinton administration, especially those such as Travelgate, Filegate, and the circumstances surrounding Vince Foster's death, that were investigated by the Whitewater independent counsel. Kenneth Starr's successor as Independent Counsel, Robert Ray, released a report in September 2000 that stated "This office determined that the evidence was insufficient to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that either President or Mrs. Clinton knowingly participated in any criminal conduct."
Ray nonetheless criticized the White House in a statement regarding the release of the report, saying delays in the production of evidence and "unmeritorious litigation" by the president's lawyers severely impeded the investigation's progress, leading to a total cost of nearly $60 million. Ray's report effectively closed the Whitewater investigation. The length, expense, and results of the Whitewater investigations turned the public against the Office of the Independent Counsel; even Kenneth Starr was opposed. In particular, Democrats portrayed Whitewater as a political witch-hunt, much as Republicans had at the end of the 1980s Iran-Contra investigations. As such, the Independent Counsel law expired in 1999.
1992 - Gennifer Flowers comes forward, claiming a 12-year relationship with Bill. She produced recorded phone conversations which the administration discredited as being doctored. She later sues both Clintons and their involved aides in a defamation suit, claiming they orchestrated a campaign to discredit her.
May 1993 - 2000: Travelgate, followed by the suicide of her friend and staffer Vince Foster and Filegate. Hillary allegedly instigated the firings of seven White House travel office employees, ostensibly to replace them with a contract to a company the Clintons had personal ties to.
Hillary Clinton gradually came under scrutiny for allegedly having played a central role in the firings and making false statements about her role in it. "[Hillary] Clinton, upon learning of [Vince] Foster's death, at least realized its connection to [the] Travelgate scandal, and perhaps to the Whitewater matter, and dispatched her trusted lieutenants to contain any potential embarrassment or political damage."
(Independent Counsel) Ray's full 243-page report was unsealed and made public on October 18, 2000, three weeks before the Senatorial election. It confirmed that neither Hillary Clinton nor David Watkins would be indicted. It included some new detail, including a somewhat unsubstantiated claim from a friend of Watkins saying that the First Lady had told Watkins to "fire the sons of bitches." Ray cited eight separate conversations between the First Lady and senior staff and concluded: "Mrs. Clinton’s input into the process was significant, if not the significant factor influencing the pace of events in the Travel Office firings and the ultimate decision to fire the employees."
Moreover, Ray determined Hillary Clinton had given "factually false" testimony when questioned by the GAO, the Independent Counsel, and Congress about the travel office firings, but reiterated that "the evidence was insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt" that she knew her statements were false or understood that they may have prompted the firings. (note: I am not alleging that the death of Vince Foster is mysterious).
1993-1997 - Healthcare Gate. In 1997, federal judge Royce Lamberth levied $286,000 in sanctions against Bill Clinton’s administration for “running amok” in a “cover-up” of Hillary Clinton’s health-care task force. The scandal began when deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster made contradictory assertions about the first lady’s job status, in an attempt to keep the work of the task force secret.
The First Lady's role in the secret proceedings of the Health Care Task Force also sparked litigation in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, in relation to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) which requires openness in government. The Clinton White House argued that the Recommendation Clause in Article II of the U.S. Constitution would make it unconstitutional to apply the procedural requirements of FACA to Mrs. Clinton's participation in the meetings of the Task Force. Some constitutional experts argued to the court that such a legal theory was not supported by the text, history, or structure of the Constitution.
Ultimately, Hillary Clinton won the litigation in June 1993, when the D.C. Circuit ruled narrowly that the First Lady of the United States could be deemed a government official (and not a mere private citizen) for the purpose of not having to comply with the procedural requirements of FACA. Also in February 1993, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, along with several other groups, filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and Donna Shalala over closed-door meetings related to the health care plan.
The AAPS sued to gain access to the list of members of the task force. In 1997, Judge Royce C. Lamberth found in favor of the plaintiffs and awarded $285,864 to the AAPS for legal costs; Lamberth also harshly criticized the Clinton administration and Clinton aide Ira Magaziner in his ruling. Subsequently, a federal appeals court overturned in 1999 the award and the initial findings on the basis that Magaziner and the administration had not acted in bad faith.
May 6, 1994 - Sexual harassment suit by Paula Jones (Jones v. Clinton) and subsequent appeal by Clinton to Supreme Court (Clinton v. Jones). The Supreme Court's ruling in Clinton v. Jones led to the District Court's hearing of Jones v. Clinton, which led to the Lewinsky scandal, when Clinton was asked under oath about other workplace relationships, which led to charges of perjury and obstruction of justice and the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
As as result, he faced the following administrative sanctions in lieu of a criminal proceeding: (1) President Clinton’s admission of providing false testimony that was knowingly misleading, evasive, and prejudicial to the administration of justice before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas; (2) his acknowledgement that his conduct violated the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Arkansas Supreme Court; (3) the five-year suspension of his license to practice law and $25,000 fine imposed on him by the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas; (4) the civil contempt penalty of more than $900,000 imposed on President Clinton by the federal court for violating its orders; (5) the payment of more than $850,000 in settlement to Paula Jones; (6) the express finding by the federal court that President Clinton had engaged in contemptuous conduct; and (7) the substantial public condemnation of President Clinton arising from his impeachment.
1995-2006 - The Barrett report into Clinton's potential abuses of the DOJ and IRS as tools against citizens. 120 pages were redacted by court order before its release.
1995 - Wampumgate : Documents uncovered by Congressional investigators, lawsuits and an Independent Counsel showed evidence that political contributions and pressure from lobbyists from rival tribes caused Bruce Babbitt to overrule staff recommendations and deny the casino application. President Clinton supported Bruce Babbitt in his overruling regional Interior officials. Records from the Interior Department showed that the office of Harold Ickes, then Pres Clinton's Deputy Chief of Staff, did in fact contact Babbitt's aides about the Hudson project.
1998 - Lewinsky Scandal and subsequent failed impeachment.
1998: Commercegate - allegations Clintons were involved in scheme to sell seats on planes during trade missions in exchange for large $50,000+ donations. Sec. Commerce Ron Brown died in a plane crash in Croatia before the investigation could interview him. (note: I am NOT alleging that his death is mysterious.)
Aug. 20, 1998 -Al Shifa pharmaceutical factory bombing, Sudan. Beyond the death and injuries from the bombing, estimated tens of thousands died from lack of anti-malarials the factory produced before it was destroyed. Bombing was based on a soil sample that contained a precursor to a nerve gas agent in proximity to the factory.
Also see Operation Infinite Reach. The missile strikes during the operation (including the factory bombing) had the effect of strengthening Al-Quaeda in the region. Following the attacks, the ruling Taliban reneged on its promise given to Saudi intelligence chief Turki al-Faisal to hand over bin Laden, and the regime instead strengthened its ties with Bin Laden. Maulana Sami ul-Haq, leader of the Pakistani Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) party, concurred that the strikes "turned Osama bin Laden, an ordinary man, into a hero." A 1999 report prepared by Sandia National Laboratories stated that bin Laden "appeared to many as an underdog standing firm in the face of bullying aggression," and added that the missile strikes "provoked a new round of terrorist bombing plots." These plots included the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000.
Also see Operation Desert Fox in 1998, where Clinton bombed Iraq on the pretense that Iraq forced out UN weapons inspectors (who had actually been told to withdraw by the US). Additionally see the US participation in the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1998. All of these operations have been criticized by detractors as being a ploy to distract from the Lewinsky scandal.
September 11, 1998: The Starr report is released. It covers improprieties ranging from Whitewater to Travelgate.
1999-2001 - Pardongate: In addition to some earlier pardons, Bill pardoned 450 people on his last day in office. Pardons included his brother, Puerto Rican terrorists, Henry Cisneros (see the Barrett Report), and several people who made $$ payments to Hillary's brothers and/or the Clinton Foundation in exchange for clemency.
This also includes the Hasidic Pardons, which were alleged to be a kick back in exchange for votes for Hillary during her Senate run. Most controversial was probably the pardon to Marc Rich, a federal fugitive wanted on counts of tax evasion, fraud, and connections to the Iran hostage crisis. Rich’s pardon was among Clinton’s last-day sprint, and came under much scrutiny after it was found that Rich’s first wife, Denise, had contributed $450,000 to the foundation for the Clinton Presidential Library and $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign.
August 12, 2000: The Gala Hollywood Farewell Salute to President Clinton AKA the Hollywood Fundraiser. Hillary Clinton's former finance director, David Rosen, was indicted on January 7, 2005 on campaign finance charges related to a fund-raising event produced by Peter F. Paul.
Paul, a convicted drug dealer who would soon after be convicted on stock fraud charges after being extradited from Brazil, stated that he spent $1.2 million to produce the August 12, 2000 Hollywood Gala Salute to President William Jefferson Clinton event, which was both a tribute to honor President Clinton and a fundraiser for the First Lady's 2000 Senate campaign. The Justice Department indictment charged Rosen with filing false reports with the Federal Election Commission by reporting only $400,000 in contributions.
2001: White House furniture and items appropriated by the Clintons, and gifts totaling $190,000 accepted by Hillary from the period 1992-200. They later returned the items and paid for $85,000 of the gifts received in the year 2000, after the concerns had been brought to light.
Since I limited my list to mostly the presidential years, these are just a partial list of all the scandals and lies that the pair have been caught in over the years. Some I have purposely left out because while the scandal occurred during their watch, there's nothing that ties them as being remotely at fault (example: Chinagate - the theft of US nuclear warhead plans by China operatives).
Hopefully, most voters will remember fairly recent events like Benghazi, "coming under sniper fire" in Bosnia, claiming to be "broke" when they left the White House, the email scandal(s), speaking fees, donations to the Clinton foundation and possible State Department quid pro quos, etc.
The question I originally posit remains. Faced with all of the mounted evidence that the Clintons can't be trusted, WHY do people continue to vote for Hillary?
EDIT: Just a note, I've been a left-leaning Independent my whole adult life. I was a teen in the 90s and at the time like most of the public I had a high opinion of the Clintons (he peaked at like 60-70% approval during the impeachment hearings). This isn't a petty attempt from the right to discredit her. I am hoping this thread will produce some intelligent debate.
In fact, many of these investigations didn't originate from the right, but from within the White House itself-- several of the items on the list were investigated at the order of Janet Reno or other officials in the Clinton administration.
EDIT x2 As of about an hour after I posted this, it has 27 points (65% upvoted) and 54 comments. This topic clearly struck a nerve for many (for various reasons) and I'm very happy to see the dialogue coming from all sides on this.
EDIT: Electric Boogaloo An interesting point brought up in PM that I thought I'd share my thoughts on here:
I think a lot of people have very little idea of how federal investigations or independent commissions work. To be honest, that's not all their fault-- these investigations sometimes go on for years, are mired in lawsuits and countersuits, and by time the report comes out people are so fatigued of hearing about it that they can't bother to actually investigate what the (usually huge) reports contain.
If the conclusion of the report was that there wasn't enough evidence to convict, then there won't be a recommendation to prosecute. Why-- more time, money, and resources wasted on what may be a losing cause. This doesn't mean that some/most of the allegations don't have substantiation. But people don't seem to get that.
I purposefully left out the Republican hatchet-jobs and crazy conspiracies. If you want some fun reading of tabloid level tinfoil hat stuff, break out the popcorn and check out the nutso archives of Sam Smith. (I'm not in any way endorsing this guy or the crap he's published over the years. The guy is grade-a level crazy.)
EDIT 4: Fixed formatting per aphexmandelbrot 's suggestion. Bullet points and line breaks don't play nicely.
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Bernco's new Mobile Voting Unit: WTF?!

I just received a voter information pamphlet in the mail which touts a new Mobile Voting Unit, a polling place in a large RV. It will drive to a different location every day in the two weeks before to Election Day. Linda Stover, the Bernalillo County Clerk, calls it "a historic move to increase voter participation."
"The mission for having a mobile voter unit is to have higher participation and higher voter turnout," Stover said.
Except, of the 13 destinations the Mobile Voting Unit will visit, 10 of them are senior living facilities, including luxury/high-cost facilities where residents must be mobile (not wheelchair- or bedbound) as a condition of living there. One more (NM Veterans' Memorial Park) is effectively a senior day facility. The other two are Los Ranchos and Civic Plaza.
So, in this "historic move to expand voter participation," Bernco is spending almost all of the Mobile Voting Unit's resources to directly target the demographic with the highest voter participation. By targeting so many luxury facilities where the wealthy residents are likely to be white, they are also effectively targeting the racial demographic with highest voter participation.
Does this smell like bad faith to anyone else? They know a mobile voting station would benefit young people the most. Why not "expand voter participation" for a day at somewhere like UNMH, where there are hundreds of employees working long hours at low-paying jobs who might find it difficult to vote? They couldn't spend a day at CNM, which is attended by thousands of nontraditional students who are also juggling jobs and families? Coronado Mall for a day? Nope. Luxury living facilities for wealthy retirees are a more worthwhile use of the County's "get out the vote" resources.
Let's take a look at some of the luxury facilities where the Mobile Voting Unit will be spending an entire day:
Palmilla Senior Living lists Cottonwood Mall, Farm and Table, Summer Concert Series, the Museum of Natural History, the Balloon Fiesta, and Old Town Plaza among the excursions on offer to residents. There are two early voting polling places located 2.1 miles away from the facility, a seven minute drive to either one. Each nearby polling place is open all day in the two weeks leading up to Election Day.
Here's a photo of La Vida Llena residents enjoying a Polynesian cocktail party. There is an early voting polling place 1.4 miles away from the facility, a three minute drive, which will be open all day for the two weeks leading up to Election Day.
The nearest early voting polling place to Paloma Landing is 1.3 miles from the facility, a four minute drive. In the two weeks leading up to the election, Paloma Landing could offer dozens of bus excursions to the polling place without conflicting with the other weekly bus excursions to Target, Sandia Casino, restaurants, and twice weekly excursions to Walmart. They have offered bus trips to the polls every year up til now.
Are these destinations really the best use of Bernalillo County's "get out the vote" resources? Does County Clerk Linda Stover seriously believe that these wealthy seniors would otherwise not be able to vote if Bernco did not deliver a voting RV directly to their door?
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Did Anyone Else See Strange Lights? 11:00-12:00 a.m February 19, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Let me start off by saying I am a firm believer that there is some weird shit going on call it aliens or whatever but I'm a 19 year old native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, so I have heard the UFO stories of Roswell and other UFO stories that birth from New Mexico, but this one I was able to experience first-hand and up close. this was the scariest thing i have experienced but it has left me wondering if anyone else witnessed this.
At about 11:00 p.m through 12:00 a.m February 19, 2019 (Just Last night) in Albuquerque I noticed a formation of three dots starting on the Northwest side of our Mountains (Sandia Mountains). As I stared closer these dots were actually moving simultaneously south going along the base of the mountains. These lights were the brightest lights in the city so I thought maybe a search party along the mountains or something with a logical explanation but the longer I stared the more intrigued I became at how they were just able to float and connect to each other in synchronicity so I got in my truck and drove up Paseo Del Norte eastbound towards the Sandias where the lights were floating and slowly moving. As I got closer to the lights they became almost mesmerizing and bear with me but seemed like an acid trip or some sort of hallucinogenic matrix within those light formations but the even weirder part is once I was at the street, Louisiana, still going up Paseo, it started to smell so foul almost like rotten eggs or rotting bodies, this was a clear indicator that whatever was up on those mountains was creating some sort of disgusting gas or odor which made me almost delusional and confused. i immediately turned around and went home to get my brother so I could have a witness. (My iPhone 6s could not pick up shit on the camera). After picking up my brother from the west-side of town, we drove to a small hill that overlooks the city and fair enough the lights were there and moving pretty close to were the Sandia Casino is and at that point I had enough and went home. There is a YouTube video ( The video shows 2 lights that are exactly like one of the many bright lights I saw last night. I'm glad I found this video since I was not able to get a video or a picture of the actual event. Another statement to add was that these lights started on the north side of the base of the mountain and 'floated' to the south side of the base of that mountain in such a strange manner, almost like the way programs can stack on top of each other on a computer. Like if there is a virus spamming a bunch of programs on a computer. It may be smart to add that there is a military base on the south side area where the UFO's were floating to (Kirtland Air-force Base, Manzano Base)
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Took this from Sandia Casino today

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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 301 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 161.4. Is Mike Flynn Q? Rao? Rao? - YouTube
    • Talk going aroudn that Michael Flynn is Q
    • Constitutional Crisis, 4th amendment, Dossiers on People
    • Amy Rao, Archive Solutions, friends with Eric Schmidt, Campaign Director for HFA
    • Was ALPHABET the RINSE for DOD collection, social profiles, military spying on civilians, in order to be annotated by 3rd party mil contractors like Booz all over the world; Deputize ability
    • Five Eyes Contractors, GCQH, Ft. Meade, Deep Dives
    • Is there a Deplorables list?
    • Is that what the Sept 11th meeting with Hillary, Flynn, Chertoff and Clapper was?
    • Is this a life-disruption campaign?
    • Any time I cough, think of cigar think of Clockwork Orange
    • Anytime you see this {{ Points to injury on lip }}, think XSTAR, think Channel Logistics, think Space Eyes
    • Robert Oneil Highland Forum, DC with Silicon Valley Partnerships
    • [John Doar]
    • [Marc Andreesen]
    • [Andy Bechtolsheim]
    • [Bill Joy] of [Aspen Group]
    • Cofounders at Yahoo; lots of entrepreneurs showing technology and then all of the sudden finds it way into Yahoo Products, with original inventors out in the cold
    • Like the [Dennis Montgomery story] with Clapper and Brennan with the Hammer breaking [[hard drives]] of Trumps conversations
    • Unprecedented use of technology to DOSSIER america
    • Not just Trump but journalists like me, it's people who are competitors to people on your gift list, you go after them--they're on the hate list, you give all their assets, you take your percentage but give to them
    • Pay for play for weaponized surveillance, disruption and weaponized compromise
  • Day 162.1 Hang Gliding For Awan Contra Hard Drives - YouTube
    • NO Autocaptions; very bad audio
    • Belgium, would have to hangglide in to get the hard drives
    • Story about a Belgian girl attack and a girl who died, whose family has a animal Pharma company by a SAIPOV company
    • If you would do this here, woudln't you do it at the NATO HQ
    • Uranium trade going to Belgium?
    • Muslim Invasion of Belgium and chain migration
    • Chelsea, run down in Times Square
    • Where this girl was run down was just a steps from where I had my convo w/ SY HERSH
    • Obama's Trappist Monk Beer -- When G was in Obama's campaign 2010 trip
    • Doug Gabriel was a Trappist Monk
    • Schtaden? and Animal Pharma
    • Germanic influence in Belgium; we conquered your biggest fort so we get to infiltrate your culture, etc
    • Gypsies rounding up kids in Belgium
    • Sarkozy ended up flying the kids home
    • I thought, Wow this is perfect for drugs
    • NO I didn't fly into Clarksburg via glider to break into the FBI vault to get Imrans' drives and smash them
    • But those drives [[contents]] did manage the trade in NATO, in yellowcake as the cover for drugs and weapons
    • Not only for the middle east but for Belgium and Brussels
    • And this SES person who went over from Customs and Border protections went to Brussels' customs
    • Just another reminder of this potential AWAN CONTRAl
    • {{ G: please disable any kind of sound silencing software or audio recording over the phone because the sound is very choppy from the cell silence slicing }}
  • Day 162.2. Clinton Executive Services - 111 8th Ave NY, NY - YouTube
    • It's day 162
    • And this is part two Clinton Executive Services Clinton Executive Services
    • Well if I had Clinton Executive Services
    • And I wanted to hire SES--I wanted to bring SES into this country, to kind of infiltrate, create a kind of a cadre of people that would only be beholden to me sort of like what Hillary did with the super delegates at the DNC,
    • Or for the DNC the Democratic Party itself
    • I would go through Google
    • What better color-of-law would there be, or color of legitimacy would there be?
    • I would go through Google
    • We talked a lot about the Highland Forum yesterday is that kind of a bridge between Silicon Valley, and Washington DC and the swamp
    • We talked about also Aspen Consulting Group doing that
    • Well Clinton Executive Services just happens to be ( or it was) it's in the news today the Washington Examiner saying that "we don't want to get drug into the Hillary email scandal"
    • Well if you are actually using Clinton Executive Services to bring in people through the color-of-law, through Google, through it EB-5s, through Google, through Eric Schmidt, through Amy Rao from--Internet Archive solutions or whatever (the Internet Archive solutions I think it's what it's called)
    • That's the cover? Bringing in Arun Rao as a--prosecutor in in Maryland or Rao Abbas of whatever as a person IT person in in Washington DC or all the other folks, then it's a part of it it's part of pay-to-play
    • It's a part of the discussion
    • You're not getting drug in, you are a part of it, you're in the Central Park
    • So Clinton Executive Services is gonna be a partner
    • Everybody says well where the heck is Clinton Executive Services?
    • Well it's where I interviewed Charles Ortell 111 8th Avenue
    • 111 8th Avenue I'm not making this up--check it yourself
    • 111 8th Avenue: Clinton Executive Services
    • What else is at Clinton 111 8th Avenue?
    • Well I think if you remember the interview I had with Charles Ortel, he said we're looking straight at the Google building
    • It's straight at the Google building
    • So none of this is being hidden--it's right out there in the open
    • I mean the funnel is Google through one one one--I think there's also some stuff with Joe Crowley in Jackson Heights with Imran, with the Jackson Heights Pro Forma resume
    • But if you go back, I think Tina Flournoy, Tina Flournoy--I think was (she spells it knowing NOY N O Y at the end)
    • And I think Clinton Executive Services had an any NEY N E Y
    • But there was an email I think way back when in in the Clinton email DNC email about Tina Flournoy about Clinton Executive Services you can go back and look at that
    • They were talking about backup servers and moving the server out of Chappaqua moving it over to Secaucus New Jersey
    • And that's where Platte River networks I think had servers {{ 911: correct }}
    • So this is all gonna tie back into Bryan Pagliano and and all the corn betta (LOL) COMBETTA who both got immunity
    • Combetta was the guy who was the one who wanted to learn how to bleach bit on the he was in a chat room learning how to bleach bit in in Colorado
    • And Pagliano is the guy was in contempt, when Jason Chaffetz said hey you got to come and Testify
    • And testify
    • Now, what I would say is Nunes should go right back and hold him in contempt
    • And then issue--and I guess what? happened yesterday was Sessions sent a letter saying you're not limited the prosecutors second prosecutors not limited just to public employees
    • This shows why you can do past employees
    • But it shows the Pagliano and Combetta is exactly why we need to have a real special prosecutor
    • So that you can bring everybody back in that all thumb their nose at the Congress, because it's gonna go back to 111 8th Avenue where I interviewed Charles Ortel [at] the Google building
    • And this is the key--this is the basket of deplorables
    • It's also used for internet archive solutions is doing the deplorable system--that speech that Hillary made
    • That basket of deplorable speech was made on September the 9th CNN covered it
    • It was Michael Hayden, James Clapper, and also Chertoff of DHS
    • And they were they were gonna have the hammer--they're gonna take all those hammer conversations from Larry Klayman, all those disk drives, and they were gonna hammer all those people that were on their nasty list
    • And the winners list is something that Hillary has done for 20 years
    • And the hate list is something that she's done for 20 years, probably longer, probably longer
    • So Clinton Executive Services--you're in the news today: congratulations
    • And also I want to say that Google could be used also here as a cover, DIA Defense Intelligence Agency's in charge of covers
    • So if I want to bring somebody in as a journalist, but I really want to bring them in as a spy, to get a whole bunch of OPM names or whatever I create a cover
    • So I say oh you're a programmer with Google
    • Or you're a journalist with Fusion GPS
    • Or you're you're a journalist with New York Times you're a journalist with
    • You're dottie well we're gonna put you in over at see CNN Money
    • And you're gonna be working for us for a cover
    • That's DIA just, so we just remind everybody DCO which is the Defense Cover Organization--the defence cover office
    • And then if you go down there look there they have a cover officer it's called a CS
    • So this is the question now, white hat black hat
    • Toni Toni Shaffer and Mike Flynn--I think they're white hats
    • But--are they white hats are they black hats we don't know yet
    • But are they Q?
    • Or is Mike Flynn's son Q?
    • And are they actually--Toni, Toni Shafer did this chain of command series
    • And there's the Q coffee cup and all that sort of thing
    • Are they trying to in a subtle way bring the DIA back under the auspices of the president, rather than the auspices of SES?
    • Everything was riding along fine when I was under the auspices of Hillary Clinton
    • If she to one she'd had that--basket of deplorables'--staffs
    • She would have had Chertoffm she would have had Hayden, and she would have had Clapper
    • But now, since Hillary didn't win and now, we have Trump as president
    • Now we have this cognitive dissonance: should people at DIA do what the president wants him to do?
    • Or should it's very cold here sorry or should they do what the SES super-delegates Hillary's SES super-delegates want them to do?
    • Google super-delegates?
    • Well is Q a way of gradually--helping people in the infrastructure of our Government to kind of come back
    • Now, when Hope Hicks's boyfriend was putting out tweets with Q, I was finding a lot of value in it
    • Then he got thrown out
    • And then Hope Hicks got thrown out
    • And then it kind of turned into I don't want to say Steve Pieczenik exactly
    • But a Pieczenik like signature, like fake
    • Like "Trust Sessions" which I didn't I--soon as I heard that I was PSSHT: GONE, Done with Q
    • {{ 911: SAME. }}
    • I didn't realize there was two Q's and
    • Now, recently the third Q looks like kind of a comeback, kind of a Tony Schaffer signature, kind of reminding people of this of these earlier Q1
    • So Q3 Tony Shafer Flynn kind of signature reminds me of the Q1
    • We'll keep on that because it there's a lot of stuff that Q wrote that I find it's gonna be effective of
    • Those the Keystone he made a lot of comments about Keystone which is the symbol of SES
    • And we really do have this kind of--this is the conflict right
    • Now, in our country is this SES group
    • I think it's going to be DIA, and I think it's DIA cover services, specifically, that did these covers for the Awan's...coming in and on the country, through Google
    • And other companies not just Google Facebook other other organizations as well as the Congress
    • Versus the Constitution, the chain of command: the president and etc
    • So we'll see what happens
  • Day 162.3. What Is NXIXM? Check that - NXIVM - YouTube
    • 162.3 JASON-- JASON-- JASON-- group the JASON group of the JASON group I believe is not named after the JASON of the Argonauts the JASON that ends up fleecing everybody's gold or something to do with the Golden Fleece the real JASON group is a group of scientists from I believe major nuclear laboratories as well as space scientists that started in the 60s helping presidents with very tough problems
    • And it isn't the Nazi Fourth Reich--spy kids nazi kids science kids the all the kids of the people that worked at Oak Ridge National Laboratories I don't really know or--Los Alamos we don't really know or Sandia
    • But we do know that he met five times a month that I really believe in the name for JASON was July August September October November in the five months they met
    • But anyway there's a company in Virginia McClane Virginia called mitre also five letters mitre being hey we're gonna cut the wood to cut the wood to our liking our specifications
    • So we're gonna take this raw material
    • And we're gonna cut it in the way we want
    • And we're gonna make something out of it--for our future scientists
    • So we'll get to that later what an N XIX M [NXIVM] is and all that
    • But for now, the JASON group is interesting because there's all this missing Uranium californium
    • These Transuranics when they make this Uranium--let's say at Berkeley--they formed a whole bunch of elements like nine elements past Uranium, which is Trans or past the Uranium 'TransUranics'
    • And one of those transuranics was californium, named after california, because it was discovered they were created there by basically hitting a hitting a nucleus with a whole bunch of neutrons
    • And this three-pound--cake of californium was found in Turkey: embarrassing, embarrassing little details
    • That's worth seventy million bucks
    • So there's a lot of experimental reactors they make for these different Transuranic elements
    • And there's also 300 scientists missing from Oak Ridge, or supposedly supposed to be at Oak Ridge, with their metadata, but they're not there
    • Now, those scientists 30 of them sprinkled over here? With californium experimental reactor over here? in Turkey?
    • Another 30 over here with a plutonium reactor in Iran?
    • And other 30 in UAE, with let's all the other einsteinium
    • And all the other different types of reactions as well as the thorium reactors?
    • You can make a lot of different kinds of reactors with different types of technologies that were tried at Oakridge
    • Thorium being one of them--the salt--to melt salt the heated salt reactor
    • So is that what's really happening is that is this JASON group really pushing these around?
    • And then is there a whole kind of extraction--just like you would extract Ore to make the Uranium, do you also extract the scientists as well?
    • From these remote areas, as they show promise, and bring them in?
    • Is that what NXIXM [sic] was? {{ NXIVM }}
    • You extract the nuclear talent nuclear extraction?
    • You get the ore at the same time you get the kids maybe, and then you bring them in, and you insert them in places to where you then can extract money
    • Now, it turns out really quickly at NXIVM is also the name of this cult in San Francisco about 13 miles away from San Francisco called Half Moon Bay, where just busted
    • Where this guy who's the called Rainier is it's like Rainier with an e like think Mount Rainier with an e
    • He had to actually these women tattooing themselves--willingly going into a sex cult giving a whole bunch of compromising pictures of themselves, and joining this sex cult like a sisterhood sex cult, believe it or not, in the news just busted by the FBI is the actual tattoo
    • And NXIVM we don't know it's interesting
    • But typically you go to a small state like a Hawaii or at an Alaska--that's a certificate authority
    • In this case a paper certificate authority not an electronic certificate authority like a Federal bridge
    • And you get a birth certificate for these kids that are extracted, nuclear families being extracted
    • NXIVM, and then you basically bring them up through the Waldorf school, let's say, and teach them all about Dr. Steiner and scientific method...
    • (or whatever your Germanic Theosophy is)
    • Mr. Gabriel from a I'm would be a good guy for that come to think of it
    • And then you insert them into these different positions in in these different places that MITRE invests in
    • These are Federally funded science institutions science and development institutions
    • It kind of follows that same Nazi paperclip methodology of "hey don't invest in anything, always co-op the Government, always co-op the Government thing"
    • And if you are cooperating the Government resources for your different research reactors why not co-op Government resources or other school systems all the way up?
    • Now, did Doug Gabriel have anything to do whatsoever with bringing Obama in the country?
    • I doubt it very seriously even though he was at the University of Hawaii in Hilo
    • Did he have anything to do with Huma Abedin, coming into Southfield Michigan being cultivated for whatever she was being cultivated for, because he's not too far away from Dearborn?
    • I don't think so, but it is interesting to think about at NXIXM[sic] {{ NXIVM }}
  • Day 162.4. What Do Trappists Monks Do When Not Brewing Beer? - YouTube
    • It's day 162 part 4
    • And this is kind of an amalgamation of the feedback from the first three videos
    • I talked about Obama being on a high-speed boat, high-speed plane, going to a Trappist monastery for this really special beer this Trappist monk beer
    • And then this animal pharma being close by, where this woman was killed by the Saipov trucker
    • This gal named Lewis color Decade, probably be a decade before anybody looks into her death
    • But anyway a prominent family, kind of in this western part of near the border by France, in Belgium
    • And I thought gee whiz--if you were a crooked, if you were running an operation in the US, especially Virginia called "Operation Cassandra", well why wouldn't you just do a Cassandra in Belgium too?
    • Give the give the local people their high speed--let's say, ship--with a land helicopter landing pad, like a littoral ship--and give them a high-speed helicopter--that was a whisper copter that could come in at night, to let's say a remote location like a do a Trappist monastery
    • And give them a cover give them monks a cover for drug purification, or whatever, where no one is allowed to go
    • And really restrict the hours and times, and provide a safe haven a religious cover
    • And then every once in a while, you can have these gypsies come bring you kids in Paris for your Jeffrey Epstein Paris shows, and then they could take back drugs--
    • Gypsy don't don't have any money, so they pay with kids
    • And they take back drugs that's not what I was saying
    • And I wasn't I wasn't saying the--Doug Gabriel background being a Trappist monk in any way was kind of anything related to that
    • But what I what I did want to say though is: this idea of extracting resources from other countries, whether it be the mineral resources, or the human resources, does look like what the Defense...the Department of Defense is doing
    • I didn't want to make one kind of
    • ..Speak up and I feel bad about speaking for DIA because every says oh DIA agent
    • Well first of all, there's two types of DIA agents that I know about
    • Ones a counter-intel agent, which is if Q is getting really popular, I break into Q and I say a whole bunch of meaningless things, everybody going to--stops following it
    • And then they have to get a new Q
    • So there would be like three Qs--I don't know if that's ever happened before
    • So that's a CI Aagent
    • And the other ones a CS agent, it's a cover story agent--right cover support they call it
    • And it I make NOCs
    • So let's say I'm gonna have the Defense Department's gonna use Morrell wants to use Sarin gas all over all over in Syria
    • Well I go create somebody like the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights
    • And I put it out in Canterbury, England for the oil executive of my choice
    • And then I write cover stories--I'm Jeremy Bash, and I sit down with--all the people at the DC bureau
    • And I write a story about how mean people are
    • And I come up with the white helmets
    • And maybe I get George Clooney to come to a dinner
    • And that's that's called "cover support", those are the two types agents
    • But I will say this: the same exact drug ring was busted a couple of times, going through Belgium, by DIA agents
    • And one of the famous cases is won the PAN-AM 113, where a lot of DIA agents bringing people back to testify to New York were blown up in that case
    • I know a lot of people won't believe that: DIA being good guys
    • DIA can be good guys, and they can be bad guys, and the same as CIA
    • So I say just look at the evidence as it goes, and don't try to label people
    • But get down to the defense cover office DCO
    • And see what they do
    • And see what Jeremy bash does
    • And see what if they ever gave a non-official cover to Eric Braverman
    • Or Eric NEIL Brown (excuse me Neil Brown) because they did
    • And that still is going to be the key to this story
    • Follow the oil lines follow the gas and oil ratlines
    • You're going to follow the weapons the other direction
    • Follow the drugs
    • Follow the kids
    • And follow the prisoners that don't need their organs anymore
  • Day 162.5. Intel Recommendations - Reinstate Gritz and McCollough - YouTube
    • Day 162 this is part five
    • And this is a response to a question that said hey how about the Awans and where are they in SES or not
    • So what I've done is kind of do this in slices, because it's a big book to be honest with 80 100 names or 90 100 names
    • The first thing I looked at is just every occurrence of the word Intelligence
    • And there's 40 words occurrences of the word Intelligence in the whole plum book
    • That's even that's many more employees than just SES its presidential
    • And pull appointees with Senate confirmation Senate at presidential employees without Senate confirmation plus GS employees below the level of SES
    • So I only saw and most of them were career incumbents, about half about 17-18 entries where career incumbents not listed
    • So it could be the Awans there, we don't know
    • Especially in the area of DoD
    • Then we have three profiles I mean other than Clapper who's out already
    • And I think Cohen the assistant to Clapper is out
    • But then there's a couple of other people like Marcel
    • And then Ray Cook
    • And just a few other names I looked at every one of their profiles
    • And I'll do another issue
    • But as far as the one recommendation I guess I would make is that if I could say one thing after the analysis of just looking at the Intelligence positions that are there listed
    • The occurrences of the word Intelligence is reinstate McCullough to the Office of Inspector General for the Intelligence community--that would be my one key recommendation
    • Now, if you don't remember Craig McCullough, he's the guy who said Hillary Clinton has classified information on her server
    • I think he said this the same thing about Huma
    • I think he's already said the same thing about other places where the State Department was using Gmail
    • That is the easy win for Trump: go back to Craig McCullough and reinstate him
    • Now, who is Craig McCullough well I believe Craig McCullough is Tony Schafer's lawyer
    • So if there's one key recommendation I would make so far
    • I'll do other passes and slices through the Plum book it's a lot of work is that Craig McCullough be reinstated
    • If you wanted just Google Craig McCullough he was on 60 minutes as a whistleblower
    • If you can't reinstate McCullough to replace Stone, you can't really do anything you
    • He was fired much the same way Robyn Gritz was fired--Andy McCabe is running up his his GoFundMe who knows if it'll get up to the six hundred
    • And seventy five thousand dollar said Terry our McCullough governor McCullough gave to him as a bribe, gave to McCabe as a bribe
    • But here's Robyn Gritz
    • Home's taken away, livelihood taken away, money--penniless, practically
    • And here's Andy McCabe going to a GoFundMe, after the abuses he did try to take down the president with an illegal coup
    • Just makes no sense whatsoever

  • Day 163.1. DIA Covers Rollouts Of NSA/NGA Surveillance Tools Worldwide - YouTube
    • It's day 164
    • And just had some thoughts on Washington DC and Q
    • And all this intrigue: NSA...
    • So it's amazing when you leave Washington DC first of all, how impatient you get
    • In Washington, there's always another meeting
    • And always another you always feel like it insider when you get to the interview a Senator or whatever
    • But you realize when you get on the outside of the bubble--outside of the echo chamber, that really not much is happening
    • Basically punch-up people writing memos to each other saying what a great job they're doing
    • And actually in fact they're not doing anything
    • And I really tried all four estates
    • I tried the executive branch with Trump
    • I tried the legislative, going all around the Capitol Hill, and find out that didn't work
    • And still working the legislative
    • And things happen along the way like--it hurt my heart when Rudy [CONTRERAS]--if that's true--he did meet with Strzoks at the cocktail party with with Page, that would hurt my heart
    • But I still think there's hope on the Judicial
    • But that's much slower-moving
    • And then of course, the final one was the Fourth Estate of the press
    • And really worked the press went to a lot of different press outlets
    • Tried to give the story to a lot of different or help augment the stories a lot of different press outlets
    • And finally ended up with Hannity
    • And Hannity still in black screen, doing the Campbell Soup
    • William Campbell, the kind of bagman for the Uranium One
    • And the CFIUS bagman for Uranium One
    • And the person who is the most knowledgeable the 20-year executive who knows everything, Mark Lambert being hidden in the background
    • So I think now's the time to kind of make a break, and go back to the roots
    • Go back to kind of America where all these great researchers are deep Milwaukee is a great researcher on the Q topic for instance
    • You've got people in Minnesota I've got people in Kansas City like Byegone and 911BodySnatcher you got focused in Tennessee you've got folks all over that really are doing the best
    • And I don't know why I need that right
    • Now, I want to go to Chicago obviously to see my family
    • And do stories there
    • But I think retracing my steps through this series is what the is called for right now
    • And maybe even filling in some places where we haven't been
    • We've just shown on maps and shown from street views, and then, so we can do a little local color a little local interview
    • I very much believe ever since in my own personal experience, 2013, the disruption really started with Snowden
    • My house got turned over right after Snowden, about a week after Snowden
    • That's when all the disruption in my life occurred
    • So I have--summer 2013 is very clear in my life
    • {{ 911: That's the summer of my meltdown and then move from CO to a cabin in NC }}
    • And I remember a Q group going up, that was chasing Snowden
    • There was a Q group inside of NSA
    • And it's hard for me not to associate that Q group with this current Q group
    • it's hard for me not to associate NSA with Q because they formed it
    • It's hard for me not to associate DIA with cover support, for any kind of rollout of NSA technology around the world
    • They work very closely together
    • So NSA kind of does the rollout of the technology--the surveillance technology like Prism or Palantir
    • And then DIA kind of does the cover stories
    • It's kind of like Jeremy Bash at CNN
    • So I very much believed, and I did a blog for a long time right in 2013
    • Maybe I should bring back some of those whole blogs because they're more correct now, than they ever were
    • But this is really a roll out of surveillance technologies around the world
    • Not only as I've said before not only the texts, and your phone calls, and your social media, but also your geolocation
    • This NRO in our own national reconnaissance organization is to spy satellites
    • You just saw a whole bunch of the Iridium satellites go up for their ratlines
    • And then of course NGA is is--the geospatial analysis of you on that map, geo-locating you to that street right there
    • And then--building actually with a supercomputer with a D-wave computer in Clarksburg, West Virginia, you could actually build a movie of your life--
    • Maybe somebody could go ok, tell me what happened five minutes before he went to this meeting
    • And five minutes after he to the--he-man woman haters Club or whatever
    • So is clockwork orange' which is what I've said it was a long time ago a roll out of surveillance technology all over the world?
    • It's orange being kind of we're gonna use these kind of fear events to say, "oh we got to put this in"
    • We're gonna have a fear event of of a run-down in London
    • Or a shooting of a woman in Bloomsbury by the by the tube
    • Or different--terrorist events to say, "we need more we need more Prism." "We need more Palantir"
    • So in actual fact, it is a very organized clockwork arrangement for rolling out these surveillance tools around the world
    • It's just that we add a little color--orange in this case--we had a little color--Q adding a little color, with colourful actions--colorful things colorful reasons
    • Like Rahm Emanuel said, "never let a good crisis be wasted--a few people have to die in order to afford further our agenda"
    • So be it
    • And that is exactly I think is what's happening
    • So I think the next stop is Chicago
    • I do want to do Homen Square
    • I do want to do the casino the U.S. Agricultural Station right there by the casino
    • And the Bio Recovery Center right there by the casino
    • I want to retrace my steps there
    • But I think if you look at everything that's happened since 2013
    • And look at how close the Associated Q became with Snowden on this latest trip for supposedly exfiltrating Valut seven tools in China, it's that same kind of idea that we had--hearken back to five years ago when Snowden was first sending tools out
    • And I think this is just a way of exfiltrating trading tools to all of our partners around the world
    • When it gets to the point where it gets launched at the first level with NSA, FBI
    • Kind of the first level tools
    • The second levels five eyes--get it with to your five eyes partners
    • The third level is every country in the world that we want to have a surveillance presence in
    • And I think that is order to the folks in DoD
    • So I do think the clockwork orange is that exact three-tier process
    • And everything follows that
    • And Q comes along--if it's if Q is DIA, if Q is Tony Schaefer, if Q is Tony Schafer's group, you have to come out things with like chain of command and the Q coffee cup...
    • You ain't you can't have somebody like me saying this, because people in the world are gonna go, "wait a minute, you're rolling out surveillance tools to our country, you're rolling out geolocation, you're rolling out--movies of my life--over years--all my associations--this is getting scary"
    • You can't have that
    • You have to have somebody who is throwing people off the trail and saying, "no no no that's conspiracy---there's no such thing as a NADRAS satellite."
    • "There IS no such thing as Iridium phones"
    • "There IS no such thing as a drug trade"
    • "There is no such thing as quarter-weight drugs"
    • "There is no such thing as any of these things"
    • "There's no such thing as the AWANS!!"
    There's no way the Awan's could gotten away with sending terabytes of information to Pakistan, sending hundreds of suspicious activity reports of transfers, bringing hundreds of people into the country, getting hundreds of visas, getting hundreds of passports, hundreds of Government jobs, hundreds of Government logs,
    There's no way with NSA's capabilities that could possibly happen if there wasn't Government support {{ 911: mic drop }}
  • Day 163.2. Was Frank “Enzyme” Bradley Targeting NRA Dallas 2018? - YouTube
    • It's day 163 163 part two
    • So it's gonna be about [[Frank "Enzyme" Bradley]] [[Frank "Enzyme" Bradley]]
    • Everybody knows an enzyme helps--you make something a thousand times faster, catalyzes a reaction, who doesn't know that?
    • This is gonna be about [[Frank "Enzyme" Bradley]] the guy who just got caught with all these guns and bio weapons in Dallas Texas was Frank enzyme Bradley
    • And his wife planning a bio attack and a smoke grenade and automatic weapons attack at the NRA meeting the upcoming at our a meeting in Dallas, on May third, fourth, fifth, this year in Dallas
    • They were caught just outside Dallas
    • So everybody says Oh Frank enzyme Bradley
    • Now, the enzyme was this company
    • Now, it's not enzyme with a Z e en en Z just flip the s around just to flip the Z around to enzyme sy em
    • S Y M. [[ENSYM]]
    • And the Boston Globe I helped you out there
    • And this is not to be confused with Frank Enzyme Olson, who you may remember from the bio weapons research facility at Fort Dietrich in Maryland, which I've reported on--the guy who was kind of suicided, and thrown out of the Bethesda Naval Hospital, where we've done issues
    • Think of Frank enzyme Bradley being in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle standing next to Frank enzyme Olson
    • So anyway this is all about bio weapons
    • And it's all about terrorism
    • And it looks like this person worked for DynCorp
    • I'm gonna just say right now
    • And it looks like he had a cover from defense cover office from DIA for being an executive for telecommunications companies
    • Is he carrying around blackberry enterprise servers?
    • Is he carrying around that technology? Well no
    • But he's associated with a contractor from the Stratfor leaks and WikiLeaks that has expertise in all those things
    • He's also got ties to ways of multiplying enzymes through what's called PCR
    • So he's got that his wife also even though she's a Harvard degree person--he's a George Washington graduate degree--they've got all these weapons, and they've got all these bioterrorism weapons
    • And they've got press passes that say 'Frank'
    • Now, his real name is Frank-Cho, Fran show like Rancho Cordova only Francho Cordova
    • So were the people in DynCorp as a way of sort of like the shooting that we had a little bit earlier in Dallas
    • Were they getting rid of people or trying to create a bioterrorism incident, in order to increase their spending on national security, or whatever?
    • We don't really know
    • But it reminded me of a it reminded me a lot of the previous Dallas shooting with the snipers
    • Only this is with a deadly virus--it could have just been flu virus, but they had these smoke grenades and they had these automatic weapons
    • His son, Francho's son also had died earlier 2003 it I think in a police shooting
    • So there's a revenge motive there to get back at the NRA or get back a cops or whatever
    • So we don't know that.
    • But it reminded me of this movie called--with Bill Binney--called 'Good American'
    • And I saw it again this morning with the Deep Milwaukee and her husband
    • So the key there was knowing these signatures, knowing signatures in advance to be able to predict these type of events
    • And typically, when somebody has a whole bunch of automatic weapons, a whole bunch of smoke bombs, a whole bunch of of bio weapons, they're going to be training somebody for about a month out
    • So are they going to Fort Hood? Where they go into Fort Hood because they were near Killeen Texas? to do this training, pick out some group of these these Fort Hood snipers that we've identified, where all this terrorism's coming from?
    • Was that really what had happened?
    • That unit inside Fort Hood got corrupted in Afghanistan
    • And they got involved in this drug trade
    • So is that really what's happening here? We don't really know
    • But bill Binney was making the point with thin thread that there's five or even before thin thread that there's three or four or five indicators that usually point to terrorist incidents
    • Where NSA was collecting hundreds on every person in America
    • And 'oh by the way' the key five indicators of key fight signatures: we're not in any of them
    • And really if you think about this series it's all about that entity-mapping
    • >>>CONT
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Sandia Casino - YouTube

Too much drinks at the casino hihi Gambling crashed with alcohol It's not a good idea to fight in a casino About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Big win at sandia casino - Duration: 4:56. slot machine luv 3,738 views. 4:56. Unbelievable Run & HUGE WIN On River Dragons Slot Machine - NON STOP BONUSES WON w/$8.80 MAX BET - Duration: 37:18. ... People who die. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Bestie & me take a night over at Sandia Casino & Resort. Was a fun little get away, we highly recommend this place if your in the Albuquerque, NM area! Sandi... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Here for 25 years, looking forward to another 25!